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(Krylon Blue) #1327

Perform better and you’ll move up.

Problem solved.

When will players stop acting like this is a progression system? Just because you’re victorious doesn’t mean you performed at an elite level. You are likely at your skill ceiling and can’t move up due to this.

@III_EnVii_III, will this ever stop?

(GhostofDelta2) #1328

Its a similar thing to being in the top 1% for wealth. People can get payrises, work more hours etc but that certainly won’t put them in the top tier unless they are a CEO or have a massive inheritance . Doesn’t mean they can’t improve their position, but expecting a drastic increase in relative position is unrealistic in almost all cases.

(III EnVii III) #1329

I think the system is most frustrating when you play with higher ranks because it will cause you to get “stuck” unless you do exceptionally well.

While the opposite is true of playing with people who use smurf accounts or are lower rank, the game loves to boost you in those matches.

There needs to a balance for those winning matches, getting MVP and Smooth Operator - especially if you get all 3.

A small 0.25-0.5% should be given out per win so you get something at least.

True it’s not a progression system but then if your winning 5-10+ matches and getting nothing then it diminishes the aspect of wanting to work towards something, especially if the system doesn’t recognise a skill increase then it should just equal out with a more severe drop for a loss.

I understand both sides of the argument though and i know TCs stance is such of Skill Based.

My own problem is that I play with such high ranks, winning 7-0 in 2v2s, dying once or twice if at all means our ranks do not move. One of us switching to a secondary account or playing solo and all of sudden rank starts shooting up.

(XpL Ultrax) #1330

I am sorry to hear that you wouldnt play Gears 4 anymore if there would be no ranking system.

Gears 4 has such a good gameplay mechanic(lets not look at the sponging part) it is just so much fun, for me at least, to play Gears 4 with a couple of friends together. I am an addict to Gears for more than a couple of years and in my opinion it has one of the best, if not the best gameplay.

You are a really good player, I know that, I played with you once and played several times against you. We need players in Gears 4, otherwise it will be dead(which is the case)

(RQ Gnasher) #1331

Gears 4 is my second least favourite gears game. I just wish they remade gears 2, one of the best games i have ever played. I hate the balancing in gears 4, i hate the maps, i hate the game modes and the changes made (gears 2 guardian was the best mode on gears, the changes made to guardian ruined it) my favourite game mode on gears 4 is easily execution and it is impossible to play on EU. I hate the seperate tunings and the fact that both of them have serious problems that are the opposite of each other and i hate the ranking system (nothing to play for at the top level, it needs an overwatch style leaderboard system)

(Mr Perkinator) #1332

This game lacks a lot of replay value, it doesn’t have what Gears 3 had where people could play quick matches for hours on end, especially with a tuning such as core

(III EnVii III) #1333

Quick Play matches lack replay value, especially on 4 where you come into a game and then it’s just too easy to dominate and then everyone ends up deserting the lobby and leaves you with bots. Plus feels like nothing to work towards.

(IIMatracII) #1334

Are we getting the same ranking system in gears 5?

(III EnVii III) #1335

Behind the scenes, probably if not similar.

Visually, maybe be more transparent to people as to what’s actually happening and TC Octus did say I believe that there will be a right up to explain it better.

(IIMatracII) #1336

They should just go to a point based system like rainbow six siege. It should be 25 points per win , 25 points per loss. But you could have the ribbon you earn at the end of the game give you more points.

Example: MVP gives 15 points
Tough guy: gives 5 or 10
Smooth operator: 5 ot 10
Team player: 5
Vigilant: 15
You could also make the placement in scores fator extra points given or taken away. Like the top 5 players in score get 10 extra points, The bottom 5 would loss 10 points. This would cause less of a head to solo players like myself who try to back pack bad people but end up losing. It would show a more accurate display of skill because even you win, if you got carried you well you get punished. The system right now just doesn’t work as intended to for lots of people.

(III EnVii III) #1337

I have always said that wins, MVP and Smooth Operator should count towards your rank, even if ever so slightly.

Whether that’s 0.1% minimum per win and additional per ribbon.

Realistically you should get a little more and then it slows downs closer to Diamond and in Diamond if you carry on winning.

But then I guess TC prefers Skill Based ranking that holds you in place if you play with higher ranked players and people don’t realise its the lower ranks that help you get higher.

(IIMatracII) #1338

The only gametype ive ever had trouble ranking up in is 2v2 if i play with someone on my team with a similar skill level against people under D3 no matter a 7-0 win and even in go 12 - 0 i just dont get anything i am forced to either play solo and hope i get a bad teammate or try to find someone bad to play with off lfg. I D4 right now

(III EnVii III) #1339

That’s the problem, nearly all my friends are Diamond 5 / 4 / 3. So it’s extremely hard to rank up.

And I’m in the same boat, so many 7-0s, 7-1s, 7-2s and still can’t rank up past Onyx 3 because my teammate is also so highly ranked.

I know the solution:

Teammate makes alternative account = rank skyrockets.

Play solo = rank skyrockets.

Play with a genuine Bronze/Silver/Gold = rank skyrockets.

Only with a high rank player with similar skill will it get stuck.

(IIMatracII) #1340

I got 0 percent for this win :frowning:

(III EnVii III) #1341

You lost 5 rounds, probably why.


That’s why you have me😄

(III EnVii III) #1343

With a bit more practice you’ll soon be up there too :grimacing::raised_hands:


Hahaha! I’m trying bro👍

(Mr Perkinator) #1345

@TC_Octus mind telling me whats up with my Arms Race rank? GT is sG Agonize

(Eru Wolf) #1346

Hello gears technical support.Two days ago I placed silver3 then after won 7 games in a row then lost 1 game. Won 3 to 5 games in a row while playing against all onyx or diamond ranked people before I had to get off. Next day played and won 4 or 5 games in a row playing gold and onyx ranked people before I got off and didn’t move up or down a percent those two days. Today Iwon 3 or 4games then lost 1, finally, my percent moved but went down 5%. Could you please fix my rank system because there is an obvious problem. Thanks Bryce