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(III EnVii III) #1235

If your Skill isn’t going up, your Rank won’t be going up.

Also depends on your performance in those matches.

Was it solo or stacked team? What were your teammates ranks?

Etc etc

(hilbert66) #1236

This month i have 35w/6l behind 2500/1000kd
And im gain on 9% xd criminal

(Omen LP) #1237

Well, if you kept winning against lower skilled and ranked teams, it won’t do you much good…

How many silver players does an Onyx need to kill to be promoted to Diamond, right?

The system is much more complicated than just a simple case of winning a lot more than losing (feel free to review the past 1100 posts here :slight_smile: ). Since the make up of the team(s) is a big factor, if you are playing solo, random luck is a factor (if you keep getting stronger teams then you’re unlikely to gain from wins but will likely lose from losses, so it’s almost a no-win situation)…

Just keep playing, keep doing your best, and if you keep getting better and better, you’ll get promoted to higher rank(s)…

There is no simple answer…

(hilbert66) #1238

Im always play with tryhards no match without diamond players im in onyx3 65% sometimes im mvp when my dia4friends with me with best kd and not gain… why make unfair system its out by logic

(Jose xD Manuel) #1239

The statistics in the game are locked and win many games and do not upload anything, ah but I get up 10%
I am too incomprehensible with this.

(III EnVii III) #1240

If your below Diamond and you squad with a Diamond or a few diamonds, you are almost certainly not going to rank up.

If you outperform them game in, game out, your Skill Rating will go up and you need to then play solo or with lower ranked players, perform the same and the game will then implement any increase in skill rating to game rank.

Playing with a Diamond 4 means that your most likely not going to be ranking up in those games.

(hilbert66) #1241

Ok but i have always diamond players when im solo to

(VettleGT) #1242

So I started a game and my partner quit on two versus two gnashers. My partner quit after the first round… I ended up losing obviously and as a gold three I lost against two gold ones. I checked my stats after and dropped 5%… Was I really supposed to win 1 vs 2, TC?


Bless you envii, bless you😔

(III EnVii III) #1244

I do feel like I’m saying the same things over and over and I’m sure TC feel exactly the same, the system may be complex behind the scenes of what it’s doing but it is simple to understand once you give it a chance.

I just feel people expect to be getting to Diamond because they see it as a progression system but the Diamond playerbase is less than 2% of the population, based on figures TC used to offer on the website.


Gasp! Envii, you are in the top 1%! We must take your skills, and evenly distribute them among the lesser skilled players! It’s only fair!

(III EnVii III) #1246

Aha your too kind :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::blue_heart:

Some modes I remember had really low Diamond populations, like 0.3% to 0.7%.

The most I ever saw was like 1.5% - 2%.

It might have changed since but those were the percentages when they were displayed on the website.

Just makes you realise how hard it is to get into Diamond.

Onyx used to be around 13.7% if I remember correctly too which is still very good to be in that rank.


I’d imagine that Dodgeball has barely any Ds lol

(III EnVii III) #1248

I think Escalation was around the 0.7 to 1% mark as well, also Execution was on the low side.


Its really funny whenever I play any of those modes, cuz i play them very rarely, so i’m only a Bronze-Silver in them, meaning that when I do play them, I completely dominate lol


Won 7 matches in a row and wont increase percentage… Just played a koth match destroyed them 1st rd …there pings at 50 to 60 …then there whole squad magically goes goes to 80 to 100 ping lag everytime was in fight and every other shot didnt register…i sdnt 1 of them a message and they basically laughed in my face knowing wat they did …beyond sick of this …the hell with gears

(Benallatrump911) #1251



Benalla :joy:

(Gyroscopic Jim) #1253

Do you know why TC stopped publishing the percentages?

(III EnVii III) #1254

I’m not sure why, I never read or saw a reason.

Maybe @TC_Octus can clarify.