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It honestly makes sense. I have outperformed Diamonds in some games. But that doesn’t mean that I am a Diamond skilled player

(III EnVii III) #1196

Exactly, put me on a sever on US West or somewhere with crazy high ping and a top Onyx 3 could probably perform similar or better if they are on a very low ping. Or everyone has bad days. I’ve seen D5s struggle in a match. Maybe they couldn’t adapt to the play style of the opponents. Maybe they played solo and just couldn’t get the usual support. So, so many factors.

(Omen LP) #1197

Lol, haha, yup, you are right. For sure…

Now we can move on :wink:

(NiszczycielM) #1198

I have a question for diamond players. How long it take you to reach diamond? How many months or weeks? I’m asking because i want to compare myself. I’m really close to diamond in tdm right now and i think it’s only a matter of time till i achieve it. It took me about 5 months. I’ve started playing ranked versus then(i had some experience from previous gears but it only let me to get silver 1 after first 5 matches)

(Relax Mxte) #1199

Not long really, only like 15 games maybe as I normally get placed around Onyx 2/Onyx 3. On Boxes however, it took me a good while.

(Dediica) #1200

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Dude, please change your sappy user picture…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(WIILLLZ) #1202

I have played over 22 matches, won all of them, against good and bad teams yet my percentage is still at d4 - 69%. Anyone know why?


(III EnVii III) #1203

Did you win all the rounds in those 22 games?

What ranks where in your team/stack?

(WIILLLZ) #1204

Lost 1 round when we played against another diamond stack, but won the game. My team varied in rank but usually 4 diamonds, but over 22 wins should have gave me something at least. Other people in my crew were gaining percent. I mvp’d often aswell

(III EnVii III) #1205

Without screenshots it’s hard to see what’s happening, but to get into Diamond 5 - as in the BEST Rank in the game, you need to be getting the most kills out of everyone per game and perhaps MVP too (sometimes it helps, sometimes doesn’t).

Seems like when you faced a diamond stack, you lost a round too. Maybe the players you are beating aren’t high enough for you to gain.

Simply winning doesn’t mean you go up if your still playing as the game expects, you need to outperform what the game thinks you will do.

Being stacked in a diamond team will make this more difficult but not impossible.

(WIILLLZ) #1206

I understand where youre coming from but in my experience I should have have at least moved up a couple percent. The past few days the gains have been gradual, but never no gain for this many wins. I’m playing koth aswell. I’ve heard some weird stuff. I just hope nothing is glitched.

(hilbert66) #1207

I think its to much thing u need to get percent…3win im in second third always and no gain percent any time. Its possible for me. Tc gonna kill this game

(hilbert66) #1208

We have a match we r 4onyx3 one silver2 and we stucked with full of diamonds 2dia4 2dia3 and 1dia1 …

(III EnVii III) #1209

You don’t move up for just winning though.

Everyone hits a ceiling and you need to increase your Skill Rating to gain. You need to make sure you outperform every other person every match being a D4.

It is frustrating no doubt, but the game will move you when you play at a higher level :+1:

(hilbert66) #1210

U know every one have good times and bad times but when im mvp t highest kd and some ribbon earned and im move up 1-2% when im lose for higher ranked players im move down a lot… thats why im dont feed that fckng rank system…
At the moment i have a match and lost the other team have a d3 player and i have been kill em always .
Why he got that rank if im better than him :joy::joy::joy::neutral_face::gun:

(RQ Gnasher) #1211

I dont know why you are all complaining. Ranking up is easy in this game.

(RQ Gnasher) #1212

Takes about 3 days at the start of the season to reach diamond 5

(III EnVii III) #1213

It is if your skilful and have a good team :+1:

(Krylon Blue) #1214

Or if you create a new account and have everyone bring you power weapons because you’re unable to do anything when rushed while surrounding yourself with good players. I can’t help but feel like someone tried this before… oh wait, they did and there was proof they sucked but still made Diamond. :joy: