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(hilbert66) #1175

Next round we get a team with a diamond player and lose im instantly down by 6%
Im play ing more and more but when im get 5-10% next i have a game with 120ping the other teams have 25 and im lost 5-10 its not fair

(hilbert66) #1176

Need to remake that ranking system for fair

(III EnVii III) #1177

The main thing he said is, you need to be performing better than expected in those 2-0 games.

That’s how the system works.

If you play as you do for a 2-0 win, that’s not enough.

You have to exceed expectations to raise your Skill Rating.

Only then with consistent increased performances, will you gain %.

(hilbert66) #1178

I misunderstood im need to learn more english :joy::joy::joy::neutral_face::gun:

(NiszczycielM) #1179

What do you think about gaining % even when you lose? I’m talking about TDM, i was playing some matches last night and i run into team of onyx 3 players. It could be fair match but 2 of my teammates left game :neutral_face:. We won 1 round but they won the game. I had mvp and best K/D and my question is: why we can’t gain % in such situation, why winning is such important thing in this? As you all saying it’s placement system so why winning is important when it comes to your personal skill? Winning depends of all players not only you. I’m not complaining about losing rank because i didn’t lose anything back then but i think i should gain something.

(hilbert66) #1180

Its true! You r right!!!

(Omen LP) #1181

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Right… I can appreciate that… It just seems inconsistent - if we win a match greatly unbalanced in our favor, we don’t rank up, no matter how well we do in individual performance (which is fine, I don’t have a problem with that). But when we lost a match incredibly unbalanced against us, I lost rank, because of my individual performance… Losing an unbalanced match we were expected to lose can still hurt, but winning an unbalanced match we were expected to win doesn’t help… Asymmetrical…

Ohh, well… Glad you found the bug, going against a much higher ranked team is an extremely unpleasant experience, rank movement notwithstanding.

(III EnVii III) #1182

As TC Octus said & from what I understand, your actual Skill Rating is lower than your current Rank.

So your drops will hurt because your Rank is higher than it should be.

When your winning those games I quoted you on, you need to be consistent to actually see the benefits of rank gain.

Doing it once in 10 games isn’t going to help if in the other 9 you play poorly.

Speaking generally, it’s your Skill Rating that needs to increase in order for you to start gaining Rank and also to then not see big drops for loses as your Skill Rating will hold it for you as long as your performing well.

Since TC Octus has looked at the data, it seems your Skill Level is lower than your Rank so you are where you should be, if not a little bit higher than you should be.

You need to be the one that’s winning the team the matches or thereabouts to get the game to start shifting your Skill Rating upwards over the course of a few games to then see the same change in your rank.

This is basically how it works and has been mentioned so many times by TC and by Ryan Cleven too.

People just fail to understand, it’s hard to raise your skill level once you’ve peaked in your ability.


…and then repeated by you…many, many other times🤣

(III EnVii III) #1184

I guess some people must find it difficult to grasp. I watched a stream with Ryan and it was so clear and easy to understand how the system works and what’s its doing and how it’s giving out rank.

Some people expect it to be a progression system and think just winning should mean they go up and this is not the case and that causes a lot of confusion.

(Omen LP) #1185

Sorry, for most part I don’t read your posts anymore, lol, you are free and welcome to adopt the same attitude towards my posts :wink:


Wow…not a good move my friend…:frowning:

(III EnVii III) #1187

I meant in the same reply anyway.

And ok, thanks for the heads up, I’ll stop trying to help you out in future :+1:

At least you know now your actually lucky to be a Gold Tier player :v:


Dude. How do you not get it? He is a diamond, you are a Gold, and according to Octus, even lower. Why do you continue to act this way?

(III EnVii III) #1189

Can’t wait to be rocking that new Diamond Master Emblem from next season :blush::raised_hands: :gem::gem::gem::gem::gem:

(Omen LP) #1190

Why not?

I think he lost me the moment he claimed no gold could ever “outperform” an onyx and then bent himself into a pretzel trying to defend that, in the most ridiculous ways (IMO) when faced with match results to the contrary. And the repeated “not a progression” system statements when my comments had nothing to do with profression.

So what, I don’t pay atfention to ONE person on the forums… it’s all good.

(III EnVii III) #1191

Not for your sake but for everyone else’s,

By the very definition, a true Gold Player isn’t going to outperform a true Onyx Player. That’s why there’s a whole rank difference.

Now, if a Gold player has gotten significantly better, of course there’s the chance they can do so.


The one person on the forums that tries to help people rank up…

I remember that post. And I even said at the time that I had played with golds that outperformed me in a single game. But the truth of the matter is that there is no true gold player that is a better player then an Onyx. If there was, they wouldn’t be gold.

(III EnVii III) #1193

It’s not always about you, my comment was general, hence the “some people” and not “Omen LP expects”, in regards to the progression system comment.

(III EnVii III) #1194

Exactly, thank goodness someone can grasp a comment for what it’s supposed to mean rather than taking it the wrong way :raised_hands: