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(hilbert66) #1155

I read always but i dont know why dont change that fckng bad things? (10/9 say that)

(III EnVii III) #1156

Don’t give up and keep trying.

Every match will help make you better and hopefully let you reach your goal :+1:

(hilbert66) #1157

Thank you for ur support. Im doing the best.
it’s just hard to control myself if the match is unfair and that’s why I’m going down.
i think you should punish the quitters if you still have the option to back join but not connect back…
or who don’t leave the game , not go down

(XpL Ultrax) #1158

Thanks. I just lost 35% yesterday because of two quitters

(hilbert66) #1159

I dont know why didnt do anything (TC)… the problem is given but they doesn’t working to fixed it.

(III EnVii III) #1160

Percentage loss for Diamond players seems more extreme but that’s only because they are so tightly packed together.

You will get that back in no time with your skill level :blush::+1:

(xETSx iBLaZeD) #1161

I am tired of playing arms race and going positive 30 or 40 kills a game. I just went 35-5 and then 39-10 and i go up 0.30% and 1% this needs to be fixed

(TC Octus) #1162

Looking at your account, you lost some major skill matchups that dropped your Skill Rating below your current Tier placement. There’s no bug there.

Diamond is extremely tough to get into, and Diamond 5 basically demands perfection. You need to win every round - not just games - and play consistently extremely well to get to Diamond 5. Be proud of any Diamond Tier, especially if you made it to 4!

(TC Octus) #1163

It’s not just about winning any matches. It’s about winning every round possible, playing well (ie. the bigger your contribution to the team win, the better) and critically besting opponents above your Skill Level. Measuring based on wins against whoever is not an accurate measurement of Skill by itself.

Because your SR (Skill Rating) needs to exceed your Tier Placement (TSR). Until you improve your SR through quality wins and performance, your TSR won’t move. It’s super opaque and not a great user experience - we totally accept and agree with that - but it is accurately measuring Skill.

That’s a bug to do with our stats inheriting from Warzone for that mode. We’ll be resetting and activating 2v2 stats on the web as of Season 6.

(III EnVii III) #1164

Excellent :raised_hands:

(TC Octus) #1165

This one I can explain.

Firstly, your Skill Rating was lower than your Tier Placement at the start of that game. Despite the fact that match almost certainly did not impact your Skill Rating, the system can only move your Tier placement downwards when you lose.

In other words, that loss almost certainly did not matter to your Skill Rating. However, the loss triggered a downwards movement of your TSR as it looks to align itself closer to your lower Skill Rating.

Additionally, your team mates out performed you in that scenario. It doesn’t look to have had a Skill Rating impact in this instance, but underperforming can exacerbate the impact of a loss also.

HOWEVER, reports like this have been extremely helpful to us. We’ve been investigating and have discovered a bug that, rarely, allowed a very unbalanced match to happen. Our system is meant to allow matches decently not in one team’s favor at a push (plus side: this provides huge opportunities to move up without much penalty against you) but not past a certain acceptable threshold like this probably was.

We’ll actually be fixing a bug that should stop these rare outlier cases from happening.

(TC Octus) #1166

That’s not at all true.

We reply with a pre-written message to those DMs because that is the truth about the Ranking System. Wins =/= automatic progress in a quality based Skill Ranking system. It’s not linear. If you’ll notice, we can explain pretty much every post in this thread.

Our small team respond to hundreds of DMs and tweets a day in between everything else we work on. Trust me when I say that even a templated response trying to point to further education on the Ranking System is us caring - it just saves time on something that isn’t an actual player issue and more an issue of an opaque system.

(hilbert66) #1167

But it isnt real or fair if u play a hard match (headtohead all time) and u have to win this match in 30min and u get maybe 4% (mvp) or play an ez match in 2-0 u get 7%

(XpL Ultrax) #1168

So I can be proud that I reached diamond 4 in season 4 and 5. Nice. I was really proud of my d5 in season 3

I just cant get to diamond 5. I always get to 60-80 percent d4 then I lose one or two matches and I am down to 0-20 percent. Well I guess I am not a real diamond 5 player and my real skill level is somewhere around diamond 3 or 4 at max.

(hilbert66) #1169

My first match today at the moment im win 2-0 (immvp) and dont give any type of sht (the enemy teams have same ranks)
Apologyse that octus

(hilbert66) #1170

And than i h ad my second match we loose and im downed 6% ■■■■ that system

(oTRaV GuNNeRo) #1171

Thank you for replying I honestly appreciate it! Ive also realized that going on a win streak for numerous games doesnt make my rank go up whatsoever but the moment I loose im down 10%. Is that a bug too or am I just missing something?

(III EnVii III) #1172

If you lose, you should pretty much expect to go down unless you did significantly better than the people on the winning team. This may help your rank stay the same and increase your Skill Rating in the background so you gain % on the next win.

Other than that, 6% isn’t a bad reduction for a loss, that’s a rank loss and what’s more important is what’s happened to your Skill Rating.


(III EnVii III) #1173

As explained, winning matches doesn’t guarantee % going up.

You could have been carried to 10 wins in a row and then lost one and rightfully gone down in % for example.

You need to be performing better than everyone else you are matched with to actually gain.

If you are stacked with much higher ranks then in my experience, you won’t rank up until you start playing solo or in a two to actually trigger a % increase if your Skill Rating has increased during those games.

If the game feels like you weren’t the main person contributing for the wins, then you won’t see a % rise.

Again, it’s not a progression system but a Skill Based system.

(hilbert66) #1174

Envi im understand what u say but octus say u need win 2-0 and need to be mvp and i had those things but not give % …
Ranks is same like the other teams …
Every round they got the first 100 points and we broke than !! 2-0 for my team im mvp