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(NLA ChaosZxro) #1133

My wins no counts, Has 4 wins in a Row 2v2 with MVP no percentage added.
Same situation with Koth.

Boxes - Onyx 1 vs Gold 3
Koth - Gold 2 vs Onyx 3

(NLA ChaosZxro) #1134

Great! After 4 wins in a row and no Up, I lost one game to US team (I am from Europe) which ALWAYS got host vs EU team and lost 6%.
This game is incredible unfair.

Dedicated servers its not too expensive,

(III EnVii III) #1135

I understand the frustration, I would wish you can choose to search your own region only or perhaps one region further out. At the moment it’s a bit of a lottery.

(NLA ChaosZxro) #1136

Yeah, I like previous Gears option to switch between servers, but at this moment the game is dead for EU players, some are visible only at weekends. My highest tier is Onyx2 But when the host is great I easly beat diamond players. That ranking system must use true skill system with score like in Halo Reach when you should be MVP to hold your rank and team loosing means nothing.

(III EnVii III) #1137

I’d like to at least lock down to my own so I’m not randomly put on different ones without a choice.

Now that has a serious impact on your rank when you normally play at 5ms ping and then you get put on a server thousands of miles away and it’s 90-150ms ping against other very low pingers. Guaranteed L and % drop.

(R SW1PE) #1138

You posted this straight after playing me so that match would have been the 3rd of your losses if what you posted is accurate. You say it was a hard game but it was 2 diamonds + 3 onyx versus your team with 4 diamonds + 1 onyx (not sure of exact levels or if you were playing with the other players on your team, we weren’t stacked).

When you lose a match like that you still need to perform well personally. I didn’t see where you finished at the end of the match but if you don’t finish high up on the scoreboard or get a lot of kills then it kind of blames you for the loss as you should be winning matches like that.

That was the only good game I had all night, my connection has been crap recently.

(III EnVii III) #1139

Also, stacking with higher ranked players severely costs you rank gains.

When I’m with D4 & D5 Players, no matter how good I do, I won’t really move up until I go solo and perform the same.

Otherwise, I’m stuck in rank and %.

(HybridZoalord89) #1140

i been having serious issues on the ranking system of escalation

(III EnVii III) #1141

Less serious issues, more understanding how it works.

(DeemyTheDamager) #1142

It’d be nice to know how and why my percentage is the way it is. I’d like to see after every game, a rundown on where i’m at instead of always checking the Gears site. It’d also be nice to get rid of ranked percentages and have wins soley be the definitive factor if you are bronze through diamond. Maybe go more in depth with each mode. Like for example, since I always play KOTH, it would make more since to have wins, caps, kills, breaks (everything positive) factor whether a person is diamond or not. To the very least, make the percentages a little more realistic. If I beat a 5 stack of diamond players, my percentage should improve dramatically.

(III EnVii III) #1143

Your % is based on how well you play and also what kind of a team you stack with.

If they are majority higher rank than you, then it can be hard to progress, even if you do well.

If they are much lower than you, expect good gains for wins as long as you are getting the most kills :+1:

(Omen LP) #1146

Yes!! So pay special attention to all those downs your team mates get, and do your best to finish off that downed player… because the 10 points you get for that count waaaaaaaay more than the 160 points the other team mate gets for doing all the work to down him/her, for rank purposes… Steal as many kills as you can, that’s the way to progress…

(III EnVii III) #1147

Yeah, do what Omen LP says and your guaranteed to be a loner stuck in Gold forever because who wants to play with a kill stealer?


(Omen LP) #1148

Lol, but is exactly what you support and recommend, haha… and claim is “performance”…

Multiple times you would claim that MVP status in tdm or dodge wasn’t indicative of top performance, you would point out other players with more kills, claiming they were better performers…

More kills but fewer points means kill stealing … And that’s what YOU said was “outperforming”, haha… so decide, is it the k/d or the number of kills (which does not take into account how much you contributed to the kill: I.e. kill stealing all the way) OR points (which DO take that inti account?)

You can’t have it both ways: can’t claim that number of kills or k/d is the surpreme indicator of "performance " and claim you don’t encourage a kill stealing play style :wink:

(III EnVii III) #1149

I said MVP doesn’t technically always mean you are actually the best performer, just have the most points.

I didn’t realise I have to literally spell it all out for you and explain the basics,

In modes like KOTH which is what I mainly play, Ring Captures are worth 300 points and breaks 100 points. Kills are worth 175 points.

So it’s really easy for someone to to get 15-25 caps and 5-10 breaks and get MVP with fewer kills than someone who caps 3-5 times and breaks maybe once.

However the person that caps less might get double the kills but miss out on MVP however that contribution is far higher than the person who is simply getting caps.

So therefore, you absolutely do not have to kill steal to be the top “performer” - or as the ranking system likes, the top slayer. The ones with the most kills consistently game in and game out will be the ones ranking up the most.

There have been many times where I’ve downed someone and I actually need someone to take it.

I play with a group of friends that work well together and know when to take a kill and when to run past and leave.

I have stated several times that I am a KOTH player, I have no real interest in TDM and find it to be a bit of borefest.

Oh and we are all Diamonds too so must be doing something right :+1:

So yes Omen LP, you can have it both ways without actually kill stealing.

I thought this was obvious but I guess not everyone can figure it out it seems …

I’ll just put it down to your lack of understanding of the system and lower skill range than the average player :v:


Wow…that was a burn🤣! Mic drop moment Envi!

Dude, you’ve been going back and forth with Envi for a long time now. One of you is a Diamond, the other is a Gold. Now i’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the Diamond knows what he’s talking about.

(hilbert66) #1151

Dont play this game its a garbige
I have 76% o3. Im search a match (im from mid europe) and take me us server.
1teammate got left we loose (we had always 150ping)
The enemy have 50
I had lost 7%



(hilbert66) #1153

10match wins get me 6% and 1unfair match -7%
My first question is why? And how i getting us servers ?


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