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(NSP THE GAME) #1112

I dropped 108 kills last night with one diamond friend and I didn’t move up. I absolutely never go up playing with any diamond. I must have mvp 10/13 games we played last night as well always top two in kills.

Tonight I’m running strictly with one o2 friend to move up.

(MIST 117) #1113

There is a huge glaring problem TC that you and many gaming companies always miss. You have the numbers and developers side or point of view but then there is the players point of view. Your system could work perfectly and still be a failure because the players see it as unfair or inaccurate.

The players side is always more important because it is all we have. We don’t have access to all the data crunching and etc you use to determine rank.

Would it be so hard to show in the after game what happened with rank and why?

I completely understand that you can’t make everyone happy. But I never understood why you can’t get exain how your game works. It SHOULD be obvious. So obvoius that the majority that are reasonable can only disgree with how the game works rather than guess about what happened.

(III EnVii III) #1114


Instead of showing just XP,

Your performance should breakdown % increase, loss or hold and why.

Maybe getting 20 kills vs a prediction of 30 meant you held your rank?

Maybe you died too much?

Or whatever it may be.

People just need to see it.

(Yogy DMT) #1115

Thanks for the clarification

(NSP THE GAME) #1116

I’m about to tweak lol

Koth I’ve been stuck at 78 o2 for 3 days. Even last night playing with one friend and winning mvp multiple times I didn’t move up.

Even TDM which I diamond last season has been stuck for days. 2v2s I’m o3 should hit diamond on it. But the other modes I been stuck on o2, and the randoms are really killing me.

Lone wolf needs to be a thing at least it will be easier to carry randoms that way. Completely sick of this rank system. Clearly the way it works is not the way it works for me.

Dev steam from last week explained how it worked and when following that blue print I still don’t move up. Even my friends have been moving up to o3 while they get less kills then me and don’t mvp over me. 2-0 teams don’t get me anything either.

Sorry had to vent…

(KI IRockStarJD) #1117

I’d like to address this the most politely way possible, but is really frustrating that you can win easily (7-1 in boxes or 2-0 on TDM/KOTH) and you either don’t rank up or just raise 0.1%-1% no matter how well you perform or which ranks are you playing against.

The last month has been a nightmare stuck in Onyx 3 grinding like hell just to not get to diamond on 2vs2, KOTH and TDM, all that time and effort winning big majority of the matches and then getting just one bad match and drop 9%-10% when you can only reach that winning like 10 matches.

I know you guys try your best to make it a good ranking system but, in my opinion you need to understand that the system is so frustrating and confusing that it drives many people crazy.
If you play with a stacked then you win but don’t rank up because you are communicated, and if you play solo you are not communicated but lose matches because you get teamed up with people that may not be a fair match against the team you’ll be playing.

That’s my opinion and the same of many other players I have talked to. I just wanted to give some feedback and express my frustration trying to reach diamond and get the Diamond Gear which seem a wasted effort in this game. Maybe should just give up and play other stuff, Thanks.

(III EnVii III) #1118

The matches you are winning easily, as you put it, may not be worth % gains and the matches you are losing as the ones that may be worth the % gains.

So you need to try and start winning the ones you are losing and perform well.

Collect to some screenshots of matches you believe should rank you up. It’s a good way to see what’s going on.


Ok. Got it…
looks perplexed

(RedNightmare88) #1120

Has anyone noticed their game results not being recorded. I know ranked matches only go off of wins and MVPs.

I played 7 matches between last night and this morning on KOTH but only my losses were recorded. Not my wins. I went 5-2 during my games. I’m still sitting at 63% on my Gold 3. I was at 65% prior to the system not recording my wins.

Before anyone says it, In the past I still ranked up after people quit on the opposing team, when I played weaker competion, and when I came in last place on my team. As long as my team won, I ranked up.

For the most part played against at least one or two OYNX players, one guy quit right at the end in only one or two matches, and I only came in last place on my team only once. Can I get some clarification on what is happening?

(lMN here) #1121

@TC_Octus If Playing solo as a Bronze 3 shouldn’t I have been matched against Bronze 3 - Gold 1 tiers? I just got a Bronze 3 for KoTH this season.

I know you’re pretty much done with this game, but have you thought about having tiers increase or decrease by comparing slots of opponents scores at the end of a match? I hope you get what I mean in the example below that I typed for you.

| Tier | SCORE | COG_ VS _Swarm | SCORE | Tier |
Increased 10,000 ___ | Slot 1 | ___ 9,000 Decreased
Increased 8.000 ___ | Slot 2 | ____ 7.000 Decreased
Increased 6,000 ___ | Slot 3 | ____ 5,000 Decreased
Decreased 3,000 ____ | Slot 4 | ___ 4,000 Increased
Decreased 1,000 ____ | Slot 5 | ___ 2,000 Increased

(Relax Mxte) #1123

Yeah, I’m not understanding this either.

(III EnVii III) #1124

Since you are performing similar to Onyx players then I guess it’s reasonable for the lobby you were put in as you would be expected to get out of bronze 3 quite quick.

(NSP THE GAME) #1125

Well, dropped 28 kills in tdm down a player vs diamond and onyx 3 players, while having a silver and bronze 3 on my team. Won 2-1 and I got zero…

Guy quit in the 1st round, so much for getting a boost while winning.

Trying to upload the screenshot, but for some reason it won’t show it after I upload.

(III EnVii III) #1126

Upload it here and then copy & paste the link :+1:

(NiszczycielM) #1127

What is harder to achieve, diamond 1 or diamond 2? I heard that it’s much harder to get through onyx 3 to diamond than get through diamond 1 to diamond 2

(NSP THE GAME) #1128

Onyx 3 to diamond is way harder. It took me 2 games to hit diamond 2.

(III EnVii III) #1129

Pretty much.

(LockDawn Hv) #1130

Win 9 games and do not upload anything, and wait 2 hours to update and nothing.
So what should I do to raise the rank?
I beat superior teams, I play alone, I do not need a team to win, it’s stupid that they do not raise you for winning, but you lose what you won in 7 games.

(hilbert66) #1131

3 hard match win didnt gain but im loose 3hard games i have lost 20% why so mad this ranking ?

(III EnVii III) #1132

Depends if you were stacking in the hard games and who with.

Depends on who you lost to.

Without screenshots, can be hard to give a definite answer.