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(hilbert66) #1092

Im with my onyx team beat 4diamond(1xd4 2xd2 1xd1 and 1silver3) im dont get anything with good k/d and2nd place

(hilbert66) #1093

Get remake this sh*t
incredible… 8wins no gain 1loss when the enemy team have better rank i get fall -2%…
I beat a better team then my i no get %
Its possible for me…
I start to bored. I will delete this game

(NiszczycielM) #1094

Does ammount of played matches do something with rank? Today i was playing 3 matches of koth(my rank was onyx1 35%) and my team won 2 games and lost 1, in each game i was on 3rd place and after those games i went straight to onyx 2. Now i wonder, in tdm i would gain maybe 5% but in koth i gained 65% o.O and my friend told me it’s because i’m not playing koth too much. I have 1,5k matches in tdm and 130 in koth. So, does ammount of matches you played affect % you gain per match?

(NiszczycielM) #1095

One more thing, i was also playing tdm today with my bronze friends(i’m onyx 2 in tdm) so it matched us with gold/silver/bronze ranks. I had 20 kills and 1 death and after that match i gained 13% o.O. I’m happy and all but i think it’s not fair for players who are playing alone because it’s too easy to win against silver and golds ranks when you’re onyx2/3

(Omen LP) #1096

There are a few ways of “gaming” this ranking system, the best one is to play with lower ranked players who are a little better than their ranks, and hope to go up against teams which are, on paper, slightly better… so you’ll MVP, kick butt, and gain rank…

yet another case of the system being inappropriate to the REALITY of the games we have, as opposed to the theory they based it on…

just because the average rank of a team can be computed it doesn’t mean that the team is made up of 5 players of that average rank!!

(you know, the old “average family has 2.3 kids… Have you ever met an average family?” Just because something can be mathematically defined doesn’t mean it makes sense in the real world).

it must look at your history…

in my regular account trying to move up is like pulling teeth…

In a new account I setup I’m flying through the ranks…

This is BS… Ignores the fact that people start not knowing what they are doing, and then learn, and get better… And the time they spent not doing well, just learning better, in earlier seasons, is used against them in later seasons? COME ON… What BS…

Or, could it be on purpose? You know, for get you to create new accounts… and pay again for the DLC in those new accounts… Like black steel character skins… hmmm… Nahh, that couldn’t be it, right?

(NSP THE GAME) #1097

Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

They need to reset everything after the season ends. No data should be held if you’re truly resetting the ranks. My main account goes up so slow. My newer account could probably hit diamond in half the games.

(ShadowDragonek) #1098

My rank dont go up after 3 matches with 2 onyx2 one onyx3 And 2 gold 3 i have Onyx 3 And Mvp on this matches And no %go up pls help i want to get diamond finally when i lose my % go down for 3-4% per lose

(hilbert66) #1099

Not do anything whit it… its trash

(III EnVii III) #1100

Finally got my Diamond in KOTH. Only took 5 Seasons but there you go :joy:

Proof that you can get “unstuck” - even after 1,800 games or so, you can still get there.

(NSP THE GAME) #1101

Did you solo it ? And congrats !

(III EnVii III) #1102

Mixture, some solos but mainly 2-3 in my team. Very rarely did I go full 5 to finally get the Diamond. A lot of the time, having diamonds in the team and going full squad would severely impact on the % gains. Going 1/2/3 would really help to gain % but then the matches were tougher as I had a fair few matches where it felt like it was 4v5 or 3v5 because the randoms where quite bad.

(Mr Perkinator) #1103

If you’re out performing the diamonds, it’s quite easy to gain % while 5 stacking, as I recently discovered

(III EnVii III) #1104

Not in my experience, doesn’t matter how good or bad you do - for me, it always holds me firmly in my % spot until I play with lower ranks or play 1/2/3.

Because if that was the case, I would have Diamond long ago. But since nearly all my friends are Diamond and stacking with them means I don’t rank up, as soon as I don’t stack with Diamonds, it’s so easy to get Diamond.


Hey Congrats Envii!!
You haven’t been as active on the forums lately

(III EnVii III) #1106

Thank you! :blush:

I know, illness & work has kept me a little busy lately but I’m sure you will be seeing the post count steadily increase again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::v:

Also has to be something worth engaging in as well :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::metal:


Theres been a LOT of spam of late

(Mr Perkinator) #1108

If you’re getting mvp and smooth operator against diamonds when you have diamond on your team it’s fine, I was trading wins and losses all season, probably had 100+ games played this season, koth is all about slaying, I could lancer like a pro player and drop map and 40+ downs and it did nothing for my %, as soon as I started slaying and carrying, my % quickly moved, I just 5 stacked with mostly LFG players and would be doing better than the higher ranked players in my squad, that’s what it means when they say “do better than you’re expected to”

(III EnVii III) #1109

Yeah, i should just keep some replies for the spam and copy and paste my responses in when needed :sweat_smile:

(III EnVii III) #1110

I totally get that but after so many games played, with those diamond players in my stack, it didn’t matter how much I slayed. I wouldn’t gain the smallest amounts after a few matches.

The moment you drop those Diamonds and swap for lower ranks, you have to work even harder but the % gains are much better.

That’s my experience :+1:


In response to all the spam, I made a totally constructive, extremely interesting (and necessary) thread