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(Mr Perkinator) #1070

the reason why people like me and so many others get passed off by it, is that the best rewards are hidden behind it, I’m at the point where diamond gear is unobtainable, I have 2 diamonds but nearly every mode I’m onyx 3 in, I don’t gain % in when I win no matter how much I win, that’s the huge issue, or that it will take loads of games to do it

(hilbert66) #1071

Did not change any thing… i had to beat a stronger team but dont moved up :joy::joy::joy:

(ReNaN kOaLa) #1072

so I deleted this game of xbox it is not fair and the coalition does not want to improve

(AS MATADOR) #1073

When do you fix the flaws that my statistics have? I still fall although I won the games but if I lose keep coming down.

(CalamitieS x) #1074

So I’m playing with a few friends who I admit were having an off night so I picked up the slack. We’re playing escalation, I’m onyx 3, and I have 51 kills, 14 downs, and 15 deaths. Great stat sheet except for the 7-3 loss. Yet I gained a percent putting me at 93% to diamond. I decide to play today and 3 teammates quit so I ended up losing 7-0 and dropped to 83%. This shouldny be a thing. I shouldnt lose points because I’m fighting a fight I can’t win.

If people dc there should be a safe barrier for that game for players with the lack of team. It should work in terms of the opposing team gaining points because they won and the defending team losing 0 and gaining 0 for having a disadvantage. I went positive by 2.0 as well. Yet my points fell off a cliff for my 1st loss of the day. Mind you I was on a 2 game winstreak and had to deal with people who were “onyx” but truly clueless.

Oh and one more thing. Promote a system where I can play the game by myself and actually enjoy it. Not everyone has teams or squads to play with. If I solo queue can I play against others who are doing the same and not people who are Diamond 5 stacked deep?? Losing to people who aren’t necessarily better than you but have the power of communication, team setups, angles, etc. Is hard and quite annoying as a lone wolf. And I don’t blame them because this is a team game but be mindful not everyone has a team.

I know I said my previous point would be my last but I have one more point to add to my tirade. Why is it whenever I’m about to hit diamond or rank up in general a slew of bronzes get in my game? How are bronze tiers allowed in an onyx borderline diamond entry game? Then this game has the nerve to zap my points like I’m not struggling with newbies. Please fix this. Its annoying and unfair.

(Bleeding Pepper) #1075

The ranking system is quite complicated and mysterious. If you listen to the Developer’s Stream, you learn lots of new little details about it that help players to understand how it works cos players get to ask the developers questions about the game and the franchise. There’s some things that are still very uncertain and ambiguous and it’s a pity that we don’t get to ask follow-up questions. Sometimes their answers just raise more questions!

Anyway, I’ll stick a few pointers about the ranking system that I’m aware of. Everyone else - please feel free to chip in, and also correct me if I’m wrong!

  1. There are two ranks - one is the visible rank (bronze, silver, gold etc); and an invisible true skill rank, which is based on a more complex algorithm which includes things like previous season ranks. These two ranks are not necessarily the same level, so a player’s visible rank could be lower than their invisible true skill rank.

  2. As you seem to know, rank gains and losses are also affected by the ranks of your team mates and your opponent. Obviously a team of Golds beating a team of Onyx and Diamonds then the Golds will make larger gains, while the Diamond’s will loss much more than if they had won/lose against opponents of lower rank.

  3. Rank gains and losses are heavily influenced by rounds won and loss. If you’re playing say, 2vs2, winning 7-0 will get you a much bigger gain than winning 7-6.

  4. However with game modes like KOTH where there is a score within a round, winning a round say, 180-0 makes no difference comapred to winning 180-170. The key is to aim for a 2-0 - get both rounds and don’t give a round away.

  5. It’s actually possible to lose rank percentage even if you win, just it won’t show imediately. For example if you are a team of Diamonds and only win 7-6 against Bronzes, then they would have taken 6 rounds off you, so you will suffer a big loss of rank percentage. However the system will wait until you actually lose a game before they hit you with the rank percentage reduction.

  6. Each game mode has different criteria which is also based on objectives, so breaks and captures in Escalation and KOTH all help and add to your performance.

  7. I’m fairly sure I heard from TC that kills are weighted differently depending on game mode. So if the mode is kill-based like Warzone or TDM, then kills are worth more to your progression compared to KOTH.

  8. The higher your rank is, the bigger the losses in rank percentage. The margin for error is much smaller once you get to the high Onyx ranks and Diamond and losses in rank can be brutal. Basically to get to the highest Diamond ranks you need to be winning virtually everything, and also drop minimal rounds.

(CalamitieS x) #1076

I’m literally aware of all of this but that doesnt mean it makes sense. If the game registers that my team should win a game after calculating both teams ranks, what do I do when half the team quits? Does the sysyem readjust and say “hey two players cant cap 3 hills against 5 and win” or does it run with the same old system and ■■■■ me over by 10%! Its ludicrous and it makes me very annoyed because I gain diamond in core but lets face it core isnt a place for the most gears savvy. You can snipe people with a shotgun the skill cap there is a joke to me. Diamond tdm and Diamond Escalation ar two different forms of diamond to me. And hats off to you if you’re diamond in both. I just think its stupid. If I go for 0-20 let that loss hit my pts and if I go 25-5 let that performance hit my pts as well. Dont have me gain pts for losing but dropping 51 and then have me lose pts because my team quit rd 2. Thats so backwards its ridiculous. Because basically you’re promoting a game thats unplayable because YOUR rank falls into someone elses hands and not how skilled you are.

(IIMatracII) #1077

I would love to see a different rank progressing system in gears 5. This is just something I thought of and would like to hear others opinions on it.
It would consist of point system like Rainbow 6 but it would be a set amount of 25 points per win or loss would be added or taken away from the amount the player processes. The difference would be that ribbons and placement of score during the match would dictate how many extra points you earn.

So say you win the game you would get 25 points for that and you also get mvp and smooth operator. MVP ribbon could net you another 25 points with the smooth operator could add 10. It will get less than mvp because it is easier to obtain than mvp. Another way points could be added for performance is the top 5 people in score would get an extra 25 points.
Other ribbons such as team player and the other objective ribbons could add 5 to 10 points for earning.

This system would be more of accurate representation of skill because you wont be held back by bad teammates if you lose. It would make it less about just obtaining wins and more about in game performance. Having the ability to overcome the negative 25 points by get top five in the game and obtaining mvp despite losing would help you progress instead screwing you over like in the current system. It wouldn’t force people to have to party up to achieve hire ranks because it would just be based off your individual perfomance.

The current system it really doesn’t matter how good you do if you lose your going down. Ranks in gears 4 dont really represent individual skill it represents how good of a team you play with or how lucky you are with finding random teammates. The ranking systems is also a mystery too, for some people it works and for others they get stuck no matter how well the play or how many wins they get in a row. My idea would fix that problem of being stuck with you for sure either get 25 or losing 25 instead of it being luck of the draw.

This is just my idea I would like to see what other people think about

(Mr Perkinator) #1078

and yet it punishes you for playing a stack yet good teammates are necessary for most of the modes, it’s a unfair system

(III EnVii III) #1079

Number 6 has very little effect on ranking from my experience.

You could ignore caps and breaks majority of the time in KOTH and still hit Diamond with getting a lot of kills and only a handful of caps and breaks.

(ReNaN kOaLa) #1080

people understand one thing any kind of rank you won no matter how you have to climb the % if you lost fell to the % in the gears if you win do not rise and if you lose falls then we will stop with that chat that rank is different, we have to charge that they change the rank to victory of the simple team so

(LockDawn Hv) #1081

I’ve had a damn run of 17 games won, I’m only in 4th place in the last game and I’m down 40%

In that streak they only raised me 4.77%

What is that?


Lately I’ve been playing core and going up against diamond 3 or higher mostly. I’ve been winning these battles even in 4v5 situations and I’ve been obtaining mvp over my friends in diamond 1,2,3,4,5 but yet I’m not going much percent or diamond in any game mode yet. I have onyx 3 in every core mode besides arms race which is onyx one. I also have a 65% win ratio and 1.01 k/d but yet I barely go up in percentage when I win multiple matches against teams with various diamond ranks. Can I please get an explanation as to why I’m not gaining percentage. I have clips and screen shots of me winning against multiple diamonds, catching triple or quad kills on numerous players, I have many videos and pictures to support my claim of me playing beyond my current rank placement and I was even diamond in TDM last season with every other game mode in core onyx 3. For my arms race it took me winning three days for me to gain just 10% please look in to this or explain a way for me to continue to gain percentage and rank in to diamond before the season challenge ends.

(KaptenCapDePula) #1083

I was onyx season 4. Rank system is bugging out to max now. They have to fix this NOW

(NSP THE GAME) #1084

If your friends are diamond your better off playing solo. The game will think they are carrying you no matter what.

(hilbert66) #1085

And what then work when im better the diamond players? And im dont get anything for it? Ttha is the big problem fkzink system

(NSP THE GAME) #1086

Unfortunately you move up very slow playing with diamonds if your not diamond already. Diamond 1-3 was easy compare to onyx 3 to diamond when I played with diamonds friends.

I have had games that I got 30 plus more kills and 6k point difference over my diamond friend and didn’t move up for anything and it was a 2-0 win.

(Senerch23) #1087

Just lost 4% in Arms Race as MVP. Had a pair of trashcans on my team go 16-47 combined so I get penalized for their garbage play.

(LockDawn Hv) #1088

I’ve had a damn run of 17 games won, I’m only in 4th place in the last game and I’m down 40%

In that streak they only raised me 4.77%

What is that?

(NiszczycielM) #1089

Which rank?