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(Mr Perkinator) #1050

That’s another issue, the ranking system doesn’t mean anything for other people playing bad, it should, for one, if another player has a bad game then you should be given more % for carrying them during that bad game, and also it should detect when it’s someone’s first game on, so then it knows the player may underperform as they are warming up

(xFribbo) #1051

I’ve always said as well you should move % depending on your own performance, despite winning or losing, winning just increases the move amount whilst losing will be minimal.

(Omen LP) #1052

Perfect example from few days ago…

We were playing a game of Arms Race… it was very close and it literally came down to the last single bullet: it was 1-1, in the 3rd round both teams where on boltoks (final weapons), both teams had 2 kills… I spawned in, with spawn protection, I knew where one of the other team was. I run out, I shot him in the head with the boltok, so he was full red. By that time my spawn protection ended, so I got shot… Then it all came down to my next shot: if my next shot hits him in the head again, we win. If I miss, I will die, and they will win.

Keep in mind, this is after 3 very sweaty rounds. Everyone else’s performance was already done, all the kills, all the downs, deaths, etc - all established.

To be, it’s STUUUUUPID in the extreme that everyone’s else’s the 8 other players’ rank movement up or down would be determined not as much by their performance over the past 3 rounds as on the outcome of MY SINGLE BULLET! (because it was that bullet that determined win/loss).

As it happened, I missed, so we lost.

I’ve had similarly close KOTH games, where the outcome was decided by a team spawning on top of waiting boom/drop (on clocktower, for example) - the win/loss was the result of random spawn location at the very end of a close round…

Lol, recently I’ve had TDM games where the bottom 2 people on my team, together, went 2 and 17… How can I win with that?

I hear there is some secret, hidden “skill ranking” which is adjusted based on your performance, and which is used to push the visible rank up if/once you actually win…
This is stupid - why do we need this to be HIDDEN?? Just have THAT be your rank, and forget about driving everything off of wins/losses…

But that’s never going to happen, because TC adopted an approach based on ranking 1v1 entities where winning or losing IS the ultimate determinant of relative skill, and they can’t admit that’s not suitable to ranking individual players within a team sport…

So, we’ll just keep ■■■■■■■■ about, they’ll keep merging these threads into the one main one, and life will go on :slight_smile:

(Goodacre) #1053

time for a rank system overhaul for Gears 5

if the playerbase has this much trouble trying to figure out how how a ranking system works then just scrap it, start over.

reading through tweets it seems like there are multiple systems trying to figure out your placements. this seems like a a convoluted mess

(hilbert66) #1054

Its better

(Ree4er Madness) #1055

@TC_Octus Could you please tell me my true skill rating for koth?

(hilbert66) #1056

(Koth) why dont got penalty for quitters?
i think those who quit and don’t join again (start a new tour or go into another game)at least -10% would take them…
and who playing all the rounds dont got -% (in the incomplete team)

(ReNaN kOaLa) #1057

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(xFribbo) #1058

I know it’s frustrating, it’s happened to me and still does to this day,

TC are amazing at receiving and listening to feedback and making changes to suit everyone’s needs, only developers of a video game franchise I know that does it so regularly.

I’m sure after all this time they have learnt as a fairly new company with only two projects so far UE and 4, they are always improving and making changes for the better. I’m certain we won’t be let down by Gears 5.

(ReNaN kOaLa) #1059

my gamertag and renan koala I’m onix 3 king of the hill yesterday I won 5 games in a row I was with 58% I did not go up no% I played the 6 match and I lost 6% that’s fair? You win and you do not rise and when you lose you fall instantly

(ReNaN kOaLa) #1060

I am extremely disappointed with the game I deleted from the xbox because it is not fair for me to win and not to climb and when I lose I fall in time

(xFribbo) #1061

It depends on what type of rank your opponent has, it will be harder to rank up if you’re playing lower ranks than yourself.

(Ramnmm) #1062

I lose 90% of my rank, I just lose a match with mvp yo wtf… Is that normal? This game is trash

(hilbert66) #1063

In 2days ago i had beaten (with random players) the royal team they had 1dia5 and 1dia2
Im finished in 2nd (in myteam first) the difference is 120point with the dia5 but i doesnt get anything … this is not an explanation

(ReNaN kOaLa) #1064

it should not be so because if you lose to bronze silver and gold you fall% more if it wins not sobe this is wrong people move away from the game because of this rank view

(ReNaN kOaLa) #1065

I know that my claim will not do any good so I do not play any more gears 4

(KaptenCapDePula) #1066

So… My rank is stuck and the matchmaking gives me 100ping or it takes 15 minutes to get a game… Fix this plz…

(Omen LP) #1067

If you are playing for rank, unless you consistently win games against tough opponents, doing very well in the process, you will not understand the ranking system or be satisified by the game.

If you play for fun, for the challenge of getting better, and just accept your rank and its movement will frequently appear illogical to you, you will enjoy the game much more.

(NiszczycielM) #1068

Guys i need help, i was playing some matches yesterday and i went to 85,54% on onyx 2 in tdm and i decided to play today. I played 10 matches, some loses, some wins and my rank didn’t move. It’s still exacly 85,54% and it don’t want to move no matter how good or bad i perform. Does someone ever had something like that? I’d like to know whats going on ;-;

(xFribbo) #1069

Usually when you win a few then lose it tends to be stuck, from my experience you will have to win constantly for about 5 games for it start moving again, or the best way to start moving up consistently again is to go down a few % which could be risky.