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(Krylon Blue) #1030

I’ve done the same and dropped 37%. But usually I don’t see that so I figure I need to perform even better than the 1800 point differential that I did to get MVP in the match.

(NSP THE GAME) #1031

Thing is I had about 4k more then everyone else, that’s the reason I remember it :frowning:

(Mr Perkinator) #1032

I actually can’t with this rank system, if I 5 stack I don’t gain, if I solo or 2 stack and I have a teammate that goes 3 and 18 and I lose % despite being top team and 16 and 9, what MORE can I do, please tell me @TC_Octus

(ProEvilDead) #1033

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(NSP THE GAME) #1034

@TC_Octus when ranks reset does every data for that player resets? Including true skill from last season. Because on my 2nd account I go up very quick compare to the main one I use. I have a feeling that it keeps some data which kind of defeats the purpose of resetting the rank. I have tested my 2nd account for 2 seasons " same account"

(hilbert66) #1035

Some times is slaped diamond players (im onyx 3) but i no have % for it… win 10 times but dosent give me any type of …sh{*}. If i loose one match i have lost some %… Why???

Ok im readed the ranking system but isnt working or bad i think…

(xFribbo) #1036

It happens to all of us, you just have to be patient I’m afraid. I know it’s not ideal, but it’ll be better in the future. The more you work for it, reaching your goal will be more rewarding.

(hilbert66) #1037

But im dont understand why? Why TC doing bad system? I think we would not problem if you playing a match, doesnt metter your team are more better then enemy team if you are the mvp get something for your time… i dont want 10%… i really happy if i get 0.40… im work lot in real life and i have gf… i can play 2hours in a day im winning 5/4->mvp3times dont get any thing but i have lost -5% in a loose…

(xFribbo) #1038

Well it is their first time using a ranking system so there was obviously going to be flaws, that’s why they’re open to receive feedback on ways to improve and make it better in the future or in the next game.

(hilbert66) #1039

Thank you the answer.
I hope it will better soon…
It was a good idea but recently unfair…

I had started to play in season 3, i playing like a beginner… My best rank is onyx1 with 0.89 k/d…

I don’t really think it’s fair to take season 3 into consideration… (in this season 5 i have to turn up 1.01 k/d) in tdm koth and 2v2 i have onyx 3
2weeks ago i have some problems with teammates… they had left or doesnt play just standing in respawn hide for enemys and something i have loose so many times and i getting down in onyx 2 60% and I thought I was much better than that and i will win always…
I won for 6 days im earned onyx3 80% but i cant go up for 3 days

(xFribbo) #1040

Onyx is good if you haven’t been playing for long, plus if you have issues with randoms Just squad up with decent players from recent matches or make a looking for group on Xbox.

(xxxinfuzionxxx) #1041

Ranking system is busted was in the match with an oynx who couldnt get more than 6 kills in koth…Why do people get ranks they dont deserve

(xFribbo) #1042

It’s not necessarily them being bad, it’s just them having a bad game. Everyone assumes that but not everyone is on their A-game every single match. I’m diamond and there’s some matches where my friends have finished above me and played better.

I’ve played and beaten against a full diamond team, then the next time they won.

And if you’re so good and never have a bad game then search for a match with your friends instead of randoms, because it is more likely you will get a less skilled player than a skilled if you search for a match by yourself.

(xxxinfuzionxxx) #1043

I get having a bad game but 6 kills in ranked koth…Thats a bold statement to bad game…My friends wont play this game…A bad game to me is averaging 18 kills and im just a gold…i usually average 25 to 30 per match…So if thats a bad game to be an onyx…then his great game is 15 kills so still hows he oynx…Thing is oynx was given by friends instead of being earned…So therefore poor performance players can rank up by doing nothing…

(xFribbo) #1044

I get that but recently i only got 3 kills in the first round :rofl: I know what you mean but from my experience it’s just a bad game especially if they’re Onyx+. But that game where I only had 3 kills I finished 30+ when my teammates had around 40-50 each lol.

(xxxinfuzionxxx) #1045

I dont care about the loss its the effort…You cant win them all…But atleast try…Way i see it if thats what they do they wont have it long…This game loves demoting…

(xFribbo) #1046

How I see it, is that player obviously worked to get that Onyx, otherwise he wouldn’t have reached that rank. That’s why I tend to never underestimate anyone regarding their rank.

But I do understand the situation you was in and where you are coming from.

(hilbert66) #1047

I played at the moment in my team onyx1 silver3 onyx3 onyx3 onyx3 the enemy team has a dia3 and 4onyx3 we loose i have lost 2% not truely working this program xd

(ProEvilDead) #1048

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(Omen LP) #1049

Yeah, but honestly this has been covered so many times in so many different posts, all merged into that main ranking discussion thread…

I feel like people who defend this system are either being paid by TC (haha), or they happen to only play in matches which were envisioned by the designers of this system: if you have five onyx vs 5 onyx, or 5 golds vs 5 golds, then the system is mostly fine… But with the widely varied ranks in a team, the system completely breaks down, I find. Like HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey, it tries to make sense of things, and does it in the worst possible way :slight_smile:

Having experimented with various play styles, I have come to agree with those who keep telling you to focus on killing and killing opponents, that seems to be the trick. And stack your team with low rank players whose abilities are much higher then their rank implies… Then you will move up…