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(III EnVii III) #1009

Just as I find that Caps and Breaks help the team win but don’t do your rank any favours.

So getting MVP by being an all round good KOTH player doesn’t get you the highest rank (unless of course your also dropping a lot of kills alongside this)

Being an absolute monster when it comes to kills gets you there, even if you don’t cap and break.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #1011

So true. A friend of mine is D3 and brags about not capping. I used to consistently get the most breaks in every game and would be in the top 2 for caps and my rank was garbage. This season I’ve only played a few matches and was just a pest the whole time, harassing enemies and not getting caps and I’m far past previous ranks from when I was trying my *** off to win. I’m actually humored at the ranking. I went up 12% on one match yesterday. And I was playing like garbage. The key was, I was putting on damage and ignoring the objective.

(Omen LP) #1012

Lol, a lot of my dodge/tdm/guardian games are like this: https://xboxclips.com/Omen%20LP/screenshots/816adfca-3c86-4464-ac3e-244323bbacd6

MVP, against a higher ranked team, wiped the floor with gold and onyx, and rank doesn’t move… or moves 0.25% :wink:

I have no problem going down when we lose…

I just have a problem with being told "ohh, you are already at your rank, you are performing as expected " when I am silver and beating gold and onyx players…

Lol, you need a streak and a pattern to go UP… But not to go DOWN… lol… seems a bit asymmetrical … :wink:

(III EnVii III) #1013

Showing one good game versus all that you may play is not very conclusive, especially when there are bronze players in that game or when you played that and how many you played before and after, because Silver 3 is very low rank.

But either way, the game hasn’t chosen you specifically to keep low in rank.

If you keep performing like that game after game then you will go up …

(Omen LP) #1014

Lok, don’t you just love it?

Have 1 poor performing game and you drop…

Have a bunch of over performing games and “well, it’s not a progression system” or “few games don’t mean anything” or “maybe the opponents had high ping” or “you need to keep winning every game” or (any number of excuses)…

You lose ONE, you drop.

You kick ■■■ in several? Maybe you get some movement…

Asymmetrical :wink: Any excuse to reduce rank, any excuse to NOT increase rank…

Lol, TC said in one of the streams “if you are winning half your matches you are at your level”.

IMO that is a complete BS statement because winning or losing depends on team mates, and you have different team mates almost every match. Yet another indication of how a system designed for ranking competitions between individuals or teams is not suitable for ranking individual players in team activities…

(F9ai3 min texas) #1015

Yeah you know I actually started just body guarding leader. I feel that it was the only way to ensure that we win games. But because of that I wasn’t getting a higher kill cap. It may be that I have to start just playing aggressive again

(RainbowWonka32) #1016

I’m seriously tired of people in this thread trying to defend that…

“Oh Personal Performance matters”

Yet their not going to take that “Risk” playing solo…

If personal performance matters like these people are claiming, why aren’t you “Risking” playing solo then? Oh I thought it was all about personal performance right? So why do you have such a big concern “Risking” going in solo if its all about personal performance?

Clearly if your concern about “Risking” going in solo then its not all about personal performance…

And these same people have different accounts for their rank…

One for “Stacking” & One for “Solo” because they can’t take that “Risk”

If it was all about personal performance like these people claim then why aren’t you “Risking” on your main accounts & are instead making different accounts for “Stacking” & “Solo” ???

Lol, TC said in one of the streams “if you are winning half your matches you are at your level”.

I remember that dev stream…

They keep contradicting themselves…

Dev stream-

You can lose a game in still have your skill rating go up"

Dev stream-

Well you tempo’d your team & if it wasn’t for your team you would have won"

“The system is pretty good at taking that into account”

Dev stream-

It doesn’t matter if its a team win or team loss. it’s still a loss. If your valuing it that much you should just play as a 5 stack at that point

Dev stream-

I get it that its frustrating with randoms but one thing though is Gears is a team game. if your going in solo that’s the risk you take

But it’s suppose to be an “Individual” rank yet the other randoms on your team affect YOUR INDIVIDUAL RANK???

Trying to make a 1v1 chess system that is so W/L based to determine a person’s individual rank is very asinine…

Do they seriously not see the flaws in their arguments that their trying to debate?

The system is round based

You gotta win rounds for your rank to increase

Again your saying that as if 1 person is a “Superman” in can magically win the round all by their selves…

You need the other players on the team to contribute. If their not contributing then their is no getting the round wins… And thus no INCREASE to one’s individual rank…

They keep giving so much praise on the upper diamonds by calling them the “Cream of the Crop” it’s literally cringe to me to keep hearing it…

Yet by their definition to get to the upper diamonds you got to win every match…

IMO how does “Winning” every match in a 5 stack = a persons individual skill?

WOW! Sitting in a 5 stack & winning every match to get diamond 5! WOW!!! That Right THERE deserves the utmost respect baby!!! Your the “Cream of the Crop”

I tip my hat off to you son. I want your autograph on my face for being in the top 1% of the player base that had the time & determination to sit in 5 stacks all day to get diamond 5 /Sarcasm

It’s literally a joke they keep giving so much praise to people that just sit in 5 stacks to get diamond 5…

I’m done trying to understand this system…

Hopefully in Gears 5 they make a better ranking system…

(HDS Sugar13) #1017

The ranking system is a garbage, that is to say that if I win 10 games in a row I do not go up and lose one and I lower everything accumulated in those 10 games is not fair and to finish it freezes the range and that means that if you lose you go down and if you win, nothing happens.
Fix that. ATTE: HDS Sugar13

(Mr Perkinator) #1018

2nd time since I’ve been onyx 3 that a teammate has left at the start of the game(before the first round has even reached it’s conclusion) in dodgeball, actually fuming because I’m stuck with the stupid stuff that doesn’t give me any % for winning games despite coming 1st or 2nd on the team

(xFribbo) #1019

My problem with the ranking system is that getting constant wins in a row, you barely move or don’t even move at all. And as soon as you lose one game could be a full diamond stack(which has happened to me recently) makes it 10x harder to reach the next tier.

Recently in KOTH as soon as I got Onyx 3 I was going up so fast in % I was shocked because in previous seasons KOTH was the hardest to move, but I was naive, as soon as I got to 90%+ I was stuck, play and win like 5 games in a row and the majority of the matches had a few diamond’s and the rest were Onyx, still don’t move up. Play against a team full of D4, lose 6%. I just think it’s unfair to lose against such high ranks and lose percentage even when you’re lower than them.

It took me 3 days to get diamond in KOTH after reaching 90%+ and 3/4 matches played my team won. And most of the matches were made up on 2-3 diamonds and the rest Onyx.

I wish % drops weren’t too massive, because recently, playing TDM I reach Diamond 2, started the rank off well by reaching around 80%, we lose one game against 3 diamonds and two onyx’s by barely an inch, I drop down to 20%. And I had teammates that were low Onyx and gold and below. To drop that much even though I was top of the team was triggering. The same thing happened again and I haven’t touched TDM since.

(Mr Perkinator) #1020

This the issue I keep having, anytime I lose,which is rare and I’ll be top team, it takes longer to gain %, this shouldn’t be the case, maybe 1-2 games more, but not ridiculous amounts like 10+, that’s why I manipulate it by stacking with lower ranks, speaking of which, anyone got any Low level ranks in dodge ball or arms race? HMU

(xFribbo) #1021

I’ve only played TDM, 2v2 and KOTH so far this season and boy did I sweat to get diamond in all 3. I’d probably be diamond 4 in all 3 modes if it wasn’t for bad % loss. I’m currently diamond 2 in tdm and KOTH and diamond 4 in 2v2.

(NSP THE GAME) #1022

I mainly play all my games solo, the ppl I use to play don’t play anymore. TDM solo and koth solo is the most frustrating thing ever. I hit diamond playing solo last season, but it was terrible. I have to run against 5 stack diamond squads and even when I pull off the win with MVP I see no gain. Clearly the rank system has failed many of us.

I have one friend who is a diamond master in all but 2 modes. When I play with him the game assumes he’s carrying me, even though im ahead of him. I do not go up anytime we play together. I have people I personally know who needed a 5 man stack on Smurf accounts to hit diamond. These people are not top players.

(xFribbo) #1023

I know what you mean, it feels impossible to hit diamond when you play on your own because sometimes you don’t get the best teammates and the whole other team gets people that are good and know what they’re doing.

That brings up another issue of mine, I tend to be put on an unbalanced team all the time, and even though my team is no where near as good I still potentially could lose %, which I have done in the past.

And people I know have said to me if I wanted them to go on a Smurf account to make it easier for me, my response is that how am I gonna maintain my diamond rank if it’s been made too easy, I enjoy a challenge especially in KOTH, recently I’ve played against full diamonds teams and won.

(NSP THE GAME) #1024

Absolutely I’m getting bronze teammates vs o3 and diamonds often. People who have no idea how to walk are on my team. I go down 10% for a lost with them on my team.

(AS MATADOR) #1025

I have been almost a week without raising statistics (in any game mode), but I lose a game and I downloaded the statistics, you can fix that error, please

(Mr Perkinator) #1026

@TC_Octus would you mind looking at my skill ratings on dodge ball and 2v2? my gamer tag is sG Agonize

(NIGHT JuGleR) #1027

Good suggestion

(Krylon Blue) #1028

Lol, not really. So much information has come out that kinda makes that only somewhat true. You don’t necessarily lose rank because of a short handed loss so long as you perform well. The loss itself isn’t the determining factor there.

(NSP THE GAME) #1029

I have gotten MVP on TDM and KOTH staying in a 3v5 from round one and have dropped 10%.