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(III EnVii III) #989

Canals is a map I seem to do well on as well :muscle:

(Krylon Blue) #990

I had 121 kills on Raven Down KotH. It was an epic game to say the least.


That’s impressive! I’ve actually never seen someone with 100+ kills.

(Krylon Blue) #992

The match I was in actually had one guy above me with 122 kills. It was intense. I later played that guy again and he wasn’t really that good - typical Onyx player but not a Diamond (he was ranked Onyx). Although, he didn’t really do well against me. He focused on much lower ranked teammates, lol. Smart move though considering I’d have run through him. :joy:

You can see the picture on my Xbox profile. It’s under captured called Raven Down dominance. I’ve broken 100 kills on multiple occasions but this one was the most I’ve had.

(Mr Perkinator) #993

Rank is now frozen in guardian, absolutely sick of this rank freezing BS , doesn’t encourage replay ability, onyx 3 95% , absolutely hate that this thread exists because if it didn’t I think TC would actually do something about all the rank system complaints

(M6 dubz) #994

Is there a way to send the coalition my account for review? My 2v lobby rank seems to be off. I hit 76% o3 and usually run 5 wins per 1 loss. I havent had any forward progress past 76% playing at a 5:1 win ratio with alot of smooth ops and mvps. My rank in every other playlist soars up pretty quick. For example i won 5 matches and went from silver 2 to gold 2 in koth. I know onyx 3 isnt going to go up as quickly as the lower ranks but ive never ran into this issue where the rank seems stuck in one spot. Any info would be excellent! Thanks guys

(Cristianx33) #995

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(III EnVii III) #996

Ranking isn’t a progression system.

Winning doesn’t mean you are going to gain %.

You are not getting “stuck” in rank, you are holding your rank because you are playing at a certain level in those 5 games.

When you are losing your 1 game for every 5 wins, like you said, this is stopping you from gaining %.

If it’s that consistent then your rank will stay consistent, as in where it currently stands.

For you to start moving higher and higher, you need to turn those losses into wins or perform exceptionally well in those games, which should then at least leads to some victories with another continued run into your next few wins as expected. This then allows you to see the % increase after the win that you normally lose.

(M6 dubz) #997

Il get back to you. Imma grind a big streak out and see what happens. Im not a stranger to diamond. Ive just never hit a wall when im normally the carry on my team. Deff shouldn’t be losing % after just hittin a 5 win streak with 3 out of 5 being mvp smooth ops. Im sure there’s an explanation for that too tho…

(hilbert66) #998

:ok_hand: that is true… do the same with me…

(F9ai3 min texas) #999

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Okay. I get it. Take the ranking system less seriously but I’m really butthurt right now. I’m an onyx 3 but based off skill level I am usually playing an average of diamond 2 players (I’m new to the playlist but generally I’m a diamond 2 level player.) I also play solo. I just played a total of 6 matches, and won the first 5. I was top of the team 4/5 wins and mvp thrice, stacked against a team of at least 3 diamonds each time and only 1 on my team. I didn’t go up a single point after that win streak, but as soon as I lost the 6th game WHICH I WAS TOP OF MY TEAM IN WITH THE ONLY POSITIVE KD, I WENT DOWN 3 POINTS! WTF. Also suck my ■■■■ for flagging the posts. Could have just moved it here easily you ■■■■■.

(III EnVii III) #1000

Again, people confuse winning and streaks and expect to go up. This isn’t always the case.

It all depends on who you are playing forthose streaks and what your performance is, which is most of the time tied to getting a lot of kills.

Feel free to post screenshots of games that you win and lose and it may provide a better insight into what’s going on.

Unless you are outright Diamond 5, you will hit a wall somewhere. That doesn’t mean you will stop moving and that’s it, just that it becomes extremely difficult to move from that. The more games you play, the bigger the wall gets.


The explanation is the same as my previous reply.

A 5 win streak is nice and if your not gaining then you are performing as expected.

Depending on the mode, MVP and Smooth Operator doesn’t = % gains if the former is true (that you are performing as expected).

All in all, I’m not saying you good or bad, that you should never expect to go up ever again, it’s iust you have to understand why you are holding your rank which will eventually happen until your performances break out of that range and are good enough to merit %.

(III EnVii III) #1001

Next time your beating 3 Diamond players and not gaining % it’s best to start collecting and posting screenshots because they tell a much more detailed story and can correct expectations.

(F9ai3 min texas) #1002

I agree, I should have collected evidence but I honestly thought that it was delayed or something. If I had known that after losing one match I would go down, I definitely would have screenshot the whole thing. I just didn’t foresee this, that’s why I’m so disappointed

(Me0wMix CatFood) #1003

There’s been changes to the system and it’s not just about wins anymore. I’ve had MVP wins with no progress because I was expected to win, heavily. I’ve also had losses against high level teams in which I went UP in rank. In fact, there’s been a few in which I was the best performing player on a losing team of random onyx against a diamond squad and I went up. This week a friend got diamond 2 on a night in which we were losing more than winning, but he was mvp in most matches.

Kills are still in king. The fastest ranking I’ve done was last week when I carried low level players and I had no death TDMs as MVP, and high kill KOTH matches.

I still don’t think the system is great but it is starting to reflect actual performance and just winning isn’t enough anymore. Your performance needs to reflect a higher level in order for you to be performance. Loses also don’t seem to be as brutal if you are performing up to expectations.

(III EnVii III) #1004

If you lose, unless you did extremely well, you will be losing percentage.

Now if your Skill Rating is high behind the scenes, you will claw this back quite quick, normally in the next win or two and go up a little more.

(III EnVii III) #1005

Pretty much.

Kills are King in the ranking system but you have to be consistent and be doing 40-50-60-70+ per game.

(F9ai3 min texas) #1006

I suppose that’s a little problamatic. Right now I’m trying to reach diamond on guardian; in a game against onyx players and below I would get around 35 kills + but when there’s diamonds mixed in I usually average 20- 23. I suppose that could be the issue.

(III EnVii III) #1007

I was talking more for KOTH which is my main game type.

Guardian matches vary in length so it’s difficult to put a number on it.

But you need to be killing more than anyone else in the game and trying to die the least to expect % gains.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #1008

I’ve played a lot of Guardian with diamond players. When I play the objective (go straight for leader and stay alive as leader) I am strictly Onyx 1, no matter how much I play out how much I win because I’m not getting kills, even though I’m ensuring my team wins. This season I stopped caring and just played mid-field, racking up kills and I went to Onyx 3 incredibly quick. So quick that if I play a few more evenings with a couple friends I’m certain I’ll go diamond. Rank in that mode is easily manipulated, unfortunately. If you decide to just protect the leader and take people down as they approach, I’m sure you’ll get there. Not that I recommend that but if you care about rank it’s an easy route…