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Hahaha! Forgive me. It’s been a crazy week, and I’ve completely lost track of time.

I do really enjoy Gnasher fights, and I do think a Koth/Gnasher playlist would be interesting. It would be great to have a type of a pure Gnasher option in Core. Everyone sponges everything already, so it seemed pointless to put 2v2 in comp. That’s my personal opinion anyway

(III EnVii III) #970

Gnashers Only KOTH has featured in past games and was a special event in Gears 4 too.

But yeah, I wish they made it a permanent mode.

Either way, I still enjoy it in Private Play :v:

(Mr Perkinator) #971

meanwhile, I’ve been playing guardian, been stacking with 2 bronzes, a silver 1 and a gold 2 and currently losing % in unbalanced games

(III EnVii III) #972

I’ve had the funniest matches, 7-0 Diamond players who got scared to come out of spawn :joy:

(XpL Ultrax) #973

Woooow congrats, you actually almost did it. Good luck with the last percent!!!

Edit: oh you actually are d5 already. Congrats

Edit 2: I could not get to d5 in any mode just yet. I was d4 80% in koth 3 weeks ago. Now I am back to d3 17%.

In Tdm I am d4 37%. But I barely play TDM anymore. In 2v2 I am d2. I struggle to reach d4 in Koth, it is a real grind. I always seem to get stuck around diamond 3 or 4. Guess I am not a real diamond 5 player and its not my real skill level.

(III EnVii III) #974

I’m sure you will get to it at some point again.

Being Diamond in so many modes is still an accomplishment, so I wouldn’t worry so much.

The drops in rank are savage.

Like I posted earlier,

I went from D3 66% to 0% in ONE LOSS (7-6 against D4 and a smurf account).

Took a while to start moving again and then it was only like 2% or so!

This season will be over soon anyway so everyone can start fresh and I’ll try and get the D5 again.

(Bleeding Pepper) #975

Meanwhile I’m celebrating my first ever Onyx! :smiley:

I reckon this is where I plateau. I don’t play much Versus as it is, and have never been above Gold 3 before tonight, which is around my level.

(III EnVii III) #976

I wouldn’t say Onyx has to be your max rank.

Congrats on hitting that next tier but don’t limit yourself to that.

Once you fully understand rank, you know what makes your performances and games count.

It also depends on what mode you prefer to play.

As TC have said, KOTH is one of the hardest to get a Diamond while people say it’s easier in the other modes.

But it’s all about knowing the map, angles, teamwork and most importantly, getting kills.

(Mr Perkinator) #977

Unfortunately, I feel as if I cannot earn diamond in KOTH/TDM at this point , as I do not gain no matter how much I win, last season I had a similar situation, I got to 90% in dodge ball last season and after losing a few games, I went down to around 75% after winning about 50 games and losing barley any, I went up maybe 5%, unfortunately, after losing too many games, it becomes impossible to get diamond in a play list(or requires an impossible amount of games to play in a season)

this is where the ranking system fails, making it impossible or near impossible to rank up, doesn’t encourage replayablility at all

(III EnVii III) #978

You have to hit Diamond in as few games as possible.

The more games and seasons you play lower than that, makes it more difficult for sure, which means theres no real point of a new season if it isn’t going to allow you to get a higher rank.

(Nx Inssanity) #979

My percentages in the game modes are not advancing, it is annoying to win more than what I lose and that they do not raise me a percentage, and lose only one and that they start to lower me in rank, fix that please

(Ree4er Madness) #980

Ive pretty much given up. Not going to get Diamond in KOTH when teammates quit or AFK every game. Oh well guess you gotta be a chatty patty to find a good team. Sucks being an introvert I guess. Very discouraging. Definitely not buying Gears 5 if something is not done about this.

(ChochixBeaR) #981

I always feel like the more I care and start checking my stats, the worse i play. Was at Onyx 3 85%, getting MVP and winning most matches, to lowering down to 70% after a few REALLY bad matches. Really felt that Diamond coming :roll_eyes:

(Me0wMix CatFood) #982

It’s so ridiculous how a person playing with lower ranked friends can skyrocket in rank by beating low level players. Playing solo I might go up a couple percent per day. I played a few matches today with gold and silver friends and it took me up 70% in 2 hours (Onyx 3 now) just from bullying gold players.

I’m almost certain I’d get a “fake diamond” if I played with these guys for a few more hours because they got me pretty close. I wouldn’t want it though because I don’t think I’ve earned it yet.

(PongDaLenis) #983

I highly dislike the ranking system. as a solo player i’ve determined the best bet to get the lowest tier of diamond is to steal kills, protect teammates, and rush 24/7 and pepper people down at range with a shotgun while being defensive with cover. My last match I went 24 and 7 on TDM and yet i only went up by 1% to 87% towards diamond 1. There shouldn’t be a set amount of players that can be in a ranked bracket. It should be based on how well you compete against people in your tier and slightly above your tier. If you do better against higher tiers consistently then you should be promoted to that tier but the system doesn’t work like that. I just want my damn diamond camo for the first time man and this system is shafting me big time.

(Jelly Donut Man) #984

Ranking system should be like lone wolves in halo,the more kills you get with the least deaths you should rank up…if your on the winning team and get Mvp you should rank up more…If you have more deaths than kills,your rank should get dropped…

(III EnVii III) #985

This is pretty much how it works in my experience.

The more kills you get per game, consistently, the higher your rank will be.

The game has always rewarded the slayers that win games consistently with the higher ranks.

Even in King, someone who can get 30-40-50-60+ kills a game will inevitably be a high diamond, whether they get 1 cap or 20 caps per game doesn’t even matter when your dropping such large amount of kills.


The highest amount of kills I ever got in Koth was 70

(III EnVii III) #987

Nice :+1:

I think the highest I got was around the 110 mark, 3 rounds on Raven Down.


Yeah, I seem to get the most kills on Raven down and War Machine. Raven down makes sense, considering how small it is, and the two sets of frags, but I don’t know why I usually get a ton of kills on WM.
I probably average about 25-30 kills per game