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(III EnVii III) #949

I agree,

Took 5-6 wins before I moved from 0% again and then was only gaining 1-2% per win.

Took hours to get to 28% after losing 66% in one go :sweat_smile:

(Mr Perkinator) #950

I’ve given up on ranking and now the game is just boring, unfortunately a broken system that punishes harshly which keeps people playing, game lacks replay value, I can support like a pro (which isn’t that hard to do on core tbf but still takes a degree of smarts and positioning, but my rank doesn’t show it) I hope there’s no ranking on Gears 5 so all the decent people that care can migrate to GB

(III EnVii III) #951

Well I’m D4 now :raised_hands:

D5 by end of tomorrow :+1:

(W0LFYI995) #952

Look can u change the rank system to wins good king of the hill 59 wins to 6 losses and tdm I win 3 lose 1 and I go down

(ReaganSmash1985) #953

I’m curious if anyone knows if the ranking system used in gears takes into account when your teammates quit? Does anyone know everything they take into account when adding or subtracting our percentages in our ranks? I was gold tier two on KOTH and then I played a full 12 matches in a row where I had one or more teammates quit and we lost every match and even when I received MVP in those matches I didn’t gain any points. It just steadily kept going down and now I’m silver 3 again. I’m not trying to whine or complain just wondering how exactly it works.

(Mayhem64) #954

Depends on what point they quit… the earlier, the less negative compensation based on the start of each round. In other words, if they quit right before your team loses the match, you’ll still full points as if they hadn’t left.

(ReaganSmash1985) #955

Okay so it is sophisticated enough to pick up on if someone leaves right away then? That’s actually very fair then. Thank you.

(Krylon Blue) #956

You could gain on the backend skill rankings but you won’t see a percentage increase after the match. You may or may not see a decrease in percentage depending on how well you do that match.

(ReaganSmash1985) #957

If the system is apparently that intelligent though wouldn’t it pick up on that? I took it as if we get slaughtered the first round and someone quits second round then it doesn’t. Not defending quitters or the system just the way I interpreted it. If it works as your wording it then it isn’t fair at all and should be addressed. I honestly haven’t paid that close of attention to it as I wasnt even aware of this site until about 6 months ago. I play solo most of the time and I have dropped a ton of percentage points in the last month and I was wondering if it was because of people constantly quitting or if its just because I suck lol.

(o0 Lodger 0o) #958

I’ve been reading posts/replies and talk on the ranking system. How hard it is to get to diamond. I’ve played against a few diamond players. Most have been beasts and deserve diamond rank but a few have been trash and it seems they have fooled the system to get to diamond. Now my thoughts are yes you can and have had an idea how to do it but what do others think?

(Bleeding Pepper) #959

Yeah I’m starting to understand why everyone’s so annoyed at the ranking system now (I’ve only started playing more Versus recently - used to play Horde pretty much exclusively). I’m playing 2 VS 2 Boxes and constantly getting drawn against Diamond and Onyx pairs, and getting bronze or silver team mates who can’t even get a single kill. I’m a Gold 3. The games I manage to win get me no progress, and the games I lose (even against Diamonds) net me big losses. I don’t understand.

Okay, so I beat a pair who were bronze and silver 7-1 with a Gold 3 partner, didn’t even get MVP and that deserves a 20% increase to my rank? This is very odd and inconsistent…

Hmm… so I beat a Diamond and Gold 3 with a Gold 3 partner, and didn’t gain anything, but when I lose to a Diamond (3-4?) and Onyx 3 I lose progress? If I had longer hair I’d be pulling it out by now! :smiley:

(ReaganSmash1985) #960

Well I now fully understand what everyone has been complaining about playing against Mexico. For two games I was one of a couple not from Mexico, first game I sat shooting at what I thought was an opposing player for 25 seconds straight and died from a gnasher shot from out of nowhere. Turns out I wasn’t shooting at anyone the entire time and someone just ran up and shot me point blank as I chased the invisible man. Second game I got kicked in the middle of a gnasher battle and it took 5 minutes to get back in which was long enough to take me from first to third place.

(III EnVii III) #961

Your % gain and loss is also tied to your hidden True Skill Rating.

The % Rank you see reflects that depending on wins and losses.

So a very high skill but a loss might not instantly make you lose percentage.

A low skill but a win might not instantly show you gained any %.

You have to understand this to realise what is happening with % increases and decreases.

(Bleeding Pepper) #962

So that would mean that the bronze and silver pair I played against were actually much higher in terms of their true skill rank; while the diamond and gold pair were actually much lower? And my true skill rating may be higher than my visible one (gold 3)?

Thing is, the bronze/silver pair played poorly in my opinion, while the diamond and gold pair, while they didn’t play like a diamond level player, was a much tougher game.

Also do consecutive wins count more than singular wins? I notice that if I win a single match against high ranking opponents I tend not to get any or much gain at all. However if I win say, 3 or 4 on the trot, even against lower ranking opponents I can gain quite large chunks.

(III EnVii III) #963

I’m talking about your own True Skill based on my previous reply.

(Bleeding Pepper) #964

But if everyone has a true skill rank as well as a visible one, then both are taken into account right?

So hypothetically if (1) I beat an opponent that is same rank as me (gold 3) but their true skill rank is higher than me, I would gain more than I would if (2) I beat an opponent by the same margin who was gold 3 but had a lower true skill rank?

(III EnVii III) #965

Yeah, exactly, but it’s not always instant.

Sometimes you have to win 2-3 games to see the full % increase from your hidden True Skill aligning with your rank.

(III EnVii III) #966

When your this close to D5 :see_no_evil:


The Grind is real like you said :sweat_smile:


Wow! weren’t you D1 just a day ago?

(III EnVii III) #968

Haha no,

6 days ago :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: - D1 picture is further up in this thread.

I have literally been playing it every day since to finally hit this rank:

I’ve got a few quality match pictures saved as well,

I’ve always done well with the Gnasher, I love Private Matches with Free For All Gnahser Only :raised_hands: - can literally play that for hours :sweat_smile:

That’s why I really want Gnashers Only KOTH to be a playlist :grimacing::raised_hands: