[Main] Ranking System Discussion, and Feedback


(III EnVii III) #929

That is a good way to hold your rank.

To move up, you need to be playing at a level that’s outside your rank to gain those % points.

(III EnVii III) #930

I wish TDM was flipped and it was first to 25-30 Kills.

That way, everyone is actively trying to play the game rather than setup camp and go on the defensive.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #931

I would love to see something like that. But, I’d still want a traditional TDM too where strategy is rewarded and it’s not just a rush to get the most kills. I often like to set up traps, focus on positioning, etc without having to just push, push, push (though they’re are times when that’s all I want).

(III EnVii III) #932

That’s why I’d call the Mode “Rush” :wink:

Completely fine having traditional TDM but nice for the people who have no patience and go 2-10 in games and ruin said traps and setups :joy:

I have all the patience in the world though, I will wait it out no problem :rofl:

(III EnVii III) #933

Diamond 2 :raised_hands:

(XpL Ultrax) #934


(III EnVii III) #935

Thanks Ultra :blush::v:



(III EnVii III) #937

Thank you!

I’m 83% D2 to so hopefully D3 by end of today :blush:

(III EnVii III) #938

Diamond 3 :raised_hands:

(Mr Perkinator) #939

Yeah that’s me done playing for ranks, me and my friend who’s silver 1 lost to an onyx 3 and a diamond 7-5 on boxes and I lose 10% which has taken me 3 weeks to gain, done with it, can clearly out perform so many diamonds and doesn’t get me anywhere

(III EnVii III) #940

Damn that’s harsh.

It seems the less games you play and get wins, the quicker the rank.

So once you’ve played a quite a few, it doesn’t let you progress as easy.

(Mr Perkinator) #941

That is definitely the case, KOTH I have a 1000 games in and yet no matter how much I outslayed diamonds and had diamonds 5s and whatnot on swords while solo queuing and the only games I lost would be against 5 man diamonds, I would never get out of 78-82 % it’s such crap no matter that so many people I’m better than keep their rank because they sit in a 5man yet whenever I’m in 5 man, I never gain

(III EnVii III) #942

Yeah, I’m the same boat in KOTH.

Funny how I switch to 2v2 and in almost D4

(III EnVii III) #943


Lost one game and went from:

D3 66% to D3 0%

That’s what you call #Savage :joy::joy:

(Krylon Blue) #944

That’s what happens. You can grab the rank but a loss can hurt you a ton. But if you’re truly a Diamond 3 and you gain history statistically as such the losses won’t hurt as much in the future.

In other words, you’ll be fine soon. Just keep it up.

(III EnVii III) #945

Yeah, I went back to 28% quite quickly again.

D4 tomorrow hopefully :metal:

(Mr Perkinator) #946

What ranks did you get beat by? What rank was your team-mate? Was it a random or a friend? Was the enemy team 2 stacked?

(III EnVii III) #947

Two D4s


Friend, wouldn’t risk playing with a random at this rank when I’m so close to D4/D5

Yeah, I’ve beaten them before but this time my team mate struggled so lost 7-6.

(Mr Perkinator) #948

Many failures of the rank system here, Strike 1, you’re out ranked, strike 2 you’re both stacked so it’s fair in that department, strike 3, you lost 7-6, you shouldn’t even be close to winning that, rank system is such a mess