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(Steezy Maan) #909

I play koth and my rank doesnt go up after a win even after i get mvp?? Am i missing something???

(TREFLON 007) #910

Hello. My gamer tag is Treflon 007 I am or I was a diamond three just two days ago. I was a diamond three at 96%. Now my friends I play with are not as high as I am. This should not hurt me on rank but it does and for this it’s broken. I’ve won more matches then I’ve lost. The other day we played and yes we lost a couple and also won a couple but I dropped 42% as a diamond three. Played two games won and then lost the next and I dropped 48%. After that I was upset at your rank system. I then played and won a couple and lost as well. Went to 0 %. Then I lost and it skipped diamond 2 and dropped me to diamond 1 at 88%. I won three matches in a row. Didn’t rank up and lost the fourth and dropped me to 54%. Why is this? Please explain because this is what annoys people. It’s wrong. Rank is damaged. Why can’t rank play like social mode? This is not cool and I want my rank back to where I was. Look at my stats and wins and how many times I’ve killed leader on Guardian. I guarantee I’m on top of the list on how many times I’ve killed leader in the amount of games I’ve played. I shouldn’t be lowered just because my friends aren’t diamonds. They are my friends and I want to play with them. Also if you look at all the other games out there like call of duty, titan fall, battlefield, and Fortnite. It doesn’t lag like gears. People have modded controllers, and you allow it. Please fix this issue.

Ranked is broken
(Krylon Blue) #911

You will be heavily penalized in the Diamond tiers compared to other ranks so it does make sense. I am a Diamond 3 and I have to outperform everyone in the lobby to move up. I don’t go down much but that’s because I am always top 2 in the lobby against very high tiered opponents.

The odds that the rank system is working incorrectly is slim. You may have hit your peak ceiling and are unable to move up. You don’t have much room to go up anyways.

(III EnVii III) #912

People can’t seem to accept this.

(zToomYz) #913

Can anyone help me ? I’ve won 5 escalation matches in a row and my rank didn’t move at all (I always went positive)

(III EnVii III) #914

Winning doesn’t mean your rank goes up.

You have to perform better than you were expected too.

(verg0nzales910) #915

I have been playing for more than 3 days and nothing comes up on King of the Hill I win 5 games and I do not raise anything but if I lose I get low and that makes me unfair as they want to get to diamond if they do not fix the ranks by fa fix it my gamertag is this verg0nzales910 in case you like to see it

(III EnVii III) #916

Finally got my Diamond in something :rofl:

(Krylon Blue) #917

That mode is whack if your ping is low, lol. Props to you for battling through it.

(III EnVii III) #918

Tell me about it.

Its a hard life,

Can’t find games in TDM,

KOTH rank is happy to stay where it is because of number of games played and early season rankings (low),

Escalation / Execution doesn’t appeal to me,

Other modes are dead in the EU


I’m lucky that I can play decent with a Gnasher though so finally got it in something.

KOTH is the aim though :+1::muscle:

(Krylon Blue) #919

I got my D3 back in KotH so I get the struggle. It takes a lot of effort and sweating to get there, lol.

2v2 is just so inconsistent. Competitive tuning doesn’t work when there’s a high ping present… unless you’re the high ping that is.

(GeauxDee) #920

Can a dev or someone help my tdm rank has a problem I’m stuck at 98.62 when I’ve beaten multiple onxys and diamonds im a gold 3 i really need help because i am trying to get the diamond gear thank you

(Mr Perkinator) #921

Doesn’t make sense, I play with diamond 4 and we beat onyx ranks and silvers and we’re both gaining % ? It’s so weird

(Krylon Blue) #922

Because your performance isn’t the same as the above players performance. Too many players come here demanding an increase just because they win a few matches. They never consider that their performance isn’t consistent with a higher ranked tier so they begin to demand things.

(GeauxDee) #923

Mine is just stuck and I’m wondering why because i perform consistently and win vs way high ranks so I don’t know what my
issue is

(Krylon Blue) #924

Your team wins.

You still need to perform at a certain level. What you may consider good may not be good enough. On the other hand, it’s possible it’s updating on the back end and it’ll eventually go up with continuous victories.

Either way, best of luck. :+1:

(Me0wMix CatFood) #925

Sooooo tired of the points system in TDM. There are players in the Onyx levels that make a career of going negative but are in the top of the scoreboard because they scored enough points.

When the objective is to outlive them, there is NO reason why a guy who went 12-13 should be above someone 10-2.
So poorly thought out.

(Krylon Blue) #926


A negative K/D is never more helpful to a teams success than someone who went positive. Of course, I’ve seen many disagree with this trying to defend 12-14 is more valuable than 5-3 based on the amount of kills. The thought process is they’re breaking into the other teams zone rather than camping which is causing the deaths. To me, this is nonsense. Carelessly going out there and dying for the sake of getting a kill is the worst idea ever in TDM.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #927

Absolutely. There are situational considerations but the simple science of TDM is to kill them more than they kill you. Any goof can get high kills if they die every time they get a kill.

(Krylon Blue) #928


Same goes for KotH. There are situations where you go in on a suicide mission because if you don’t the enemy team is going to possibly win the round or even worse match. But at the end of the day you should go into an objective taking out multiple enemies and in many instances come out alive. Yes, KotH is mostly about captures but your success in capturing the objective is tied to you successfully killing the enemies. I expect to see the Solid ribbon at match end but in some situations it doesn’t happen due to circumstantial situations. But most of the time, any mode, no solid, no dice.