[Main] Ranking System Discussion, and Feedback


(Me0wMix CatFood) #889

Is it just me, or is this the system getting heavily manipulated now?? Besides guys having tons of alts, the new thing seems to be; decent player groups with low level players so he can rank up past his actual skill level.

I’ve been seeing a lot of this and even noticed my rank jumping up a lot when I’m carrying low level friends. My onyx plus their bronze and silver seems to put us against mostly golds. I stomp all over the golds and get put into high onyx. I might even get diamond in Guardian from playing with silvers and bronze on my team, which is kinda lame.

When I play with diamond friends I either de-rank or go nowhere off wins because they are so dominant I don’t get enough action to rank up.

(Denial Princez) #890

Only 1 question is possible was Diamond 2 33% and for losing 1 single game I was lowered to Onyx 3 90% I wait for your answer


is the rank system not working as of now? played about 4 games last night and rank didn’t move either way. same goes for 2 friends who i was playing with

(o0 Lodger 0o) #892

I’m sure many have posted already and I won’t be the last but the ranking system is wrong.

I won’t even bother with the game itself and the ping rate etc.

Here is where its wrong. Some of your team drop out if they are doing badly so it’s often 5v4 or worse 5v2 you stay and fight. lose and end up with a massive drop.
My last like this was almost 10%.

Next game I played I was in fact, on the winning side doing well #1 spot on our team and one by one the other team quit till they all quit. Did my % go up? MVP, 10 to 1 kill ratio captures of rings as it was KOTH and I didn’t even go up 0.01%.

How is that possible? I’m running gold 3 and I would say that’s about right for my skill level maybe creep low onyx 1 at best, high gold 2 at worst.

How can I expect to gain if I never have a team that stays in the game and I get penalised for staying but get nothing for winning and 90% of the time I’m in the top 3 on my team win or lose.

If one player quits out there is no insentive to stay and finish the game as you drop less by quitting than staying and losing.

I see people post “it takes into account if people quit” my a$$ does it. If that was the case why didn’t I go back up 10% when the other team quit and I was MVP etc the ranking system needs sorting as it’s wrong.

(ChochixBeaR) #893

I’ve been Onyx 3 in TDM for a while now. I keep losing. Keep having bad matches. I’m still Onyx 3… my % is going down obviously, but I’m surprised i haven’t gone down in rank. Is it harder to derank in Onyx than it is in Diamond?

(Krylon Blue) #894

Yes, much more difficult.

(SuperStevie09) #895

i tried playing over the weekend, every match was against/with unranked players my percent didn’t move no matter what performance. Becomes a waste of time in the end. especially after destroying them or winning hard fought battle.
the unranked players were also not playing like new players either so prob second accounts.
Could very well have been older player getting round to playing this season but pretty sure it was teams getting their smurf on.
ended up playing gears 3 campaign on insane instead :laughing:

(Mr Perkinator) #896

I used to do this, 2 bronze 1s and me and 1-2 friends who are higher rank would carry and rank up that way, if the system is broke, why not manipulate it

(Mr Perkinator) #897

Next Gears needs to track more things(if we had the technology) things such as ping throughout the game, whether it’s your first game of the day, putting people on swords, winning power weapons, time spent around the hill, damage dealt etc

(SuperStevie09) #898

I’m sure a lot of people do it.That’s why the ranking system is designed wrong. and too harsh in trying to predict or calculate a “true rank”. Doesn’t having multiple accounts just create a fake player pool for others to rank up against?

It’s a game, people find ways to manipulate it. I just think the ranking system should include more game to game rewards for certain actions. like last man standing to get the win even though your k/d might be off you still pulled it together last minute for the team.

And this .

(Mr Perkinator) #899

Exactly, and in a system where the best rewards are those who do the best in a broken system, it just frustrates the player, pro players is also a huge factor, they should all have their own special rank and beating one should grant you great percent rewards

(III EnVii III) #900

Yeah, stats like this are well worth knowing and quite interesting when you deep dive into performance and playstyle :+1:

(Me0wMix CatFood) #901

Because manipulating rank is not very cool. I mean, if you enjoy it, by all means. I’m not someone who is bothered by people with fake ranks.
I have friends offer to help me rank up and I always object. I’d much rather be an onyx that can hang with anyone than a diamond who people laugh at because they underperform.

(Mr Perkinator) #902

But if the system is unfair and doesn’t work properly, there’s nothing wrong with manipulating it to work in our favour, especially when the best rewards are hidden behind it

(Mr Perkinator) #903

Decide to solo queue one game of boxes, me and a bronze 3 vs 2 onyx 2s, lose 7-3 what more can I be expected to do?


two straight days where (friday and monday) where my friends and i played, won about 4 matches of koth and a row and none of our rank moved at all?

(Mr Perkinator) #905

Played with a gold 2, beat onyx and diamond 2, 2 times in a row and my % doesn’t move haha

Later on, me and a silver 1 lose 7-4 to an onyx 3 and silver 2 so they are just about higher rank than us and I lose 3% which I gained nothing from winning 5+ games earlier, frustrated isn’t the word, sick of all these rewards being tied behind a broken system, every diamond cog gear I’ve seen thus far I’ve been a better player than them and performed better during that match

(Mr Perkinator) #906

@TC_Octus can you tell me what’s wrong with my behind the scenes rank in KOTH and Boxes? Gt is sG Agonize

(III EnVii III) #907

The more games you play, the more the game will be biased against you if it takes you a while to get the Diamond or if you’ve not had the diamond previously.

I play with and against Diamonds all the time in KOTH. I can outperform them too or come higher than some across all stats.

However, after so many games, it’s difficult to break into Diamond now for that mode.

For Boxes however, I’ve only played a few, won the majority and went all the way to Onyx 3 so quick.

But then consistency is key.

You need to be winning 7 rounds while losing as little as possible.

A 7-2 is better than a 7-5 or 7-6 win.

And you have to be getting the most kills per match, win or lose.

This is why your Skill Rating needs to reset every season as it seems to be carried over and goes against people while helping others in top ranks.

(SuperStevie09) #908

I think the ranking system is misleading just because of the name. i mean the ranks are technically a players performance rating. Not a ranking that lets you win your way to the top. or drop to the bottom.
Might be just my interpretation of it but even following sports a player/team rating compared to where their rank in the league is completely different.

Probably confuses or enrages players when they realise the rank is based on odds and background calculations where players can cheat it or manipulate it. Instead of an amazing win that will give you that extra rank up.