[Main] Ranking System Discussion, and Feedback


(III EnVii III) #869

The only way is to have a very strong team made up of other D4s and D5s ONLY.

Playing with lower ranks is always a risk. Especially with a small playerbase.

(XpL Cxn) #870

why is it broken… fix your game as your losing players big time… and many wont be getting gears 5 because of this

(Potato Boy 025) #871

How often are you getting MVP?

(Omen LP) #872

In order to advance you have to be finishing really high in the game re score, and/or winning against much higher ranked teams which you were expected to lose against.

So you have higher ranked players on your squad, you are mostly out of luck (because, for example, to go from Silver 2 to Silver 3, you need to outscore those Gold/Onyx/Diamond players… and if you win, outscoring higher ranked players on the other team, well, that doesn’t mean anythingb.

Soo… you want to advance? Make sure your team is filled with semi competent players of lower rank&skill and the other team is filled with poor quality higher ranked players :wink:

Or just be a God player who stomps everyone, no matter what.

Either of those two will work.

If you are an average player, just trying to see if you can make (say) Gold from Silver, best of luck these days with the player population what it is.

(XpL Cxn) #873

mate ive hit diamond 4 80%, had a lost streak, which took me to onyx 3 which sucked, I’m now stuck here getting mainly mvps against 5stack diamonds mainly d5’s and not moving, its so off putting it needs fixing big time. not to say I’m amazing but I’m never below bottom and it just isn’t working, why cant they see this?!

(AliceInChainsaw) #874

Playing solo or on a team?

What’s your team’s overall ranking in comparison to the enemies?

How many games was the losing streak and were you on bottom of team or at the top during the streak?

How many games have you won so far (and were you on top of your team or mvp? )

If you can answer these it might shed a little light on movement and what to expect.

(xCE02) #875

The coalition of the possibility to choose which server wants to play in the competitive. Here in Brazil this impossible to play rank match.

(III EnVii III) #876

It’s less about points and more about kills.

I have regular Diamond players in my squad that always finish 3/4/5 spots and I’m normally 1st-2nd just because they slay so much.

Previous seasons seemed to weigh heavily on MVP and Smooth Operator - but that’s not been the case the last few seasons.

For example,

I noticed no matter the team build up, season 0, 1 & 2, as long as my team would win, I would gain some kind of increase, however small.

Getting MVP and/or Smooth Operator would mean a slightly higher gain.

From then on, possibly season 3/4 it shifted from concentrating on the slayers in the game & the ones with higher K/D.

So from a KOTH point of view, dropping 50 kills and coming last is better than getting 20 kills but coming first via caps/breaks.

I’ve seen this time and time again where I’m finishing above Diamonds on points, but most of the time not kills and thus not gaining anything.

(o0 Lodger 0o) #877

OK. So 4 games in today and my ranking % doesn’t go up even by 0. 01 after winning every game and even taking an MVP so why does it go down everytime I lose a match. I think the ranking system is broken and so do some of my friends. Can anyone shed any light on this please

(III EnVii III) #878

Ranking system is working as intended, it’s just people don’t understand how it works.

(Asurazu Rasu) #879

You can rank up regardless of win / loss as long as you perform well enough each match

I jumped from onyx 1 to onyx 3 this season in like 2 days of just casually playing solo with only like 2 win streaks and even got pushed to onyx 3 on the match I lost.

If you lose % you were probably expected to win the game so it takes a heavier toll

(o0 Lodger 0o) #880

So when I won against all onyx the other day with a team with just two onyx, two gold and a silver rank I get nothing up or down on a win but when playing later in a team of 4 gold and one quitter against 5 onyx players I dropped about 5% after we lost how does that work? Someone must know how the ranking system works as to me a my friends this makes no sense.

(Omen LP) #881

I had multiple games like that… Win against a higher ranked team, nithing… Lose against a “more” HIGHER ranked team, drop…

There seem to be many factors… are you in a squad… are you solo… did you mvp… did you get many game ribbons… did you end up in top 2…

I gave up…

Just play

(o0 Lodger 0o) #882

It is very frustrating and like you has happened to me a few times. It is demoralising and I sometimes just have to walk away from the game. One of my friends only got silver ranked over the weekend. She has been bronze3 since the season started after her 5 placement games and I’ve seen her win MVP with onyx players in the room. Go figure🤔. Oh I often finish in top 3 on my team and play alot of solo as my work patterns are different to most of my friends

(Omen LP) #883

I just mvp’ed playing solo, against a slightly higher ranked team, with a higher ranked player, and got NOTHING…

But the previous game lost to a bunch of much higher players, and lost 5%…

Like I said, I gave up… Just play…

(III EnVii III) #884

Once good match won’t always equal instant percentage gain.

Especially if your held in a certain rank and certain %.

You have to continually do well, improve your Skill Rating and then you see movement in your rank and % upwards.

This is a common misconception that one “good” game and people should be climbing up in rank.

It’s not a progression system and that’s not how it works.

And losing for everyone means % lost.

My first was D3 98% - lost one close match and went to D3 5%. Savage.

(HoesEatOreos) #885

how many games should i suck in in order to go down to bronze 1 lol?

(SuperStevie09) #886

im sitting at silver 3 tdm, won a few in a row lately although i usually only play 3 games a night, solo, got a couple mvp, positive k/d but it seems the more i’ve won the worse opponents i face, or going by the odds theory would be likely to win against because matchmaking throws a random gold or onyx on my team against 5 bronze players. Then when i outplay a higher ranked team, nothing.

So it’s basically giving me no chance to go up in rank but just waiting for me to screw up against bronze? the game threw me on south brazil servers last night (twice) during eu peak time.

I try to except how the ranking system calculates things, but the situations that contradict it , i dunno. pretty sure i type a post like this every season before i stop playing and use the disk as a coaster:laughing:

(Iobotomite) #887

Yesterday I won 6 or 7 games and lost 2. The two I lost was vs Onyxs while I was stuck with 3 Golds yet my overall percentage for the day dropped by 9%. I actually was checking the website and 4 wins in a row where I MVPed twice did nothing while my first loss dropped me by 5% straight away and my second dropped me 4%.
Honestly can’t comprehend this system

(III EnVii III) #888

System is easy to comprehend.

Winning needs to be go hand in hand with outdoing yourself and doing better than expected.