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(III EnVii III) #845

Not when they are low ranks.

The higher ranks exploit this, true, but not the ones that aren’t very good.

I was thrown onto US East where my ping was 80 and the entire team must have been somewhere far because they had pings of 200 - 400.

But they were so bad! My friend got 81 Kills in the end after we won 2-0 and I was playing here and there and I got around 45 Kills. It was so easy. Bassically a two man team won that match.

(Krylon Blue) #846

Ah, gotcha.

Low ranks do have an advantage but you’re right they aren’t half way decent enough to exploit it. You can easily destroy a high ping player with no skill because they’re still unable to hit any shots on their end.

(III EnVii III) #847

Yeah, these guys were bot walking around, occasionally rifle fire, no movement or bouncing.

Because of my delay, it was painful to play.

It was like in Gears 1 where I could join White, Amber and Red bar games not knowing what it meant and then realised what it was. I was playing in bed lobbies with lag without realising :joy:

I guess same situation here - game is throwing them and me onto these servers and if you don’t realise then you can be oblivious!

(Krylon Blue) #848

I played Social against some horrid players (which @GreatWhiteShark can attest to) and your comment fits perfectly. 300+ms pings which meant they were sponging like crazy. But they were such bad players (Bronze/Silver likely) that it didn’t even matter. No special movements and horrible aim. Had they of been decent players it would have been frustrating.

(III EnVii III) #849

Yeah, you can’t predict anything in social because literally anybody and everybody is there :sweat_smile:

(Krylon Blue) #850

For sure.

It’s just amazing how easy this game can be in Social, lol. I had a guy message me asking me what he needs to do to get the Diamond skins. I never responded, lol. Because the truth is harsh lol.

(III EnVii III) #851

I had someone a few minutes ago say I was a :sponge: - just because I was going 14-1 in TDM.

My ping was 15ms :joy:

Guess what he was on? 152ms !!

Can’t make this up.

(Krylon Blue) #852

High ping players will NEVER admit they’re an issue. They always think a low ping is an advantage. Silly naive players…

(III EnVii III) #853

He had a certain flag too :see_no_evil:

(Krylon Blue) #854

Of course they did… I’m more surprised when the high ping doesn’t have that flag.

(NiszczycielM) #855

I have a problem with rank. I achieved onyx 3 last week and now i’m trying to get diamond. And here come’s the problem, i can’t get any % for winning. For example i won 3 matches last night and got mvp on 2 of them and nothing happened with my %. Then i lost 1 match and got 2% down. I really want to hit diamond one day but now i wonder-is it game fault or i just have to win a lot with a very good k/d ratio to get any %?

Ps: sorry for my english :slight_smile:

(Krylon Blue) #856

You have to win and perform beyond what an Onyx would. Just because you got an MVP doesn’t mean you performed well enough to move up in rank. Remember, this is not a progression system. This is a ranking system and at some point your performance peaks out. You may have already peaked and now you either need to get better or you’ll stay out/move down.

By the way, it’s not all about winning and losing. I’ve lost plenty of matches without losing any rank but that’s because despite the loss I performed very well. It’s important to win but winning without performing won’t do anything.

(qp CORKY qp) #857

my rank wont increase after 5 consecutive wins in a row , why is this

(III EnVii III) #858

Because in those 5 wins, your Skill Rating hasn’t increased.

You have to perform better than your current rank to move up - because wins don’t always equal % increase.

(Krylon Blue) #859

I swear to god so many people are dense and refuse to admit their skill level just isn’t on par with the rank they wish they had. Winning isn’t everything - you must perform above a certain level to move up.

(III EnVii III) #860

Exactly - there’s a few more variables than just winning a match and expecting to go up every single time - that’s a progression system which isn’t the ranking system.

(HoesEatOreos) #861

i don’t get why people care about rank and not just play the game

i’m still ranked placement matches for mostly all of the game types lol well except for silver in tdm and gold in 2v2

(Krylon Blue) #862

I’m not sure either. I wanted Diamond just for the skins but beyond that I could care less. I’m glad to see myself moving up as I get better but some players need to realize they hit their peak already. It’s not supposed to be a walk in the park to reach Diamond after all. I play for fun and even if I didn’t reach Diamond I’d be okay with it. It’s just skins/emblem next to my name which in the end means nothing.

(III EnVii III) #863

And you have to realise that Diamond is limited to a tiny portion of the playerbase too.

You probably see more of them because everyone else has left the game and Diamonds / Onyx’s don’t really pair up with true Golds and Silvers - so you don’t see them (unless I Solo Que).

(Krylon Blue) #864

I mostly run into Onyx/Diamonds but that’s because I’m a Diamond and tend to play with Diamond/Onyx players.

When I run into Golds it’s really unfair to them because we basically run a train through them. It’s just brutal lol.