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I’m not the biggest fan of 2v2. I get paired with the dumbest players lol…

(HoesEatOreos) #826

same here not to mention the fact the gnasher is inconsistent


That’s comp tuning for ya!

(HoesEatOreos) #828

always get 80% damage just to get gibbed 3-4 feet away or the 94-95% damage with active reload just to get gibbed again


Or the opponent is the last man out, and you and your teammate are just running around shooting him as he just sponges everything.

(Omen LP) #830

Ohh, I am sorry, I misunderstood.

You mean like this, a gold player MVPs with an Onyx player on the team?

There you go, you’ll never again be able to say you’ve never seen a Gold end up above an Onyx :wink:

Unless, of course, you keep changing what you mean, to adjust it to allow you to keep making that statement… you know, maybe it’s not enough to MVP, maybe the gold has to also have more kills AND more downs AND more caps AND more breaks, before you admit the case :wink:


Oh and don’t forget, fewest deaths!
Nothing against you Envii, it’s just kinda funny :+1:

(Omen LP) #832


For the record, I don’t claim to be an onyx player, and I don’t mvp a lot because I prefer to support my team’s efforts with cross and power weapons pickup and denial. So I am usually away from the ring, so my caps are low (lots of breaks, though). I aim to end up top 2 on my team, but I tend to play with very good players, so that’s tough frequently.

I have MVPed above onyx players, but those are rare. Too many screenshots to find older cases…

(III EnVii III) #833

Kills is number one, above every other stat, points don’t always mean best player.

You MVP’d massively because of caps.

And the Onyx 2 was dominating there with his kills.

This allows you to play better.

Would you still be doing that well without that Onyx player getting so many kills? Doubtful.

Also, your team had a ping advantage as well.

All in all, it’s not a clear cut Gold 3 outperforming a Onyx player.

Congrats on the MVP and doing well but the Onyx player is the defualt best player there.


He never claimed to be a better player, he just showed that he did better pointwise. And as a onyx myself, I don’t think that it is necessarily true that onyxes carry the team. I have played with many capable golds who have outperformed me

(III EnVii III) #835

Never said he claimed to be a better player.

I’ve not seen any of the screenshots showing a Gold outperforming all the Onyx players in one match.

You see some golds above Onyx players because normally it’s a couple of Onyx players that have carried the team and allowed that to happen.

And as stated, congrats to him because yes he did perform well.

And that’s fair enough,

In my own opinion, I have never met a true Gold player that can even challenge me as Onyx player.

Just like how I can’t challenge true D4/D5 Players.

I find it easy to play against Gold and below each and every time.

But this is going a little off topic now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(HoesEatOreos) #836

wait until you get smurfed by placement matcher lol

(III EnVii III) #837

Hence my use of “True Gold Player” :+1:


I made a thread on this About the skill level ranked players

(Omen LP) #839

Lol, it is out of a sense of morbid curiosity to see how far you will stretch this, that I am continuing here :wink:

Since you don’t like caps, lets take a look at dodgeball: here is a silver2 MVPing and “carrying” the only onyx in the game:

I’m curious, what update to your definition will you make now, to exclude this data point? (Maybe it’ll be that we are only looking for golds, so silver doesn’t count :wink: ?)

Reminds me a bit of 1st year physics lab reports, where you first draw the line you want, and THEN you plot the data points, making sure the error bars are sufficient to support the curve :wink:

I suspect you equate onyx with YOU, so you resist any suggestion that a gold could be better than YOU, completely ignoring the reality of different people having different skill sets.

Ohh, ohh, look what found: koth, both Ducky and I (golds) completely beating the oposite onyx in all stats, even the super important kills :wink:

(III EnVii III) #840


It’s not as easy as you make it out to be. It’s not black and white and that’s why there’s a ranking system in place.

Are you really a Gold player currently at Silver?

Maybe your really higher in Dodgeball?

Look at the other teams pings - they are all so high compared to your entire teams. That makes a difference.

Final point - I still say the Onyx did better.

His K/D is 2.25 while yours is 1.85 based on that match.

So you needed to take more lives to get those kills.

So these two points - high pings of opposition and your lower K/D don’t tell the complete story.


Your KOTH screenshot:

Clearly the Onyx player did not go for the rings.

Your team is balanced more than the other.

The bronze player would have been of no use whatsoever - plus I imagine that player easily died the most - but we can’t see deaths to see what’s really happening. All in all, I’d expect your team to win and look at your caps - a big chunk of your points come from that alone.

(Omen LP) #841

Haha, right, ping! Awesome…

Do you not hear yourself? Seriously? More points? Nah, too many points from caps! More kills? Nah, the opposite team had higher ping!

Ok, ok, lets keep going, this is great for my eye exercises

How about here? More points? Check. More kills? Check. More caps? Check. More breaks? Check.
Wait, wait… the onyx had more downs… yes, THAT makes his contribution more valuable, because surely I just stole his downs, right :wink: ? And capped while he was getting the downs… :wink:

So, again, we’ll ignore the multiple stats which which don’t support your argument (points, caps, breaks, kills) and we will focus on the one which does…`

Ohhh, and BTW, K/D??? Really? So if he had gone 3 and 1, for a +2 and K/D of 3.0, that would have been better than my 13 and 7 +6, with a 1.* K/D? Seriously, dude, this is grasping at straws…

(III EnVii III) #842

They are lower ranked overall and even have someone in placement.

And have you seen those pings?

Lower ranked and much worse pings.

You did well no doubt, but it’s not that good of an achievement against bronzes and silvers on 100ms ping.

(Krylon Blue) #843

A 100ms ping tends to gain an advantage though. If anything @Omen_LP is at a disadvantage because of that alone.

Otherwise I agree with you. You may have worded it wrong because I know you feel high pings are a major issue with this game.

(iTiiDuS iNc) #844

After 2 years not playing I was ranked silver in koth. I only play this mode without a team.
Playing private a lot with mostly onyx players and can deal with them.
So if you tell a player since 2008 is silver and put him in matches with onyx people anyway, there is something wrong in the system.
I bet you anything any player playing solo in ranked doing 50% as good in ranking as he could otherwise.
A free for all mode would be awsome.