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(III EnVii III) #805

It’s the same for everyone.

You lose more % if you perform worse than expected by the system.

But if you feel you performed well and lost % because of the loss then nothing to worry about because next wins and you will gain it back in no time.

(VividFawn45578) #806

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(oTRaV GuNNeRo) #807

So how many times do you have to win? I guess you just need a stacked squad to reach diamond. If thats the case then ill just have to move on. Please can we go back to individual skill? I play solo most of the time and its not fair to solo players if keeping a win streak effects going up in rank.

(oTRaV GuNNeRo) #808

Ive been saying for the past week that it isnt moving like youre saying here. When I first brought this up i was on a good streak in tdm i was 18-2 W/L 242-89 K/D and my rank was onyx 3 60.44. Even after winning 10 games in a row doing really well it didnt move at all. Prior to this happening every 2-3 games it was going up fine like 2-5% from good games and winning then all of a sudden it just stopped at 60.44. I understand you guys trust your system, now im askng that you put trust in your community and do the Eddie Bravo… And “look into it”

(JINN Hypnotize) #809

Game has made me rage so much now… I’m trying to get diamond in 1 game mode… I spent 2 weeks to build up 6% and I lose a game and lose the percentage I had to build up over 20 games!!

I’m actually disappointed it’s been so long and TC havnt done Jack all! I should be diamond Tier 4 right now!

Screw this game, isn’t worth playing no more. I’m out.

(III EnVii III) #810

It’s not the amount of wins,

It’s how you perform.

You might be doing good against lower / equal ranked players and less so against higher ones.

(III EnVii III) #811

If you’ve only gone up 6% in 20 games then you are pretty much where the game sees you in terms of skill and rank.

(iWeedLordI7) #812

I recorded 3 different for gameplay videos where I win the match with MVP in a row and the rank system still the same 68% and then recorded a single defeat so I check out and hell no! 60% and that was ok then y played 2 more with victory and mvp and still 60, I loose 1 match and now I’m on 55% on gold 2 and that’s not it I can say TC did something with my profile cause EVERY MATCH SINCE MY LAST POST SOMEONE LEAVES THE MATCH and magically we loose. Damage calculation still a sht cause I body shoot and no damage even when blood comes out from the enemy that matchmaking still making my teams weaker than others and I do have skills oh lord I do so don’t tell me I have to be better cause it’s recorded on video and I’ll show to anyone who wants to see it that TC is an Epic Games shadow trying to be nice developers but they ain’t 2 years ago released this “game” and still having the same fcking bugs and no one fix them and they won’t cause TC are busy with OUR MONEY and what is it for? I expected more from this piece of game cause I can’t call it a game no like Gow 1 2 and 3. This is an advice to TC: STOP DEVELOPING GAMES OR BRING CLIFF BLESZINSKI BACK.

(Darkar230) #813

In the match I won and the rank doesn’t up but if I lose it down me

(Krylon Blue) #814

Winning isn’t everything. You have to perform well based on your rank and the overall rank of the other team. You will not always go down in a loss unless you underperform there too.

There are some quirks here but the thing many of you need to gain a grasp of is that this isn’t a progression system. It’s a ranking system and winning doesn’t equal promotion. You may have very well hit your peak and unless you improve it will continue to stay put or go down if you unperform.

(Darkar230) #815

But sometimes I win the MVP vs ranked players onyx 2-3 or diamonds 1-3 , and my KD I m positive, well, sometimes

(Krylon Blue) #816

I understand that but also remember your previous games can play a role too. I’ve been there too but in the end it evens out if you’re supposed to. My only gripe is that it determines who should win before it even starts and if you’re chosen to win your rank will see less of an increase. Again, I get why this is but I also dislike it because it’s a chess system used in a team environment where individual performance should be the only determining factor. So yes it has flaws but many people act like it’s a progression system when it’s not and that’s the reason so many are disappointed. Not everyone is a Diamond player.

(HoesEatOreos) #817

cliffyb said he is done making video games recently

(Me0wMix CatFood) #818

The thing I’ve found is that, if you play a lot of games in a season, you’re going to have a hard time moving up once that average performance has been established. This sucks for people like me who are getting better.

Last season, I was playing all the time and got in the situation where I was getting better, but wouldn’t advance from wins, I’d just do down from losses.

I barely played this season and I’m already well past where I was last season, even though I was grinding every night before and now I’ve probably only played maybe 10 nights worth this season. Even though I might not be a good as I was, I’m ranked higher because Gears weighs old matches WAY too heavily against you,rather than your past 20 games or so (which is what should really matter).

(III EnVii III) #819

Exactly - I didn’t even notice rank in Season 0 and didn’t care much in Season 1.

My performances were probably mediocre back then as I was grappling with the newer movement system and maps.

But then Season 2 I improved a lot and I feel its biased against me for being so lowly ranked earlier.

(LightsoutCuyun7) #820

Why is it that no matter how many times i win a match or do well ,my % doesnt move at all , only time it moves is when i loose a match, im starting to think its a glitch, please help.

(Omen LP) #821

Really? Ok, here we go, Gold2 outscoring onyx players, multiple in some cases, with no rank movement:


Oh yeah. I’m an onyx now, but as a gold I would constantly beat onyxes. I don’t believe I ever beat a diamond though.

(III EnVii III) #823

That’s not what I meant…

There’s not a single screenshot where a Gold Player finishes above an Onyx, in the sense that that player is the overall best player - yes they are around the Onyx players (more so the Onyx 1 Players) but you can easily do this by going for caps but none of the Gold players finish 1st out of 10.

In terms of kills and overall position within the team, it is the Onyx players being the most effective there, essentially carrying the team which allows the Gold players to play better and this is evident in the screenshots.

(HoesEatOreos) #824

i take out diamonds in 2v2 gnashers lol