[Main] Ranking System Discussion, and Feedback


(III EnVii III) #784

Even if you lose, as long as you perform well, you will find that when you do win, you’ll get bigger increases consistently and then “stop” when the game thinks you’ve caught up from your Skill Rating.

People see this as rank being “frozen” but it’s not.

(og sie 247) #785

Won around 10 games while at 99.94% D4 on TDM and my rank did not budge. I MVP around 3 of them as well. Lost two games and dropped all the way down to 68%. I’ve won 4 more matches and lost 1 since then. I been Diamond since season0 and I was D5 season 3&4. So idk what’s going on.

(III EnVii III) #786

Diamond 5 has very limited places so you have to play so well to get to that 100% mark.

(Serg The Panda) #787

I call bs on this play onyx’s every game and I’ve been an onyx 3 over 2 weeks now. With winning streaks. So there goes that logic. The system is just horrible. Halo has a better true skill rating system and never had a problem with them.

(Serg The Panda) #788

Also your ranking system is sooooo trash that when you go on a winning streak and reach 100 percent on whatever tier you’re on and if you’re not at that hour mark when the game system refreshes. The other games past the 100 percent mark don’t count. Please fix this. This is the most stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in a tank system. Completely unnecessary.

(og sie 247) #789

I know that. I’ve been diamond5 in two game modes two seasons in a row. So I know what I am doing is correct and I know I should definitely have gotten my diamond5. Something is definitely up with the ranking system. No doubt in my mind.

(NtFm BeefyBeikr) #790

It seems to me unjust as I do not upload a percentage or be a game 10 times and not a percentage rise but I lose and they lower me an injustice then if I play with equipment they do not raise me anything or it is studs trash studios can not play without equipment for their Matchmaking all culero uni tries to understand them but they only do ■■■■■■■■ is a ■■■■■■■ injustice that does not go up and is in top 3 of both teams and even MVP game 5 games and they do not raise me a thousandth but I lose and well that they lower me net that things like that his game is dead

(III EnVii III) #791

And so do other people who have maybe gotten the D5 before you.

Again, limited spaces, people get better.

(oTRaV GuNNeRo) #792

Im only saying I thinks it frozen because for a week now my tdm will not budge past 60.44 no matter what ive been doing. Went on a 7 game win streak and still nothing. There were times ive done worse and its gone up so idk something seem a bit off.

(oTRaV GuNNeRo) #793

Same here i just switch game modes when eligible for promotion

(III EnVii III) #794

Winning doesn’t mean you always / have to / should expect to go up.

(oTRaV GuNNeRo) #795

Hmm ok … Ive been going down after every loss though. Only in tdm. Just now played 2 games and went 12-6 with MVP and won, didnt move. Lost next game and went down 7%

(III EnVii III) #796

Sounds about right :+1:

Because again, winning doesn’t guarantee going up and losing almost always means going down.

(Serg The Panda) #798

You the most naive person of you think that!

(SovahMokesloudd) #799

Tell me about it just happen to me last night I worked so hard for about 2 weeks and I don’t have a lot of time to play but still go down for only losing 2 games and win 10 games and go up only 1 % easy win while being on top yeah this tank ■■■■ stupid

(SovahMokesloudd) #800

Fix ur ranking on this game don’t bring this to gears 5 you literally have to waste ur whole life just to get diamond in this game you can go on win streaks and lose 1 game and I mean 1 game and go down , just because you race a full stack of diamonds 4 and 5s yeah this game makes no sense hopefully is not just me dealing with this makes no sense you literally have to have no life to play years now you should of just left it with wings too 100 smh thanks again gears of war .

(SovahMokesloudd) #801

How you make a game so good but then add a ranking system and make it trash !!! Who ever said hey we should make a rank is dumb af

(LightsoutCuyun7) #802

For some odd reason every time i win my matches my rank stays exactly where it is, but when i loose i drop 4-5% everytime, super annoying and just wondering if anyone knows or has been through this, (onxy 2 btw)

(III EnVii III) #803

Not really, I just know how it works.

(Iobotomite) #804

This system gets so much worse the higher you go up. I’m Onyx 2 now and due to the game’s playerbase being so small i’m facing and playing with gold/silver/bronzes. I can win but if I do it only gets me like +1-2% while if I lose its a -15%