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(oTRaV GuNNeRo) #764

Played about 30 games of tdm and my win loss is like 20-10, I played well almost every game except 2-3. I was onyx 3 60% and im now 39%. I can win multiple games in a row and not go up in rank but the moment I loose I go down anywhere from 1-5% this is crazy. The system is clearly having issues for tdm. Im grinding for diamond and ive been keeping track. Tdm is the only one im experiencing problems with. All other modes are moving up after every game I win and play well in

(staywitdaglock) #765

YTired of going on streaks with or without a team and my rank not moving. I highly doubt after this many complaints they havent found an issue yet. If TC is this bad about handling legitimate complaints, just imagine how f u c k e d gears 5 is going to be. They obviously don’t care about anything other than the pro circuit and its actually pathetic they treat every normal player so poorly. Typical day of gears consists of every single lobby having people with horribles pings (100-1100) that you literally have to sweat your ■■■ off on because half your shots dont count. After continously sweating and screaming at this broken game you get rewarded with absolutely zero percent in rank. TC tries so hard to fix the most stupid things but refuse to touch any of the actual issues in this game. I hope gears 5 tanks and TC goes bankrupt. Its what yall deserve for treating yalls fans so poorly. No one plays gears 4 any more and its no surprise as to why millions have deleted or sold their copy. The only way gears 5 will be good online is if yall bring cliff and epic games back. Tired of tc ruining one of the greatest franchises in gaming simply because they are too lazy to fix the game. Idk what’s worse any more. The coalition or 343 industries. Both companies are jokes at this point.

(staywitdaglock) #766

Who do i gotta send my account info to so i stop demolishing onyx/diamonds and not ranking up. Im on a 16 game win streak on king with absolutely 0% towatds my next rank. Ive won 9 out of my last 10 games in tdm and half had diamonds on opposing team. I moved up 7% from the first game won and nothing at all for the next six then lost my last match and what a surprise, of course it would go down. it really seems like the only way to rank up is to find the one lobby per day that actually works ranking wise. My last post complaining about 2v gnasher lobby. Hopped on next day and went from bronze 2 to gold 3 in a sitting. Its far too annoying. Feel free to get my account info and figure out the issue. just blows my mind that i barely lose. Always go positive but literally have nothing to show for it. TC this is like the 3rd or 4th time ive made a post seeking knowledge as to why the ranking system seems like it has no positive effect for my account for huge majority of my wins…help a fan out please.

(Tabuto) #767

how to report frozen statistics. I’ve won 10 games in a row from Team deatmach and the statistics are frozen, I see my war diary and it’s more advanced on the page maybe that blocks me from climbing up the ranks

(Alpha Young R) #768

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(ShadowDragonek) #769

Pls help me my % dont go up after i win 7 matches coalition help

(SilentReaper962) #770

What’s your current KOTH rank, w/l and kd. And how did you place each of the 5 games?

(SilentReaper962) #771

What’s the game mode, your current rank, w/l and kd, and how did you do in the games?

(API) #772

Steps to rank up for you:

  1. Learn what a reaction shot is
  2. Stop hating on people for no reason
  3. ???
  4. Profit

I followed those steps and look at that, I got carried to D5

(Krylon Blue) #773

Quiet you. It’s not like you and I carried our team to victory last time we played. We were absolutely terrible with our MVP finishes and making people quit because they couldn’t hang with us.

Being a Bronze rocks! :yum:

(SilentReaper962) #774

Lol, too funny

(UngluedGore217) #775

I’ve been playing for hours and my percentage in ranket keeps in the same, but I lost a match and i lost ten points in my percentage, please fix that. I like gears but with the problems is difficult to enjoy the game. Thanks

Problems with ranking
(SugarsCain) #776

A quick rant, would be nice if the coalition recognized this a little bit.

I’m a KOTH player strictly, I play with one person always I have tried to organize teams but my mates don’t play GOW so its difficult, I am hating the ranking system in this game so much, not to gloat but I finish my games almost 100% as MVP with 15+ caps and 30+ kills yet I’m still only Gold 2 because I can’t always win due to stacks. its infuriating and I think the ranking system needs to change asap.
Additionally I understand why they do it but the weapon tuning is APPALLING and the server spikes are making actually just want to stop playing the game.

So much more to rant about but I see the community are doing well at targeting key issues so I’ll leave it at that, just wish the coalition would understand its not whiney gamers moaning its a community that love the GOW games trying to reach out to the developers to improve it. To be honest gears is comparable to a nieche market really, compared to the likes of COD etc, so they should be looking out for their loyal customers alot more.

Hope everyone has a nice day, PS sorry for any errors im writing this at work lol

(oTRaV GuNNeRo) #777

I get the same thing smh. I won 8 out of 10 games with a 2.0 k/d or higher and had mvp but didnt move. Then i loose against 3 diamonds and 2 onyx 3’s and go down from onyx 3 60% to 44%. My teammates are always bronze, silver or gold so why and how am i getting placed with them and going down in rank because of that? Theres no way you can get diamond without a squad. I have screen shots but dont know how to share on here from the xbox

(oTRaV GuNNeRo) #778

All about connection too. Ive lost games because my 3 shots for 84% arent as good as his one shot from hell shotgun lol.

(Serg The Panda) #779

I don’t understand why my rank percentage is not going up. I went on a winning streak like 10+ games at my percentage is stagnant, stayed the same, went nowhere, DID NOT GO UP. Please explain. I know your rank system is trash but it should at least be working.

(oTRaV GuNNeRo) #780

My tdm hasnt gone higher than 60% for like 5 days in a row now. It kept going down for every loss then i got it back to 59% and won 5 games straight but it seems to be stuck. Also does anyone know if k/d plays a factor in rank? If it does then maybe get kill credit if someone takes your down? Im sure a lot of people would be pleased. Im also confused about the rank if youre playing solo and end up going against a stacked diamond squad. Lets say youre predicted to loose, and you do, then how much of a loss factor is it?

(oTRaV GuNNeRo) #781

I agree with going off of individual stats. I believe it was like that for season 3 or 4. I barely played rank and got to onyx 2 with no problem when it was based off individual stats. The way the system is now especially being almost :gem:1, one bad game will really set you back.

(III EnVii III) #782

It kinda does if your solo.

Not so much the more people you add into your squad.

(oTRaV GuNNeRo) #783

Thanks! I play solo a lot and seem to get a lot of diamond squads when doing so. I have 2 friends who I play with sometimes and I dont run into diamonds when im with them. Thats when I want to go against them so if we win I can get a nice boost lol.