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(eiskaltwiefeuer) #744

Dear TC, won 3matches in a row against higher ranked Players. Two times against Diamond Got twice mvp and always solid ribbons but my percentage didnt went up ,not one bit. But if i loose one game my percentage goes straight down This is annoying and sad. THIS kills the Game we love

(III EnVii III) #745

Gears doesn’t have a progressive ranking system.

Playing in a stack makes gains very difficult these past few seasons.

Playing solo and getting kills is the fastest way to rank up.

(Morne Haynes) #746

As the title suggests this just happened after 3 back to back wins , going solid I n each game but I went down. Who do I contact or how do I get assistance if this is a glitch or a mistake? Any info would be appreciated.

(Alkaholik Guru) #747

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(Mr sqizzz) #748

I have been having the same ranking up issue with pretty much all game types in gears 4, KOTH is my favorite game type i play it all the time currently onyx 3 (Somehow) i’m no pro player or anything but i know i am at least decent enough to have a %53 win on whatever scale they are using on the stats tab. Anyway i struggle to move past onyx 3 and it is the highest rank i have ever made it to no matter how well i do. There definitely seems to be something wrong with the ranking system and one of the things that really made this apparent was when i played all 5 of my placement matches of TDM won every match and had a pretty good KD through all of them and ended up at Gold 3?? Like i said i’m no pro player but come on. However in KOTH went through all 5 placement matches and went straight to onyx 3 and have been stuck there ever since season 0 just about i can never seem to even make it to just diamond 1 which is all my asking man lol.

(NooBSaiBoTs MC) #749

hello TC Studies I want to say that I continue with my range problems, I do not know if it’s because I’m in the games but I won up to 5 games in a row and my rank stays in the same percentage, sometimes I understand that I’m in lower ranks but still Should I go up? and the worst is when I lose too low or sometimes little but it is almost impossible to have what they take away … no more greetings;)

(JINN Hypnotize) #750

Okay I’ve won over 25+ games (proof with the 2v2 win 25 games acheivement) and I’ve moved up 1%… still onxy 3… I should be diamond Tier 2 overall!

TC even doing anything on this ? Because I’m gonna stop playing this game altogether

(DJ NME) #751

Id love to know what other options were put forward when TC had a meeting on how to impliment the ranking system… What we got was the best idea?? Really??
So what were the rejected suggestions?
You can only rank up if you wear x skin? Or you only rank up if you’ve played gears judgement? C’mon TC!
So did no one suggest that rank should be determined on your individual performance?

Whoever thought that the ranking system we have was a good idea needs to have had their P45 by now.

You guys really, really thought this was a good idea? Fk me. Thats like a bricky using jelly for bricks and saying the wall is stable.

Im not a games developer or programmer… But even Stevie Wonder can see that this ranking system is beyond DUMB!

(TSG BlackUltrax) #752

And they say their ranking system works as intended. If it is…it is a ■■■■ system.

I played around 20 matches of TDM today and won 18 of them. I went down in my percentage from loosing 2 games and winning 18!!! Where is the sense right there?

If this is as intended its just stupid. I really hope we get a better ranking system in Gears 5.


OK , so I’m a diamond 3 thats getting paired up with ■■■■■■■ SILVERS. I shouldn’t even be playing with or against people that are below onyx 1. I shouldn’t have to get a 5 stack just to get people around my rank

(apurplegorrilla) #754

Hey tc how about to respond to me for once !!! These guys could care less about gears 4! I can’t even get the diamond gear this season because I can’t get the emerald gear . Lol I have had over 3000 kills and I looked at the number of kills I need left for the challenge and it still says I only have 311 kills !! What is this ! Not only is that messed up my account diamonds cannot love nomatter what I do . Me team and I destroyed at full diamond team and I went 20-2! And guess what ? No percent I gained at all . Even after 60 games !!! Still diamond 4 , 52% ! Then I lag out of the last game I join back and we still won and I drop 30 percent ! Tc you guys lost me , I’m going to black ops 4 because they have their ■■■■ together and fix simple problems

(Krylon Blue) #755

Lol, I have Black Ops 4 and it’s definitely not the poster child for “have their ■■■■ together and fix simple problems”. It’s more stable than Gears but then again every game in existence is more stable than Gears. That includes games from the original Xbox that don’t even connect anymore due to the servers being disconnected.

(AverageDaisy525) #756

Thanks for taking the time to read the news. Easy to understand, easy to understand.

(dinokiller4302) #757

I was playing tdm and opposite team had 2 onyx 2s and rest diamond and my team was gold 3 rest silver 3 it’s so db I lost both rounds SMH good job coalition SMH…

(DisAg Alucard) #758

There are already several games that I win, I take it in some mvp rl and I do not go up a decima, and just losing a game lowers me too much, it is not a joke in some that the cattle have lowered me in percentage, this discourages and gives ranges no longer play this game

(pedroxX34) #759

when they go to fix the rank because I win games and it does not raise me but I lose a match because of the matchmaking that puts me against onix 3 being me gold 3 and I can not go up

(Duffman GB) #760

I know it is annoying to say the least. I will say though that G3 and O3 players are not that far apart, at least not in my experience. You can have a G3 punching above their weight and a Onyx 3 on a bad run but they are pretty even.

(Flare Rich) #761

Hello my GamerTag is Flare Rich and I would like to know why my account does not rise in rank I’m still between 30 and 40% onix 3 in Team Duel for more games I won not raise my rank but instead if I lose 1 game it starts to go down percentage I hope and I respond to know what is happening or what is the problem thanks

(LockDawn Hv) #762

What happens with the statistics

17 games won and they do not raise me, I only lose 1 and 25% lower me

Game alone

I am Diamante always first position

What’s going on

I’ve been playing GoW for 9 years

It’s hard to stop playing

(III EnVii III) #763


I’ve never seen a Gold 3 player be above a Onyx player.

Not unless it’s someones second account.

Been in matches where everyone is Silver & Gold and I’m the only Onyx and it’s just so easy to outplay them.