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(apurplegorrilla) #724

Sorry I just saw this but yeah the only way to fix this is to contact evil one and he will most likely fix this problem . And yeah don’t play too much on it unless you get it fixed because only your loses will count


I have this problem since the weekend I was qualifying in 2vs2 was onyx 3 with 92.8% to go up to diamond but when we won it did not go up if I had fewer deaths than my partner or my score was lower and still being as MVP did not rise but if I lost I went down now I have 76.05 could you give me an explanation of how to raise my ranks because I see that winning or high score is not enough?


The game is robbing me, many victories and a small percentage this is not acceptable

(I JesseBlue I) #727

TC Members dont fix anything. My rank got frozen at onyx 3 100%. Opened a thread, messaged every TC member on that forum, no response. They did nothing, I even think they didnt read my messages. So many people complain about that ranking system so they get many messages about that topic and simply ignore them.


Why pushing packages? we are spending money on a game more than it should, many players are leaving gears aside and going to fortnite, TC this is a lack of respect with our dedication to the game!


TC should be honest and communicate that it is not able to solve the problems in gears 4, I believe that a small team is responsible for what happens in gears 4, the rest is all focused on gears 5, but it is unacceptable to be without a TC

(apurplegorrilla) #730

Yeah like I said nobody from tc will even pay attention to you except for Ev0l 0ne. He’s the man If you can get a hold of him you will be set to go . Just message him personally on the forums he responded to me .


I hope Gears 5 will surprise, I do not say of the history but of the multiplayer because many players are going to the fortnite and with the problems found in Gears 4 in the next one can not continue, in Gears 5 it is necessary to overcome these problems, if there will not be a loss in mass of players of the time believing the franchise

(TSG BlackUltrax) #732

You know, when you hit 100 % it is a waste of time trying to keep ranking up as the ranking up from 100% to the next rank(in your case diamond) can take up to 2 whole hours. You will always start at the same percentage depends on what rank you are no matter how many you win when you hit 100%.

Another thing is…if you hit 100% and loose a game, you can get unlucky and loose your 100% again back to 95 or even lower. So if I see that I’ve hit 100 %, I am taking a break from that playlist until I reach my next rank. Too many times I have lost my 100% just by playing one and loosing it.

(I JesseBlue I) #733

It was in season 1 escalation, I played with friend and we both reached onyx 3 100%, We stopped playing after we reached 100% and he got his diamond the next day. My rank never switched to diamond. After a few days I played some more matches, got some wins and some losses but my rank was frozen at onyx 3 100%. That was very frustrating cause it took me weeks of grinding to get there. Im not that good that I can get diamond in few days like some others. Only did it cause I wanted that diamond gnasher skin. Messaged TC if they can check in their system that im onyx 3 100% and give me that skin, but no response. And what you saying is not true. I noticed it this season when I reached gold 3 100% I lost the next match and directly after that loss I was onyx 1. That proves when you get your 100% you are getting promoted even if you loose the next mach.

(TSG BlackUltrax) #734

You got promoted probably in mid match while you were playing. Trust me it takes a couple of hours to get promoted. (Sometimes it takes only 5 min)But I dont know why your rank is stuck at 100 %. And it is sad that TC is not reponding to you.

(Belkain) #735

This was answered in a dev stream, the system that handles rank updates every two hours, that is why sometimes it may take that or less to see your new rank.

They also acknowledged having problems with rank being stuck in the past, those involved manual fixes I believe.

Now with everything on Gears 5 they don’t have anyone to check it out, after all, an unusual large number of players complain about this so its no wonder they stopped responding about it.

(I JesseBlue I) #736

The “rank being stuck problem” was known. Many people complained about it. But can you imagine how frustrating it is when it happens at onyx3 100%. And the only people who can help decide to ignore you. I love Gears of War, but this incident makes me hate the game and TC.

(SerginhoMX) #737

Hi. 2v2 Gnashers has been crashing a lot lately. Regards.

(TSG BlackUltrax) #738

How can I loose 30 percent when loosing against 3 diamond 5 and 2 diamond 4?
I am diamond 3 by the way and I had a gold on my team!!!

(Yedzilla) #739

Yesterday we had 25+ wins I was mvp 7-10 of those matches against diamonds and onyx 3’s and i never moved from my rank at all, I lost two matches one yesterday and one today as well and I went down! I can win as much as I want and not move at all and when I lose one match I go down

(TarmicleIII) #740

Always I win many matches my rank don’t up bit only i lose one match and decrease porcentage. I hope to help me, i think muy stadistics are broken or something like that

(Yedzilla) #741

I’ve had at least 10 mvps and last night I had at least 25+ wins in a row and I didn’t move rank we even beat diamonds, I lost two matches and I’ve dropped both times but my rank won’t move otherwise

(KatzeVomMond) #742

Got to 100% diamond 2, continued winning 15 matches, then the game froze and kicked me out, lost 70% of my rank. GJ tc.

(III EnVii III) #743

I always stop playing once 100% - just in case.