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(JowDaddyy) #683

If you are a gold 1 and you are playing with mainly onyx players but some diamonds too, then the ranking system is going to take into account that your teammates are higher ranked than you and you’re likely to come up against opponents that you shouldn’t be facing. I’d reccomend at least obtaining Onyx 1 on your own before you start playing with teams like this otherwise you’ll always be playing out of your depth. With all due respect, gold 1 is a low rank and you’re likely to face diamonds in some cases so id recommend playing alone for a while first as your rank progress is likely to be slow with teammates much better than you rank-wise.

And no, after your five placement games you can achieve onyx rank. I’m unsure as to the maximum rank you can achieve through placements though. I have achieved Onyx 3 after 5 placement games but in more recent seasons the system has been harsher. My friend @ColdChris1879 has obtained Diamond after his five placement games but again, this was not in recent seasons so the new maximum rank you can obtain is likely to have changed.

As for what the ranking system takes into account, I am not a member of TC so I obviously won’t take every little detail into account but I know that your placement on the team affects your rank, along with the size of your squad (if you’re playing in a stack), the overall skill rating of your team, the skill rating of the enemy team,( this is because the system uses this to predict a prerequisite winner and will rank you up or down according to the score), the margin that you win by (7-0 in Escalation is far better than a 7-6 win) and I believe your KD matters too. I know that score is counted so in that sense, Caps do affect your ranking at the end. Bounties equipped do not affect your rank.

If you want to go up, earn Onyx solo or play KOTH on a second account and get Onyx, otherwise you’re just going to be out of your depth and struggle, and I can’t imagine that will be much fun for you.

Hope this helps.


What is also super frustrating is when you have teammates who do nothing but camp near power weapon spawns.
This seems to happen a lot at the Dropshot/Boomshot spawn on Clocktower

(JINN Hypnotize) #685

These replies don’t solve the problem :confused:
I have over 10 wins and no increase percentage but when I lose I lose around 3-5%

How is this fair?

(JowDaddyy) #686

They just copy and paste automated responses, eventhough they’re a small company they couldn’t care less I’m afraid. I’m experiencing the same problems.

(CraziestSock) #687

They need to implement something, maybe like the death counter in escalation. If you sit in a spot for longer then 5 seconds you start to lose points (only near power weapons). The longer you sit in the spot the more points you lose Ie start at 5 points per second up to 100 points per second.

(ll Pheature ll) #688

Maybe not you but I don’t play you frequently well I don’t believe I’ve seen you in a while as I’ve only been back on gears this past week and it was only yesterday I played the first five matches and I’ve played a ■■■■ load but my rank has not moved up not down, I’m not really that worried but it’s just a bit baffling


Maybe. But that would make Koth very difficult. Considering that a lot of the strategy is camping around the ring for defense. So I dunno

(CraziestSock) #690

That’s why I said around the power weapons. I understand that KOTH is all about hill defense, which very FEW know. Its the fact that power weapons are pretty much priority when playing these maps, and people camping them is nothing but BS. Why not make all power weapons spawn at certain intervals? Like they all spawn at 2, 4, 6,8 and 10 mins? That way people know when they need to get to the weapons and SHOULD minimize people camping them. This next part is a little off topic but while were on it please put a time limit on smoke grenades. There are solo games that I play people throw smoke into the hill die smoke the hill die, in a never ending process. Either a time limit or the fact it doesn’t shake the screen and stun you for 15 seconds or so because of the spam. Sorry for such a long post.

(CraziestSock) #691

YES! This is what I’ve been saying. But it needs to be tier based, Ie win a game against bronze should be 1%, silver 2% and so on.


Yeah I see what your saying. And that could help.

YES! I think smoke nades are a big issue. I think that both the shock and smoke nades should not effect your teammates like they currently do. They should be more like the fire and frag nades.

(JowDaddyy) #693

I agree completely. You shouldn’t shoot up if the opponents are poor.

(ColdChris1879) #694

Supposedly you can’t rank up on a loss but I was top of my team on a 2-0 loss and went up 1.8%. The coalition know their system is awful or at least that’s how it’s seen. Why don’t they post about it which they have already done but did not make it at all easy to understand. I reckon it could be explained in a 5 minute video. Will this happen? Ha no of course not they’re just out to fund a dead esports scene by getting you to buy black steel characters at £8 a pop.

Im onyx 3 so I don’t know how likely it is we will see each other again, saying that the matchmaking is so bad onyx is an any size fits all rank. Team of silvers searching? We will put them against an onyx team. Onyx team searching? Oh well we can put them in a game with silvers all the way to diamonds. GG.

(iSpOol TurBO) #695

■■■■ this ranking system. I’m tired of not moving up (percentage wise) when I win and am on top of the board twice then I lose (second on board) then go down 6 percent. Wtf. ■■■■ this game

(API) #696

stop doing that silly

(JINN Hypnotize) #697

Okay so I have been playing Boxes as onxy 3 at 63 percent and I won like 3 games and didn’t go up at all, then I lost 2 and went down 6 percent and then won 1 game and only went up 1 percent ?? And now it’s hardly moving up whatsoever?

Can someone explain why? Is there issues going on or something?

(ItchyJoey372612) #698

Been tryin’ my ■■■ off to get there, winning match after match, getting a ton of points but for some reason I only go up in percentage after I get mvp in a match otherwise I remain the same or go below.

I know the devs said to report if you go through five wins and still go down in rank but i’m not too sure on that. Either I need to get mvp every match or the times I play like ■■■■ are starting to register for good and i’m being put back into gold permanently unless I suddenly become a Gears God every match.

I’m curious as to what experience others have been having, how they’ve gone about ranking up or why they’ve gone down in rank. The more I know, the better i’ll feel and i’d appreciate that.

(ll Pheature ll) #699

Haven’t been here for maybe a year massive fan
Game is still fresh and alive gotta say well that is how it feels but

My issue is the new ranking system I gotta say I’ve no idea how it works but it doesn’t seem fair I play mostly by myself and I come up against teams nearly every time I always do well the majority of the time maybe MVP or second on points to there winner side but I’m coming up against diamonds and onyx teams every match and I just really did my first five matches, and am only gold level one. … or have I misunderstood and the population on here is not as large as if it was id come in to a lot of other gold players at my quality of that makes any sense.

(III EnVii III) #700

What’s your Win Percentage and K/D?

Your rank will most likely be “stuck” like mine.

I’m sure if you made a new account, you’d get to Diamond in no time.

If you Solo Que, get MVP and Smooth Operator consistently, there’s no doubt you will get Diamond 100%.

(JowDaddyy) #701

KD is 0.93 and 54% Percentage, but recent seasons like this one it’s been far better. It’s 100% broken. You and I are both Onyx 2 when we shouldn’t be.

(III EnVii III) #702

The problem is that I don’t think TC fully reset on a new season and the system is Sitka holding on to all previous data from all seasons. This then goes against you if you have a number of games with history. If TC actually did rank and skill resets, it would give you a chance to settle at a true rank. Right now it gets to Onyx 2 and never moves.