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(AliceInChainsaw) #663

Sorry for the trip post, Was in between matches.

Yeah, so basically if you we use KOTH as an example. If you are MVP by caps alone then that’s fine. Your team needs caps to win. If you are consistently capping so much it’s putting you in the top slot and ideally winning matches - then you are performing well.

Pair this with a slayer who gets no caps but kills 100 people in a match…

Winning combo.

(SilentReaper962) #664

To go with what Alice said, I am currently between onyx 1 on koth, onyx 2 on 2v2 and diamond in 3 game modes. And I normally place MVP in around 90% of my games, and the other 10% I am #1 on my team but 2nd overall or #2 on my team.

I play teams of just me and randoms all the way up to 5 mans if I have friends on, and even when we lose I don’t go down unless within the last 5 games I wasn’t top 2, and the most I’ve been deranked in 1 sitting was when I was 92% D4 and we stalemated twice and lost 1-2 in tdm. And I believe I dropped down to 43% D4 or somewhere in there.

I was #1 on my team but #3 in the lobby.
So consistancy is key, at least consistently being top 3 on your team,

GT: SilentReaper962

(EVGA SLI) #665

don’t even bother with the stats they are broken

just play the game

(YuraGears) #666

I got my d5 on koth very fast this season, but my rank doesnt drop if i lose at all few % max. Maybe because previos season that was pain in the ■■■ to get it, i could lose 30%for one loss. So 5% for your loss is not much, just try to get better

(CraziestSock) #667

Ok but KOTH is ALL about capping and breaking. You could have (bear with me) 1k kills in a match and no caps, obviously your going to lose. Rank should be based on caps and breaks simply because that’s literally the game type. You could get 100 caps and 50 breaks with like 2 kills and still win. Basing KOTH off the amount of kills is dumb. That would be like making only assists in TDM, Dodgeball and Guardian make you rank up. As for these “slayers” you’re talking about, always at the bottom with 2 caps 2 breaks and usually the same or less amount of kills as the mvp is getting dumb. Im just super tired of pushing as hard as I can capping 20+ hills a match and breaking normally 7 or 8 and there are people on my team doing almost no caps and no breaks and we lose because of it. This rant isn’t directed at you Alice, just making a point that Caps and breaks wins games.

(AliceInChainsaw) #668

I don’t disagree.

However, if someone on the team is doing nothing but slaying, doesn’t that make it easier to get those caps and breaks - thus contributing to the win?

I’m notoriously bad at capping unless there is nobody else in the ring. Many times it’s because I exit the circle just before cap. I have to consciously make the effort, usually around the second half, to make sure I’m getting cap points to pop me into the top slot.

(CraziestSock) #669

Not from what ive been noticing playing solo. People push to the other side of the map to get kills instead of staying close to the hill and protecting it.

(AliceInChainsaw) #670

Ah, I see what you are saying.

Yeah, so that will help, but minimally. Especially if they kill on other side and then the next spawn is closer to hill.

I thought you just meant in general - in which case I’d use myself as the example - where I am killing near circle which leaves me looking like one of these people sometimes with lots of kills but not many caps (until I notice it and then consciously make the effort to put a foot in the ring. I can go from bottom of the team to MVP by just a handful of caps sometimes)

(CraziestSock) #671

Im just super tired of people that join KOTH and do the bare minimum to finish the game, see their ranks and they’re Onyx 2’s and 3’s? That’s just plain dumb and unfair to the people trying to win and advance in rank.

(AliceInChainsaw) #672

Sometimes it is a lottery…

One game I point to a lot was the following lineup:

Me - D3
Teammate: Silver
Teammate: Silver
Teammate: Gold
Teammate: Quit within 5 minutes

Opponent: D4
Opponent: D4
Opponent: D4
Opponent: O3
Opponent: O3

Needless to say, it didn’t end well for us. lol

(CraziestSock) #673

Oh tell me about it. I had games like this, I’ve also had games where my teammates are: O3,O3,O3,O3,O1 and the Opposite team was D4x5. I mean that’s just crazy, im playing solo and im getting matched with a full 5 stack of D4’s?! @the-coalition seriously needs to fix this in Gears 5. Im only going to gamepass Gears 5. Done spending money on Gears if they’re going to alienate most of the gears community by letting things that should have been fixed months ago still run rampant.

(BetOsOoN) #674

La verdad es que si esta muy mal el sistema de rangos de este juego cada que gano en 1ro y 2do lugar solo me sube un 5 o 10% y si pierdo me baja poco mas de 20% no es justo

(JowDaddyy) #675

I’m writing this to finally have an explanation from someone that is going to make sense for me as some of the occurrences iv’e had make absolutely no sense at all.

I was ranked in Gold 2 to start the season and was able to quickly make my way into Onyx as iv’e finished most seasons just outside of diamond despite diamond 5 players telling me that i should have achieved this rank when looking at some of the pathetically terrible players that have achieved it before me. Nonetheless, I kept playing and got into Onyx 3 with pretty constant movement, winning around 80% of my games. But once I hit Onyx 3 69%, despite continuing to win, my rank just froze. No matter what win I got, after 20 games played with consistently high performances and wins, my rank would not move, even though my two other Onyx 3 teammates who on most occasions would finish below me, were still going up. I’m not going to pretend that I achieve MVP on every occasion because it would be silly to lie about how I perform when seeking advice, but I would say I achieve 3rd, 2nd and 1st place on my team over 90% of the time when playing ranked with a 3 stack usually. Despite this and even more constant wins, my rank continued to freeze whilst my friends went up.

Following this, after one single loss, my rank dropped 7% whilst my teammates rank increased by 0.5% regardless of the fact that I had achieved 1st place on my team. After this, a viscous spiral began where despite winning around 80% of games and putting in reasonably good performances for my team, my friends continue to rank up whilst my rank still goes downwards, all the way down to 27%.

But this part is where the real confusion began. I continue to play with my friends whilst we are still on a winning streak of about 8 or 9, then after another win, I check my rank only to see that it has dropped by 7% exactly. Once I told my friends (who always try and figure out rational explanations for these issues but just can’t for my rank issues) they just had no idea what to say, and when I told my D5 friend about it, he simply said “The ranking system is completely broken”. A regression of 7% after a long streak of wins has never happened to me before but it has now, I cannot see any rational explanation as to why my rank went gradually from Gold 2 to Onyx 3 69% with me putting in the same performances at very similar standards only for it to gradually fall all the way down to the point where just yesterday, I fell down into Onyx 2. The most infuriating part of it all is the fact that I know that my performance didn’t change. I didn’t start choking all my games all of a sudden, I maintained a high level of performance and won the vast majority of games and my rank freezing the way it did makes no sense in the slightest. I understand that progression should slow once you’re getting closer to diamond, but there is a large difference between a ranks progress slowing, and progress stopping completely.

I was also told that apparently it’s a good idea to solo queue into matches to increase your rank, so despite me having a hatred for solo queuing in gears due to the incompetence of teammates (getting 80 kills for my team and still losing 2-0 lol), I still searched nonetheless. I was matched against a stack of five players who were Diamond 4, won the game 2-0 and obtained MVP whilst my team contained two diamond 2 players and the rest were Onyx 3’s. If that is not a quality performance and win, then i’m sorry but I no longer understand what one is. And yes, I am aware that if a rank is frozen then one game won’t moving, I am just trying to make a point as to some of the performances I have put in for my team and received absolutely nothing for.

And just to clarify, these issues are only occurring in KOTH. It’s the main game mode I play and after 1200 games of it, apparently fate is not on my side lol.

Any advice would be great.


I realized that my percentage is only rising being MVP and I say that it does not have to be MVP in all the matches no matter how many matches I get getting positive the porcetagem does not update as before, I won many matches and the ranking only updates with defeats, I got to onix 2 being MVP or not and now does not update anymore, today I’m onix 1 I regret this situation, I believe in my potential and I see other players that do nothing very special and the raking of them currently is from diamond 1 to dimante 5 , I am very sad at how gears 4 is today

(JowDaddyy) #677

The game just needs a system where if you win you go up and if you lose, you go down. I feel like it should’ve just copied Rainbow Six Siege. Sorry to hear you’re having problems man.

(JowDaddyy) #678

I honestly believe you should lose next to nothing for games like that.

(Paresis) #679

My game showed diamond but onyx 3 on the site, How do I get my diamond gnasher I really want it??? From last season… this has been an ongoing issue I’ve been trying to get resolved and The Coalition has not responded back to me on Twitter… please help Coalition, Thank You.

(CraziestSock) #680

Heres another reason Gears has me pissed off 90% of the time. Played a game of KOTH, someone on the opposite team quit, 2 people on my team did NOTHING to help cap of break until the END of the game and we still lost because of this. All they did the ENTIRE game was try and snipe, which they were trash at. I will post the picture to show just how broken this game is. SUPER TIRED OF THIS CRAP!

(ll Pheature ll) #681

Never seen this to now,
So many questions

Firstly, I play mainly by myself I’m joining up against mainly squads and they are diamonds and onyx mainly onyx and I’m just a gold tier 1 in koth, I do real good thou in the matches it feels, do amount of ring caps affect the rank or is it just like k/d or what all effects it actually or is everything took in to consideration like every little detail from assists to even if a bounty was used and completed to what what banners you get like MVP most assists ect, this is me just touching the tip of ice berg I’ve so much to ask but I just have one more thing, after the first 5 matches to find your ranking is it possible to get onyx or does everyone’s start off at like bronze silver or gold…

Edit: I forgot to add it feels as if I lose a lot of matches due to the fact I’m by myself and my team are always well below how I play for some reason but sometimes they are real good will all that also be took in to factor? Like if I’m put up with a ■■■■ team against a real strong team and I come first in my team and second overall to a diamond player how would that exactly work even if we lost terribley

(ColdChris1879) #682

Whilst I do not “on most occasions finish below you” I can say that you do not perform poorly most of the time. You most certainly do not deserve to have fallen below Onyx 3 and I do genuinely believe that the system and your account have some sort of issue because I’m afraid it makes no sense. My least favouite phrase has become “our ranking system is working as intended”.

Idc about my rank, already got the diamond gnasher and snub. But from JowDaddys point of view what’s the point in trying if the system is against you.

Sort it out “Coalition”.