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(oTRaV GuNNeRo) #642

Ill normally check after im gonna switch game modes or if im just playing one mode ill check every 3-5 games. It used to always update faster but now im on like 8 games and it says the same thing so im just taking a break. Maybe next time I play it’ll be fine

(oTRaV GuNNeRo) #643

Im onyx 2 58% but hasnt moved


Thanks for the info. Now I’ll just play for fun knowing I’ll never ever be a Diamond. sob

(TSG BlackUltrax) #646

Getting to diamond 1 or 2 is quite easy. But when you reach diamond 3 its hard to get to 4 and even harder to get to 5.

(Cxntive R8) #647

Yo tengo un caso en el que llegue a 99.49 y nunca me subió a 100% a pesar de que ganaba y ganaba, gané como unas 10 y nunca me subió ni siquiera .01% en cambio después de muchas ganadas perdí una sola y me bajo a 9.35% después gané como 4 y no me subió, sin en cambio perdí otra y me bajo a 99.17%. ya no sé cómo hacer para que mi rango suba a 100% para tener mi diámante. Soy onyx 3 99.17%

(lMN here) #648


Why do weapons need to cool down if you didn’t shoot the active reload out yet?
It doesn’t really make any sense that it needs cooling if you let the active reload time out without shooting. Don’t you think this game would be more competitive if active reloads cooled down only after shooting with them or getting a gun jam?

And are you going to do anything about the active reloads in 2v2 Gnashers?
Since we spawn with and sometimes without them wouldn’t it be better to remove the active reload or the cool down timer?

(ANDROIDguy) #649

team of golds matched with diamonds from d3 to d5.

We lost and I got down 11% as gold 3.

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Everyone that block you anonymously so you can’t find any games should be banned. I’m over it man, cancelling gears 5 pre order and selling my Xbox one x, hello ps4.

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(DD Nicky) #652

The problem is still and I’m pretty tired of winning winning and winning and the percentage just move when I lose

Ranking system omg
(Omen LP) #653

Ohhh, I’m not raging, I’m more laughing at the fact that they are actually defending it, as something that makes sense…



my team: 1 Onyx, 1 Gold (me), and 3 unranked. Their team? 5 Onyx (three Onyx3, two Onyx 2, at least 3 playing together). We get demolished.

I lost 5% of rank.

Just made me laugh…

What’s the layman explanation for this drop? “as gold 1 you were expected to do better against onyx 3 opponents, so your gold rank will drop because you didn’t best onyx players”…

In what universe does that make sense? :wink:

Again, they aren’t changing anything, I don’t really care about rank, I’m not ranting or raging, I am laughing at their audacity in claiming that this system makes sense, in the context of mixed rank players in a team sport.

(Stoic Slab) #654

Maybe that’s the problem. Not the mechanics of how rankings work, but what ranking is supposed to represent. When TC says it is “working as intended,” then that may very well be the case. The issue, however, is that we don’t understand or agree with what that means.

More specifically, TC hasn’t done an effective enough job communicating what the ranking system’s purpose is. At face value, it is representative of your personal skill, yet this is in conflict with the fact that Gears, by its very nature, relies heavily on teamwork. (Could that be the reason that there hasn’t been a dedicated free-for-all mode?)

Personally, I never cared about rankings (I’m rather mediocre in versus) so I only have an outsider’s perspective on this matter; but maybe the solution lies with asking TC what its purpose is. If their answer is simple, then so is the solution. If they can’t, then the system is inherently flawed.

(AliceInChainsaw) #655

Hate when this happens.

I was D3 with 2 silvers and a gold and a quitter against 3 D4’s and 2 O3’s.

Fair and balanced? Not so much.

However, what you want to do in this type of match is not worry about winning - just play your best and shoot for ending on top of your team. If you had gotten the top spot you would probably have dropped less if at all… but, that also depends on how you’ve performed over a series of matches not just this one. I will also note that 5% is small potatoes in terms of drop % - so perhaps you do moderately well most of the time.

That’s what dictates your rank movements. A combination of game performances. If you’ve been on the lower half of your team in matches (even on wins) you’re going to be tipping the scale to take a bigger hit when you finally lose a match.

On the flip, if you’re consistently on the top, even when you pull a loss it isn’t going to affect you much.

Rank is about the last 5 or 6 games. Not the one you just played.
Hope that clarifies a bit on how it works.

(TACO MALL) #656

I would kill for 5% drop.
I’ve dropped 40% in the past week. Some wins some losses and a few mvp.

(Omen LP) #657


I UNDERSTAND how it works :wink:

My point, from the very start, is that the general approach used, the elo system, was designed and intended to rank and judge 1v1 competitions. Either individual 1v1 (chess, tennis) or team 1v1 (FIFA Footbal, etc). It was NEVER intended to rank INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS within a team sport.

So TC made up some stuff, which completely ignores the reality of what we have: teams with very different ranked players on them.

G1 on top of a team of bronzes is rewarded. G1 at the bottom of a team of onyx isn’t, even if outscoring onyx players on the other side…

Anyhow, doesn’t matter… nothing will change now, we all have our opinions about it, that’s all. I unserstand exactly how the system works. And I enjoy making sarcastic comments when the system clearly does the illogical… (like punishing a gold player for losing to an onyx team).

It’s possible to drop from gold to silver, because of constant loses to onyx. How does that same sense? You don’t “deserve” to be gold, because you are losing to onyx?

Like I said, system completely ignores the realy of mixed rank player teams…

(AliceInChainsaw) #658

I don’t think you were punished for losing to an onyx team though. I think you lost rank because you were at the bottom of your unranked team and your team also didn’t win the match. ( I don’t know how unranked are counted in the skill system though.)

Had you been at or near the top I would venture a guess you wouldn’t have moved at all. However, I don’t know how you did in the last 5 games or so leading up to this one so I’m just throwing darts.

To give an example of them counting previous matches… I was 84% D3 in a game. My PC locked up in first round of KOTH and I didn’t get back in until the 3rd round. When I did come back my controls were all hosed so I was basically an AI player at that point.

We lost. On top of that loss I was at bottom of the team.

I didn’t move rank at all.

The next day I did consistently poorly compared to my usual performance in about 3 games. Two of them won but I was in mid to bottom of the pack so I moved a total of 7% up. I’m at 92% D3.

Third game I lost. Was 4th place on my team.

Demoted to D2 37%.

It’s a scale and you have to consistently work to keep it tipped in your favor. Vary the teams you play with. Play solo a lot. Always strive for top dog on your team and of course the match win.

It took me about 3 or 4 wins and hitting either MVP or very near it to feel that I’m somewhat back to an even background skill that I will start moving up again. Once you have that ‘background credit’ you can afford a loss or two, or a poor game here and there without impact.

(Mr Perkinator) #659

5 boxes on my main account today, 2 with a diamond 2(I’m onyx 3) he gains no %, I hop on a 2nd account that’s silver 1 , win 3 games and he gains 0.2, he jumps on a unplaced 2nd account we win three games and I’m still at the 40% I started at in onyx 3

(KatzeVomMond) #660

So if as an example I go 1 to 50 in an escalation or koth match, but have so many ring caps that I get the MVP, I am getting less deranked than if I would have 50 Kills and 1 death but no caps, so I would end up in the lower section of the scoreboard?

(AliceInChainsaw) #661


(AliceInChainsaw) #662

There’s generally slayers and cappers both are useful in their own respects… I try to be a mix of both.