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(DD Nicky) #621

My complaint is on the percentage at the moment of raising the emblems, I am an onyx 2 and it had 89 % and low me to 50 % and I have won up to 5 followed items and it has raised not even an one per cent, but when I lose one if it lowers me the most rapid, so to correct the failure porfavor that this cannot be still like that because this way I am never going to rise at all, just now I have not even gaining 2 followed ones and it has not even raised anything … it should be already an onyx 3 almost for diamond … I need already help porfavor this does not like anything like that. A greeting thank you


Omg this google translation is terrible lmao

(OneButtNugget) #624

You do realize hundreds of other players have been saying this right? saying it again won’t really help.


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(xTheAntMan) #626

I’m guessing that the teams you beat were weaker skill than yourself, in which case you are “expected” to win/do well and probably don’t gain any rank by doing so.

The problem with Gears is the player population is relatively low (not to mention party in ranked which is another issue). You have matches mixed with unranked, bronze, silver, gold, onyx players all the time. In other MP games with higher population you get matched up only with players very close to your rank. In this case when you do well you clearly move up and you can certainly feel the competition is better as you go higher.

I’m expecting higher population and with that more balanced teams with the XP event next week.

(Krylon Blue) #627

I think people are confused with the fact that this is a ranking system; not a progression system.

You move up “rank” in Call of Duty by earning XP and progressing to the next rank. This isn’t a true ranking system. This is the same type of system that Gears uses for your Level/Re-Up.

You move up “rank” in Gears 4 by performing to the standard that is required for that rank. You will eventually get “stuck” as so many have complained but that’s by design. Not everyone can be a Diamond or Onyx 3 player. If you perform well in a match and win but you don’t move up there’s a good chance you performed as you were expected to for your current rank. You didn’t dominate the lobby in the same way a player that’s higher skill than you would have.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people can’t grasp this concept. Yes, there are some flaws with the system that are out of our control but overall most players will likely stay where they belong. The only confirmed case I’ve heard of a player being locked for no reason was @III_EnVii_III but that’s an exception to the rule.


There is a huge problem with matchmaking and people leaving games in KOTH, which I’m sure everyone knows already!! I have had tons of unfairly balanced games this entire week and as a result have lost my rank due to the other teams being severely overpowered and people quitting in every second game I play. The other night I was in a full squad with our highest player on Onyx 2 and we got put against a team of two D5’s and onyx’s and since then the game has just become more and more frustratingly horrible to play for myself and many on my friends list.

If issues like this don’t get seeing to fast I’m afraid more and more people won’t bother with KOTH as it’s becoming exceedingly difficult to rank up and keep my rank even with a squad.

(DD Nicky) #629

my problem about the percentage in equal follows or worse, only moves when I lose and when I win 3 or 4 games in a row does not raise anything, I’m a bit sick of that the truth, was onice 2 and now onice 1 and continues to drop though win the games low me, should be onice 3 and I’m not because of that fault, I need a solution please.

(chickenpantRus) #630

I just got MVP agasint 1 Diamond player, 2 or three tier 3 ONYX players won the match, and you are telling me my winning percentage did not go up? It stayed at 37% I did not take the picture of the loosing team, but I know I played against 1 diamond player and two or 3 ONYX player. My score is a lot higher than there’s and I had positive K/D. Don’t get mad at me and tell me there is nothing wrong with the ranking system or prevent people from viewing this Topic. It seems to me you do this way too often on me. Sorry if I am annoying you, but my stats did not move at all for me.

(EVGA SLI) #631

i quite giving a damn about stats and just play the game. it’s a broken fuster cluck

(API) #632

Don’t look at your percentage on a game-to-game basis. The last several games will give you a better idea of why your percentage is moving a certain way. If you won with MVP vs high rated opponents, then the reason you didn’t go down is because your background rank is lower than your “37%” rank. It needs to catch up before you can start moving up again. Your background rank could be lowered due to a very bad game you’ve had recently or a series of mediocre performances.

The system is not transparent enough with this whole “background rank” stuff and so I don’t blame you for complaining.

(Im Going Savage) #633

Your game is full of Randoms that don’t know how to play Ranked yet still choose to play it and go 2-10 and I’m supposed to carry these kids every game and try to rank up it’s impossible when I carry and my team is gettting so many deaths that we loose the match then I loose Percentage towards diamond smh you officially ruined Gears

(Benallatrump911) #634

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(Abomination KO) #635

Season 4 TDM went 5 wins 1 loss with 2 friends. I went positive KD 5 times and even 1 time my Onyx 2 went from 16% to 9%. Why? Help please. I was at 76% in Onyx 2 but keeps falling no matter how good of a night I have.

(Abomination KO) #636

What’s the deal with ranking? My Onyx 2 dropped from 16% to 9% after going 5 wins 1 loss on TDM, Went positive 5 games and on the one loss I went even. I was surprised to see a negative change. Any help?

(TTv SpiderMan) #637

Hello The Coalition :slight_smile:
I had a problem wanting to rise in rank in guardian, when I play the games and win I do not upload anything, however when I lose if I lower a percentage.
I hope you can help me remove that problem.
My Gt: TTv SpiderMan
thank you

(TSG BlackUltrax) #638

What rank are you? Its normal that you have to win over 6 games in a row to gain anything when you are diamond 3 or higher. Also from onyx 3 to diamond 1 is one of the toughest rank up. Its a struggle to get from diamond 4 to 5. It takes like 200 wins and good performance every single game. I do not know how some people could reach diamond 5 in koth within 1 week( talking about azura zL. Liets. Likeadr3am, RQ Gnasher) and those guys

(III EnVii III) #639

The only way is by being past Diamond 5’s, running in a 5-Man D5 Squad and playing all day every day.


Does it take 200 wins in a row to get a Diamond 5?

(TSG BlackUltrax) #641

Not in a row but it definitely takes alot of wins back to backm cause if you are diamond 4 and you loose one or two games you might be back to diamond 3.