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then how can i get 2 bronze or silvers against a team with two or more onyxs in escalation- when i was onyx and gold 3 in S2 and 3 this didn’t happen but now it happens frequently- im happy to post the screenshots i have to substantiate what im saying. i ran into my old team other day in their new roster i had two slivers against one D3 and 4 onyx 3s- we didn’t have a single onyx or diamond player on ours; how is that lobby based on true skill number?

also ive had games where i have 60-80 time dead 24 kills and 18 downs and gained nothing moreover ive lost % when i beat higher ranks and ive also dropped tiers due to quitters in back to back matches after ranked up in S3.

how would four be the opposite of an MMR based system? it was a suggestion of numeric input TC could trail that is more consistent than one they have in place currently.

Does it? in previous gears theyve had them then removed them and if it were dedicated would i dc with fibre when on the preferred server- ive had games where dc’d then tried rejoin 8/9 times but the match wont let me then ive lost 10-15% percent for it.

to be honest i think either 5 or 6 then a master rank after for top 200 in ranked would be a good idea- along with leader boards- gives people at onyx and diamond something else to grind for instead of just credits and xp.

lastly to go back to your point yes you can win 4v5 easy in tdm , execution or guardian but its rare in objective game modes unless its koth and you play spawns to a tee then its nae so hard but on escalation it makes all the difference- then you can only win if only have one round left or the other team isnt stacked or not playing life/rotating properly but if they are you’re nearly always at a cross and rotational disadvantage. additionally the ranking system then punishes you even though you were less likely to win once someone quits perhaps if the system recognises someone has quit it could adjust the likelihood of your team winning once nae longer a 5v5 through a simple calculation.

Ta for reply bud is appreciated

^Wow, you guys are really into writing novels here.

It’s really simple, the ultimate solution:

Either TC fix the lag compensator NOT to give advantage to poor connection players


Prevent those lag comp abusers and other Starbucks wifi warriors to compete in Ranked VS multiplayer matches.

Everything else are just minor details comparing to this stated above, the main reason for quitters, afkers and all messy everdissolving ranked lobbies.


People quit id say 80-90 % of the time because theyre NOT PLAYING WELL. People will quit games even if their team is winning simply because they’re at the bottom of the scoreboard. Sure there’s lag but these players will not quit if they’re performing well and don’t have anything to say about the lag then. But let them start sucking then all of a sudden they quit because of “lag”.


Maybe not everyone but is it possible they’re not doing well because of the lag? I’ve played several games where I clearly outplayed the enemy but I’ve lost battles for no reason other than them sponging every shot that came their way. Because of this, the scoreboard was showing I wasn’t doing that well when in reality I was playing superior to the whole enemy team but their connection benefitted them majorly. Generally I find a way to do well against high pings but the inconsistency makes for a frustrating experience. I shouldn’t have to work harder than someone else just because I’m pinging at 20ms and they’re jumping between 100ms and 1100ms.

Now, that’s not to say I support quitters. No one should quit for any reason except the unexpected emergency that does arise. But to say they’re only quitting because of their performance and blaming it on lag doesn’t necessarily make sense here as it sounds like you’re saying they’re using it as nothing more than an excuse. But truth be told lag does have a major play in this game and unless they address this issue quitting will continue for this reason. That’s not to say quitting will disappear all together because there are players that do quit due to their lack of skill but the way you wrote it sounds like you say most of the quitters only quit and use lag as an excuse.

(Note: This isn’t a hostile post towards you and I understand translation can be lost in text form so if I mistook your stance please accept my apology in advance.)


The rank system will always be broken because this community still has not learned to play this game and still HAVE THE DESIRE/NEED to manipulate multiplayer to PRETEND and it is making the game BORING and very visually FAKE. I play every game by myself and every season this community continues to ruin this game and here is how:

this game is supposed to be a 5v5. Most of the community sit in parties (that’s fine with me)… The team I’m playing against should want to beat me… BUT EVERY GAME, My OWN teammates are dying on purpose and giving up spots to the other team… WHY??? BECAUSE the 4 other people that are put on my team every game want me to carry them… But want to steal my rightful MVP every game, so when it is clear that my point numbers are getting too high that they can’t keep up, my team will stop playing.
2.) This type of manipulation has resulted in all of the following:
-every game mode has been ruined. In TDM/warzone/dodgeball/execution, your own team will die over and over. Guardian, your team will never try to kill the leader/die right away if they are leader. KOH, is the only surviving game mode because the manipulation in games (where the teams are trading off on spots 50 seconds/10 seconds or 30/30…causing longer matches and people pad their stats. (Most games will go 3 rounds when one team is clearly better and are just allowing the fake gameplay to happen because being in on it, they are gifted kills/caps.
-getting players on the other team to quit the game for you

***** Dear TC, I have been a loyal supporter of gears since the first installment. None of the previous GOW titles ever had this issue. I tried to address the problem with having core/competitive back in season 1 to deaf ears, and how escalation shows no skill and is just a cover up for the manipulation by having the rounds end instantly if someone runs the wrong way (which I can’t blame you for, I’d try my hardest to hide how this community is ruining a game that I put my heart into also).
Those issues coupled with the manipulation, you lost more than half your player base. All this is happening because more than 90% of your community bought a shooting video game, but do not want the other team to shoot back at them…
I am unbiased and just want the best for this game/franchise moving forward. I’m the only one the truly knows the extent of all this and I know how to truly solve/curb this manipulation…bc it is clear that whomever you consider in this community to be giving you true feedback, are clearly not doing their job

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Instead of guessing weather or not “they” think I should win . Why not match me up with people that are an even match instead of putting me up against a team of noobs that actual wins because I had a bad match ( ya know me getting lag with Mexico or getting booted ) and now all my weeks of hard work is trash since it took me 2 weeks to get 30% and 20 min to lose it . I also dont like how I am penalized for playing in a group of friends . If you really like the game it’s not hard to find I team and I’ve been doing it since hosting matches in years 1 .Using teamwork to win should be encouraged but then again , I remember someone from TC on Twitter admitting to letting people get kills to keep them playing . It’s like penalizing a boxer for training harder than his opponent for the win.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. I play games like dodge ball and TDM and have like 14 kills 3 deaths and lose MVP to someone with 15 kills 18 deaths because they kept running in and dying on purpose and/or mot playing to then be last guy. Maybe TC should look up what “MVP” stands for because apparently going 15/18 is more valuable than 14/3 in team deathmatch. I didnt at first but I am convinced teams get an opposing player to purposely die since I can be winning TDM by 7 lives with only 3min left and a switch goes off and a player on my team starts just running at 4 guys out in the open to certain death for no reason.


I just played one of my most sweatiest games ever against a five stack and we were a five stack too. It was KOTH on Dam we won 2-1. On the enemy team there have been 3 D5, 1 D3 and 1 D2. On our team 2 D3, 1 D4 and 2 D1(including me, I am D1)

So how the hell didnt I go up a single percent while we won, I had over 50 kills and a good KD.
0 percent after winning 5 matches in a row!!!


We’re you on COG or Swarm side?

And these are the worst.

Like 30+ Minute KOTH matches and you finally get the win - but no increase even though the opposite team was higher ranked …


We have been on COG side
Yea it was one of the sweatiest game I have played so far. It was going almost 30 minutes.

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From what I understand,

You seem to be predicted to win if your are ok the Swarm side and expected to lose if you are on the COG side or at least the that’s the where the game weighs the teams.

So being on the COG side and winning should give you a bigger boost or at least some boost in % …

Is that true?

So I can tell if I’m predicted to win or not by which team I’m on? (Swarm or Cog?).

It’d be great if the game told you at the beginning of a match if you’re predicted to win or not. It’d be even better if it also told you what % you’d gain by winning and lose by losing

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Seems like it.

When in a 5-stack I’m always Swarm as the game heavily sways it’s expectation on you to win.

Unless there’s a higher ranked 5-man squad which would then swing you to COG.

Also, playing solo, being on COG the game game would give you less harsh % drops but much better % gains than Locust …

I hope in Gears 5 they tell you how much you gain or loose in-game after every match. I would rather see that, than this bs online/homepage looking all the time.

By the way I am D2 in KOTH once again…lets see how long I can keep it or maybe even reach D3 once again!!!


It’s extremely infuriating being at Onyx 3 and stagnating at 60-80% because people quitting. I’m not sure what but maybe some kind of ribbon or algorithm could be put into place to lessen the impact of losing when multiple people quit.


Hi TC and guys, currently “onyx 2” in a match to the death, up to 15% now of onyx 3. When I resumed the progress partially ranked (TDM) yesterday afternoon I stopped at 75% of the “Onyx 3” and to reach this stage it took me 2 days. Last night, after some victories, and few defeats, the calculator removes nearly 15% during my visit to the site via “stats”. And since this morning, total collapse: each defeat costs me between 7 and 12% of the next level, to now go down to 15%. It seems that somewhere the calculator does not use the right factors to calculate the points to be dealt to the player to go up rank. In this case if some factors for the scale are not taken into account, give the possibility to reach this rank otherwise as halo “reach”, by corresponding experience points to his made in part with or without victory bonus, point . We start from recruit to arrive “inheritor”. In addition, through this system it will always be able to face players of his rank, even reset it on demand to make it a prestige. Because in these conditions of evaluation, the system of this scale restricts the player and its progression and frustrates the time spent for nothing to play.

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I feel that this whole ranking system is completely imappropriate.

TC, without meaing to be insulting or whatever, just stating facts, took a system for ranking 1v1 chess players, where winning or lossing a match was everything and was a complete and total indicator of relative skill, and “fudged it” to try and apply it to individual players within a team based competition. Totally ignoring the reality of individual performance within a team, ignoring reality of teams filled with widely ranked and skilled players, totally ignoring the random nature of some of the game modes (random spawns in KOTH determine winner/loser a lot of the times, in close games).

IMO, they need to forget about the winning or losing, and focus on individual performance of the people in the match, relative to others’, taking into consideration the relative ranking.

I played multiple games where I outscored higher ranked players, sometimes considerably higher, and I got no movement in rank. Why not? Ohh, we were expected to win. SO WHAT!?!? Was I expected, as gold 1, to outscore 4 onyx players!?? If I was, maybe I shouldn’t be gold 1. If I wasn’t, then I should have moved up.

This mentalily of “get MVP” totally ignores mismatched teams. I play on a team with a diamond 4 and 2 onyx players. I am gold 1. So I’m expected to outscore diamond and onyx players to show that I should move up to gold 2 from gold 1? Makes no sense…

Telling a D4 player “you are D4, you are expected to win all your games” is pure nonse , ignoring the reality of him/her playing with gold and silver players on his team, in an objective team based mode…

Take the lessons learned here, admit this experiment didnt work, and come up with something better for the next season/game. Not by tweaking this one, start fresh.


I don’t understand this system at all. You can win 4 and lose one inch worming your way up the percent only to get severely pushed down. By the time anything is actually done i doubt it’s going to matter.

You shouldn’t have to spend a month or more to achieve diamond 1 in a playlist 2 or 3 weeks is acceptable but more than that is flat out ludicrous.

I can’t be bothered to dedicate amount of time it takes to go from silver 2 to O3 in a playlist just to seesaw at 60-80% for weeks on end because of bad teammates or quitters, not when there are so many other games with viable rank systems


So played a few TDM and KOTH matches yesterday.

Did pretty good in all of them.

No % increase.

So waste of time really.

Lost one KOTH game because Round 2 started and 3 people dropped out.

Lost 12%.

Proceeded to switch off game :+1:


It seems like this game only considers the quitters if you’re in the winning team and you’ll gain no rank. But if you’re the team that lost teammates you’ll lose percentage. It’s beyond stupid.