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I still don’t see a point sitting in a 2v5 or 1v5 and wasting my time getting t-bagged for 7 rounds. If the option to quit after 5 minutes is there, why punish people for using it?
Just remove the option or add a warning text or something.

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@TC_Octus Why is a player allowed to have their split screen guest in a ranked match? Why not a social one instead? When I run in to them they usually never perform well. And sometimes I’ve see them without their ping not matching up but their gamer tags the ones with the parenthesis do. I even saw in a social match a main account leave but their guest staying to play and continue on with the next match.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll pass it to the team as it’s a topic we’ve briefly discussed before.

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The other day I gained 20% after winning two but not gaining; went 21k 16 downs 10breaks 5 caps and 15deaths we won 3 rounds 4v5 then when went 30-32-10 4v5 with mvp I gained 8% losing 7-6; the system does reward you for staying and sweating when outnumbered for sure.

Also please address the split screen hing in ranked had a escalation game today where two split screen players went 5-7 kills 20 deaths then left me and 2 others carried cause other team weren’t great; however soon as they left we got slaughtered even if two of us got 2/3 kills cause if one or more traded after getting dub or triple kill the opposing team still had one or more players up.

How does system decides the player skill base?
Can we know our skill base

Thanks @TC_Octus

Is the War Journal going to get updated with the 2v2 GNASHERS mode?
The discontinued Warzone mode and Hammerburst as a primary weapon are in there.

Are there going to be any bounties for 2v2 GNASHERS?
i.e. Kill both enemies by yourself, Win 3 or more rounds without dying, Win all rounds etc…

Also I found some bugs in the private 2v2 GNASHERS.
The clip has four parts to it showing each bug I found.

I just played 2 matches and won. My stats stayed at 61%. I lost my 3rd match I lost and got 58.99%? What the hell!!! That does not make sense. How am I supposed to rank up if your ranking system does not move me at least 1% or 2%. That is bull crap. Come one coalition, what kind of ranking system says " You rank up by wins" -_-*. That is a lie! A week ago, I was a gold tier 2. I lost my match with more deaths then kills and you what happened? I got promoted to tier 3 Gold? which one is it coalition win or lose and don’t keep a players stats at the same number percentage if I win 2 matches. Other wise I am wasting my time winning

Winning doesn’t guarantee going up.

Losing almost always guarantees going down, or staying the same.

Hey i think this is absolutely brilliant, even myself who has been playing this game for 10 odd years did not have a full understanding of this “backround” fact… i knew that there was obviously something driving your personal performance that connects with wins/losses, however the MMR explanation definitely describes my EXACT situation. Yesterday me and some friends were playing for about 8 hours straight in KOTH, Normally i just play alone, or with one friend, because the time that i have to play GOW during the week is limited to a few hours in the evening ususally, so my weekends are reserved for the “grinding” as my many people call it lol.

Anyways, so we play maybe about 12-15 matches, win all except 3 maximum… and i only grew a total of 10% ALL DAY. Not to mention i got mvp i believe 3 of the matches, with positive k/d in all . The reason for not growing which now makes more sense, is that i did not place top 1 or 2 on the leaderboards when running with my friends, because they are equal if not better players than i am, so i was not performing as well with them overall as i usually would if i join a game randomly in KOTH, when alone i am almost always top or 2nd top on my side, with a ton of points and caps, sometimes up to 70-80 kills. All of a sudden when i play with my friends, we all have fun no doubt, and we ALL grow (maybe not a ton), some will grow more or less than others depending on previous performance, in comparison to the games you are currently playing!

So, API, this is an awesome post and i think it should be reposted again in another form so many people can see this. There are still PLENTY of people unsatisfied with the system, and im sure 80% of these people just dont understand the system. I am now much more accepting of this system, and i actually think it is fair, and clear. I just wish TC would have supplied this information VERY CLEARLY in a more available way from the jump . Great post man.


Nice post

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Hey again guys, i know this thread may already be dead but i just felt some more input would be interesting. Based on what i was mentioning in my earlier post, i just wanted to share my experience i had tonight, I have heard SO many people asking about this very same issue (refer to my recent post), that i think people would benefit from realizing there are most likely hundreds of people in your situation.

so tonight i played 5 ranked matches in KOTH - i went in alone only and played with randoms. this was because i wanted to perform very well amongst the other players - which i did… of the 5 matches i won ALL of them, mvp for one of them, and placed in the top 2 for the other four. this might not have happened if i was playing with friends because they are all proven skilled players. but this was my goal, to go in alone, and place very highly on my team, whether i won or lost, to keep my “backround” performance moving consistaently. so now i am operating at a skill level that is so balanced with my “visual rank”, that during the 5 games that we won, i only grew in % from one of them, and that was the match i got mvp. we were probably destined to lose, and were paired up against higher skilled players mathematically. the last 4 matches i played i didnt go up even 1%.

that being said, this is a great example of being in a place where your performance rank or MMR as API called it, is in sync with your visual rank (gold, onyx, diamond etc.) in order for me to grow to the next rank, i either need to start getting a ■■■■ load of more points, which is difficult when i am playing the best that i can… or… play against teams that have higher rank, which is obviously out of my control, so its mostly the luck of the mathcmaking system to pair me up against slightly higher rank players, and then i must win… today from one match i went from 64% to 84%… in one game after getting mvp. and before this, i was stuck at 64 for about 10 games. lost some won some.

even when i lose matches now, i rarely even lose % points. i have now have a track record of consistent performance in my games that i play, and unless i play EXTREMELY poorly, i will not drop because my performance is right in line with my rank. for the 10-15 people i have heard in the last week or so speaking about this, hopefully we can all understand how this works now, and i would love to start seeing people appreciate the game as a game, and not getting so worked up about rank. obviously i “care” about my rank, but if i dont pass to the next tier im a grownup - i will not cry, so please guys, feel free to share if anyone has a similar situation …

and quitters… STOP QUITTING YOU ARE KILLING ME… much love to all the true gear heads, still love playin this game and killin it online with you guys

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I can win many games that my percentage does not change, now if I lose a match my percentage drops, it’s hard to be Onix 2 the more diamond

To me this is because you are most likely performing worse than you used to., Meaning the system is used to a fertain standard of performance from you (wins points, rounds won etc.) And for whatever reason you are not matching that level of playing. Even though you may still be playing well, maybe before you were just killing it. I think just with some consistent gameplay, whether you win or lose, that will help balance out your individual skill… And then once that is balanced with your onyx 1 rank, you will start to grow again if you beat players you were equal or better than you in the games

The reason why you are dropping % points is because you operating at a lower level of gameplay than your account is used to… and also maybe losing to teams that are slightly lower ranks… And that is a terrible combo. Thats why even when i lose, i dont mind too much because as long as i still perform well in the game i not drop at all, or very little because my individual skill is right on par right now with my visual rank. Hope that helps


Okay so at this point if nothing is done I’m actually uninstalling this game. I was diamond 5 in team death last season and I can’t even maintain my diamond 4 ! I win usually about 20 - 30 games and go up like 10 percent , then whenever somebody lags out on our team we loose one and I drop to 0 percent when I’m on the top of my team !!! This makes no logical sense , my account still has the rank drop problem. I love this game , I have played this game 4 hours every day for the past 2 years. I am so frustrated that I am about to switch over to black ops 4 . I really don’t want to but I’m just tired of stesssing over this dumb game. Please tc fix my account , the only helpful on your whole team is evil one . He is the only person from tc who I have ever had a conversation with . And he actually helped me ! But if I don’t get any help or anyone at least looking into this problem then I’m done and I am not buying gears 5.





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Hi! Lately I’ve started playing Gears again and I’m playing rank! But I just realize my stats are not moving at all!!! They are frozen! I keep winning and having more kills then death but when I go see my numbers in the war journal the numbers for the kills and death are the same over and over again.

Any one would know what this is all about? And I’m not talking about the percentage. I’m really talking about the numbers of kills and the numbers of death.
I didn’t even check yet if it’s the same for the wins and losses but that’s next on the check list


Cause I love gears and I play after work every day , but I might have to switch it up because the raking system is being very unfair :frowning: and it ruins the whole game for me . If i dident drop to 0 percent after one loss on tdm I would have been diamond 5 the first day

And yeah I had the same problem for a while , somebody in the coalition has to manually go in and fix it

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Wow what