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I’m definitely not lucky, having a low, stable ping means I get more BS than TC would ever believe :+1:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: ok let me rephrase Luckier

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Luckier out of still unlucky is not that much better anyway :sweat_smile:


Exactly this happend to me in season 1 escalation and it never switched to diamond. Messaged TC but they ignored me.

Getting 100% does not mean you go to the next rank. It’s means you are 100% THAT rank. TC has explained that to get to the next rank, you are expected to get “around 102%” to move into the next category.
It’s convoluted, I know. Everything they do is. They really need a staff member to work customer satisfaction and public relations as they have been severely lacking in this regard.


Your observations reflect my exprience and my understanding of the ranking commentry from TC. I think Season 2 is where a lot of the confusion about the ranking system began. I understand the placement games carried over some stats from Season 1. By way of example I got an Onyx 2 rank at the beginning of Season 2 (which flattered my abilities) and gave me the impression i was better than i was. My rank gradually declined, by the end of the season I was Gold 3. Season 3 - after some rough luck in my placement matches I started at Silver 2, then steadily climbed to high Gold 3, never quite breaking into Onyx. Season 4 I think bounced between Gold 2 and 3 a couple of times. That and getting thrashed regularly by onyx players convinced me I’m not yet onyx material.

The in-built unfairness is that playing in a stack with an Onyx 2 or above will tend to drag up players like myself into the Onyx bracket due to the regular winning which solo players don’t benefit from. I come across Onyx 1 and 2 players who don’t really warrant the rank, I suspect these players have built up their rank by playing in squads. I wonder if it’s possible to have the ranking system check squad and solo game performance so one verifies the other. Maybe as you reach a rank threshold the system requires you to play say 5 solo games to check you are performing at the same level when not in a squad. Probably to complicated but would reduce the inbuilt unfairness experienced by solo players.

Your explanation makes a lot of sense and it’s easy to understand (the devs most definitely need a PR department).

So it goes like this: the public rank means little since the background / private rank is the one that actually maters? Genius.

Here’s a wild crazy idea: scrap the current “public” rank and replace with the “private” rank that seems to be the only one that matters.

I still don’t get it why TC loves variants since all they do is create confusion and angry players, just look at core & competitive tunings.

Just chiming in my opinion (which after many thorough tests I believe to be considered more towards fact rather than opinion), all that matters is winning the match. If you win, your % will go up, if you lose it’s going down. Simple as that. Completely awful, but simple.

Nope, I can win 10 straight matches and MVP quite a few of them and it doesn’t go up many times. In some matches I perform amazingly and in others pretty good but I also realize those pretty good matches likely are performances similar to my current rank.

Getting kills and minimising deaths PLUS a win will help you rank up the fastest.

thanks API, is clear now.it is a real,serious competitive ranking system,it is a big good work! :clap:

Maybe I can get the job.

My personal experience has come from being diamond 1 trying to get to 2. It was literally if I lost, it went down, if I won it went up, no matter how well I did. Maybe it’s different depending on rank.

Your not guaranteed percentage for winning nor are you guaranteed drop percentage for losing.

Giving up on this cog gear already, lost a couple tdm games this season to the point where it’s impossible to gain % same with KOTH, you should only not be gaining % after going on a huge loss streak(3 or more) then after getting 3 wins you should be back to gaining % at regular speed, W/L means way too much, I also believe you need to track damage dealt, I can be bottom of the team but have done the most damage due to my high lancer usage, you make it impossible for lancer heavy players to reach diamond, that’s been a thing since the first season

To my understanding, we have an algorithm that applies cloud learning to adapt - per mode - the impact of certain parameters to the likelihood of skill / success.

So, for example, kills are likely to be more valued in TDM vs assists or downs because high kill players likely win more matches - even if they had excellent support.

The way our system works, and to think about it, is this -

If we took you out of the match, how much of the playerbase could likely perform / impact the likelihood of the win as much as you could?

Apologies for the long delayed response, been trying to find time to jump back into this thread with new info.

The team have your account for investigation on this. How has Season 5 progress been so far?

Kills still matter in the personal performance calculations for King of the Hill. To my point earlier, slaying up is still going to impact the match notably and is a point of differentiation for ‘if we replaced you with someone else’.

As a reminder, our cloud learning determines the impact - per mode - of certain parameter’s influence on the match (kills, assists, caps, breaks etc) based on the mountains upon mountains of data it deals with from every game played.

Our system does exactly that actually. We have a ‘variance’ rating as part of the Skill Rating calculation which (simplified) is two things - your estimated Skill Rating and your variance rating.

Let’s say you get to around 83% Onyx 3, which is where your Skill Rating says you should be, and then you perform consistently - losing or performing not so great against higher skilled players, beating or performing well against lower skilled players than you.

The system will actually take that into account, and over time, your variance rating will solidify as those results would mean the system deems your rating pretty accurate because it’s had a lot of scenarios to measure against, so to speak.

To break out of that situation, you’d have to have a consistent run* of beating or out-performing higher Skill Ranked players / teams than you - not just once - which indicates a skill improvement from where you were - previously - accurately placed, therefore causing a Skill Rating bump.

  • Note: Consistent run means winning against higher skilled players more times than you lose to them. It doesn’t need to be ‘unbroken’ but it would need to be more than 50/50.

I never disagreed that kills shouldn’t matter - but playing the objective should be the most important thing.

I’ve seen Diamond 3/4/5 players who barely get any caps or breaks, we are talking 2-3 in a match, but because they use the mode as a way of getting so many kills, they get the higher ranks, even though they disregard the objective.

So when people get caps, breaks and kills and also MVP and then don’t rank up, the guy who gets 2 caps, 0 breaks but 65 kills goes up in % - it’s confusing to the player base.

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