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I really hope they dont make many changes to the ranking system. I really think it works and its the reason I have sunk more hours into this Gears than any other Gears i have played. I love competitive gaming and its nice to see where you stand. And getting beat down from time to time helps you see where you need to be to move up. I know it can be frustrating if you feel stuck, but believe me you are stuck for a reason. If it bothers you that much that you cant move up then practice more. I do believe anyone can achieve anything but it just might take more work for some. I have said this multiple times and i will say it again. I really think the difference between gold, onyx and diamond players is a few keys.
1.) Use of cover system and map placement
2.) use of all weapons efficiently
3.) Better close range play with Gnasher
4.) Diamond level usually does all the above plus more speed and accuracy. Plus typically more strategy.

I dunno thats my experience with the game.

I don’t think the core algorithms will change really due to how confident TC are in the system.

We shall wait and see :blush:

It is not that I am stuck personally, but even if you are on a team it doesn’t matter. The lag compensation is game changing. I have been in countless matches full squad and the other team sponges horribly a good bit of the time. High pinging players I am telling you! This leads me to stick by what I say that there can be no true rank because the current system feels it is only based on a kill/death ratio. This goes back to other ranking systems which factor in other things like assists, game objectives, etc. I just don’t see how this current system would really survive if it isn’t looked at with a magnifying glass and problems fixed. Everyone knows it, everyone sees and plays it. It just isn’t addressed in my opinion but if your comfortable with it then believe what you will. It needs a change, but at least we have some discussion threads that hopefully get seen.

Everyone suffers from what you describe.

Absolutely would love for Lag Comp to be way less aggressive.

If someone is high pinging or fluctuating, it should only affect them.

It doesn’t.

Which is sad to see but it is what it is.

That’s why, you shouldn’t get to hung up on the ranking system.

It’s good that it’s there but shouldn’t become and obsession nor should anyone feel like they are deliberately being kept at low rank.

But you see, it is that line of thought that gets you what we have now which is a laggy mess which won’t accurately determine a rank. If they want to base it off of wins and K/D I am fine with that as well. All you will see though is what a lot of players do which is to hide and wait for action to come there way or they just quit. If we don’t voice these concerns you will just get Gears 4 2.0 I really want to play Gears 5, something fresh and slightly different than the current system.

I don’t think you saw how much I petitioned TC on the matter.

Here’s an example:

Give that a read.

Oh but I did and did TC respond? Sure did," works as intended" would be a good phrase here. All this happened after QoS came out April of 2017

The point is, we knew it was an issue and people continue to voice against it.

We all hope it’s better in 5.

To me the lag issue is separate from the ranking system. Does it impact your rank sure but its impacting everyone so it cancels out for the most part. Im not sure one party is really benefiting from it. I wouldnt want to play on a 250 ms ping even if i was sponging all day long. Hopefully there is a way it can be better. I think the best solution is a more active Gears community so hopefully the game brings in a large population of gamers.

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My final statement is that your rank should be based on K/D. In every mode of a shooting game K/D is the most important stat. That includes KOTH. I have lost matches where i have had 30 caps. It doesnt mean much if you cap for 5 seconds and die. Its all about capping then killing and staying alive to hold the cap.

Edit: here is an example. If you add it up we had more caps and more breaks. But the winning team had 30 more kills and 11 or so more downs.

Si fuera como el sistema de halo 5, estaria bien

It shouldn’t be tied to K/D.

It should be tied to Kills, as it is.

I’d rather go 10 and 5 to win a match in TDM than 3 and 1 and lose.

You should just prioritise slaying and downing others.

When you bring deaths into it, people start to play safe.

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Well it is tied to deaths according to Trueskill2 documents, but number one priority is winning. And you wont win with a low kill count. But you also wont win if you have 30 kills and 40 deaths.

But yeah 10-5 vs 3-1 in TDM is better. But being underwater (below a 1.0 K/D) is bad in any mode.

To get a high amount of kills means you can’t die a lot.

So focus on the kills and the deaths take care of themselves.

If you are dying a lot, you aren’t getting the kills.

So it kinda goes without saying.

Yeah the main thing i am trying to drive across (because I see this a lot, even with my own friends) that dying in KOTH does matter. That running into a 5v1 and dying but getting a 1 second break doesnt help in any way. And im here to tell people that at high ranks there are actually less kills and less caps. Because good teams lock down caps and dont allow opponents near the cap. So yeah i agree, high kill counts usually means you are dying less. However, dont think because you are playing KOTH and have endless respawns that K/D doesnt matter. That mentality alone can hold you back from ranking up.

That’s the point.

Go for the kills.

Deaths take care of themselves.

The moment you say Kills AND Deaths - you get people who then sit back and are scared to move in fear of dying.

I gave the scenario with my TDM situation.

It is better to have more deaths and in turn have 2x the kills than have a better K/D but hardly any kills to get that K/D.

I’m not saying you are wrong or anything, but the focus is on Kills themselves.

To get 40-50-60-70+ kills means you cannot die a lot or else you are just constantly spawning :sweat_smile:

Likewise - going 10-2 in KOTH isn’t going to help anyone even though you got a 5.0 K/D.


Going 60 and 20 means a 3.0 K/D.

Those 60 Kills are far more helpful than 10 kills.

Do you see my point?

Also, in KOTH you can hit top ranks with 3-4 caps a match and 1-2 breaks. They aren’t that important.

It’s the kills :+1:

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I definitely see your point. I just want to see people move up. My goal is always to get the most out of every life I have. Regardless of mode. I never sit back scared but you have to play smart. I see too many people just run out in the open. And the lower the rank the more you see it. You barely see people at Onyx 3 and Diamond out of cover. The biggest thing that has helped me improve at KOTH is playing different modes. Especially 2v2 and TDM. Even though the concepts are different the skills carry over. And learning how to win 1v1 and 2v1 are skills that help you play KOTH at a higher level. I would like to play Arms Race but have never found a match. The reason i see that mode as helpful is because utilizing power weapons around the map typically make assaulting a cap easier. If you can pick off 1 or 2 guys with a torque bow or sniper rifle now you may be able to handle a 1v1 or 2v1 with your Gnasher.

2v2 is great to get better at handling CQC.

I have been following this thread for a while now and i see a lot of people complaining about lag and the ranking system. And i think the focus of this thread should be where can people improve to move up in Rank (if thats what they want to do). Because we have no control over the ranking system or the lag. What we do have control over is improving our skill level in certain areas. Just like any game or sport practice is what makes you better. Expand out play different modes.