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(III EnVii III) #1534

Dreaming doesn’t count :+1:


Lol. They hate you Envii. No clue why, but they just do😂

@Laaaaaancer Knock yourself out bro

(Laaaaaancer) #1536


I don’t hate Envii.

And I’m up for it if Envii is!


Why though? Because from what I can tell, you think that he’s overstated his skill, thus making MM impossible for him. And to prove that he isn’t as skilled as you say, you want to 1v1 him.

I get that you’ve beaten D5s before. We all have. I’ve played with and against some really crappy Ds. But I can honestly tell you that Envii is as skilled as they come.

(Laaaaaancer) #1538

I like 1v1s. They’re fun. I don’t think he’s a bad player at all. Even on PC, D5 players are skilled (and I don’t mean this as a disparagement. It just seems like every PC player is a Diamond :stuck_out_tongue: ). If he were to win against me, I wouldn’t be surprised.

I recognize some of the names of the people he plays with (in the screenshots he posted). They’re solid players, so I don’t doubt that he is too.

(III EnVii III) #1539

I don’t find 1v1s “fun”.

If there was a ranked playlist where I could test myself then perhaps I would grow to like them - but they are very one dimensional as it stands otherwise, to me anyway.

Plus I don’t know your region.

I’m up for 2v2s with anyone though :+1:

(Laaaaaancer) #1540

That’s fair. I used to not like them either.

I’m US Central.

I would be up for that! My only friend who plays this game is rarely on though :frowning:

(III EnVii III) #1541

We can get @DAVID_THE_CLOWN to host - you will still have an advantage but I’m ok with that :+1:

Because on my servers it will pretty much be a 7-0 :eyes:

(Laaaaaancer) #1542

Lol, I think I could pull off one round in the lag (Gears 2 vet here lol), but yeah, that would be a win for sure on your end.

Are you in UK?

Also, just wondering, in your opinion who is the best PC player?

(III EnVii III) #1543

For sure because of Lag and Lag Comp you might pull off a round or two.

Not when I’m fully warmed up though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This is one of few relaxed 2v2 games I’ve had this season:

Yes, North West.

Well the PC community had a 32 player 1v1 tournament yesterday so that aside, as in a team based situation with Consistency I have two players in mind as the best I have seen on PC.

Remember - 1v1 and performing in Match are two different things.

But I have my Top 2 Xbox and Top 2 PC players who I know are UNREAL.

I’m not going say publicly though for their privacy :v:

(Laaaaaancer) #1544

Does one of them have a Youtube? If so, then I think I know who you’re talking about.

And by best, I meant in a team based scenario, not a 1v1. My bad for not clarifying.

Who won the tournament?


@III_EnVii_III @Laaaaaancer I probably won’t be on till next weekend. So if you want me to host, you can hit me up then.

@Laaaaaancer I apologize, it does seem that I misunderstood your reasoning to 1v1.

(III EnVii III) #1546

Tbh since I don’t play the game anymore (I will testing new hardware however over the next few days but that will be limited to private v bots and then that’s it) - I don’t expect to be on much either. When I move on, I do indeed move on :+1:


Will you still be on the forums?

(III EnVii III) #1548

Most likely for now :+1:

(SO ST4CKED) #1549

No matter how many I win my percentage won’t go up but if I lose it goes down

(EVIL 0NE) #1550


TC wrote up a detailed explanation of the ranking system: GEARS 4 RANKING EXPLAINED on the March 14th
What’s Up” I would suggest everyone take the time to read it over.

(AirJayz) #1551

So I’ve been playing Gears of War 4 with my cousins and they are going up in tier percentage at least 15% when winning. I have yet to go up even 5% from a win I’ve been playing Guardian for 3 days and have yet to get into silver. I am still bronze 3 I don’t understand and know there is forsure a issue at hand. I shouldn’t be going up a Max of 3% per game as a bronze 3 it’s ridiculous. Is there anything I can do or anyone else can do to resolve this issue?

(xX Canya XD Xx) #1552

About a week ago I lost and with nemesis game, game and play and do not raise me I win mvp sack and nothing I do not rise I’m arto to win and not to go up and lose only to be removed ranquin I do not understand what happens someone can explain me please

(Gyroscopic Jim) #1553

I think the notes highlight something which is detrimental to player experience. Towards the end, the document indicates that ranking up is easier at the beginning of a season. It seems to me such a ranking system is flawed. Surely it shouldn’t matter what point you start your season campaign. If the system accurately reflects skill then this shouldn’t be a thing. Say i play 200 matches during a typical season, if the bulk of these matches are played during the back half of the season my rank is likely to be lower than if they were played at the beginning. My skill level is the same, this should be fixed for Gears5