[Main] Ranking System Discussion, and Feedback

Wow you must be proud your self to find so good answers to our issues , maybe you should work on Coalition :blush:

Thanks for the sarcasm :+1:

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No harm done :smile:

But this whole discussion is full of that same bs , you didnt play well enought , you are ceiling , that kind answers are not really helping anyone , truth is that this Ranking system wont work at all , it still sets gold and Diamond players agains each others and that should never suppose to happend :smile:

That’s how a skill based ranking system works - you need to play better to get more percentage / increase rank.

Or else how do you think you get awarded more %?

You are just someone who can’t accept that they simply aren’t good enough right now to get more %.

Also, feel free to post some screenshots of your games and we can see what’s actually happening :+1:

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And how many actually are saying that it works :wink:

My goodness Envii. They get “smarter” everyday, don’t they🤣

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2 things i’ve forgotten to post here

I think this ranking system sometimes hates me :laughing:

Gained whole 0,67% for this match and that’s why i’m proud of myself :blush:

for those who are wondering, that match took place on dawn (15 kills, 0 deaths)

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Do we actually need more proof that this Ranking system wont work .
in that game you should have like 15-20% up immediately :smile:

You cannot label something that doesn’t work in your favor as “broken”
They system works just fine. It is not a progressive system. One great win does not guarantee a increase in rank.
It is based on your actual skill.


LOL … :smile:
( Sorry i take your line ) :smile: :slight_smile: :smile:

Lol. My thoughts exactly

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Notice that :slight_smile:
Even if you win 5 match and carry your teammates and are even MVP , Rank wont go UP , but if u lose one match after five wins your rank goes down immediately , that is how it really works :slight_smile:

I have problems with the classification system, when I win it does not raise me and if I lose I get too low and I am not advancing in my statistics since it represents a huge problem for the multiplayer in my case please help

the ranking system is a bad one but it works as TC intended. Your rank means pretty much nothing, it’s the ‘hidden’ skill rating that goes up and down based on your wins/losses. If you have a high skill rating and lose against higher ranked players that have lower skill rating than you you might lose your rank.

It’s a weird system and to go up in rank you have to improve your skill rating by performing better than the game expected from you

What’s wrong with the ■■■■■■ ranked? I won 20 games in a row and my percentage doesn’t move. I finally lose and it drops 40%… HUH???

This is kind of off-topic but it has to do with match-making. How do they screw it up so bad in the special events? 7 players in a lobby? Let’s make it 5 vs 2. 5 players? 4 vs 1. Seems like having somewhat balanced lobbies shouldn’t be so difficult but here we are.

If it’s dropping that much, it just means you did poorly or not as expected in those wins - as in your contribution wasn’t good enough for you to hold that much %.

So when you do lose, you lose a big chunk.

TC have explained how this works several times, if you win, but do bad, you don’t see the percentage decrease immediately because you did win the match and TC chose not to visualise this to people - however your hidden Skill Rating will go down.

So if you keep doing bad but manage to win matches, this negative performance drop keeps lowering your Skill Rating.

When you eventually lose a match, it hits you hard as it’s now going to trigger the visual impact.

Hence your -40%.

So, you need to be playing better, in effect.


I’ve never seen a classification system that is so incompressible
and unfair, yet I made some games in ranked

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Why is it unfair?

The one that slays the most will get to the top, naturally.

If this is actually how it works then it’s the dumbest and most obtuse ranking system i’ve ever seen in life and no wonder it drove away everyone that quit this game. Who had the bright idea that winning but not in the way the game “expects” you to win should be penalize you? You won but YOU DIDN’T WIN HARD ENOUGH AND STOMP ON THOSE SCRUBS so we’re gonna lower your internal MMR anyway. Yes every game has a hidden MMR along with a public rank symbol but jesus christ they aren’t thick headed enough to make the internal take away from what the player sees. That’s just asking to piss people off and make them not want to play. It also fosters terrible attitudes like yours in this community where its all about kills and looking good over the enemy and even your fellow teammates and not the thrill of just playing and having fun while also winning. You defending this crappy system for a dead game is sad.

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