[MAIN] Keep getting Gears "error" 0x801901f4

Same thing here.I haven’t even been able to play a match.error 0x801901f4 bs keeps coming up

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Same thing happening here, it was working fine last night and now its just giving me that error…

Having the same issue all day . I have the PC version.

Who else can’t play?

me too

yepp - me too


It’s working again

You sure, I’m still getting error?


What is going on with the matchmaking?

not sure but a bunch of people are having problems

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I have 4 hours waiting to find a game and nothing

I can’t play since 30 minutes no more. They need to give some updates

Still that long error code?

Error when i try to play online

Many people are experiencing this

I include myself

Why does a message always pop up and when I do what it tells me I still can’t find it here…”0x81901f4”

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Same here, same error, same code