[MAIN] Keep getting Gears "error" 0x801901f4

I am trying to finish the Emerald Challenge too :hushed:


hope we get one more day:)

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unfortunately I do not think so…

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yeah cant play… getting same error message.

Same error please update us and Fix .

I havee the same error msg … Plz fix tryna finish challenges ;_;

Haven’t even played a match today.I have left out on like 2 matches since ive played gow4 and that was from dc.what is going on?

Me too.

me too
please update to fix it: c

after logging into gears and run a horde match search it states error gears unavailable

Same here, still getting errors

When is this going to be fixed?

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Idk, but the same is happening for me…

It ■■■■■■■■. Off early from work… i want gears!

I’ve been waiting for awhile, i am hoping this will end soon

Pensé que era el único que tenía este problema

I think its on now

No still getting error code.

Same here, I want to play before I crash for the night

Pleas help me i get this error “0x801901f4” when i search in the matchmaking.

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