[MAIN] I got supsended for 639 days?!

That’s a fun scenario and all, but those people don’t belong in ranked. Stick to arcade and custom modes if your number one concern is “enjoying the game”. If you think it’s acceptable to quit in ranked for any reason, don’t play ranked.

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People have been calling TC out for this for years, but as usual they ignore the playerbase.

Fix the underlying problems and maybe people won’t quit so much. Then quit penalties can come into play.

The game is in such a horrendous state right now. It’s almost if they are wilfully inflicting damage to the game and don’t see what they are doing.


I’m glad it’s implemented and it needs to stay like that, They knew what they were getting into so it’s their fault for leaving their teams behind and having the team to suffer in their ranks.

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did you even read my post?

I did and if it was a connection error TC would have noticed and reversed some off the suspensions but I’m sure non were seen or people are just lying to get their suspension removed.

The game on PC crashes a lot, here’s an example

The game just closes itself, no GW502 error message. This is a mistake from Gears of War 4 that was never solved (TC and Nvidia claimed they already fix It but was a lie)
I did a detailed post about my problem

But I’m being ignored. Phil Spencer and Rod Fergusson don’t want to see the reality, I shared them my post and they ignore It.

Nvidia is the only one who replied me

But I doubt they’re really working on fix It. I play on Xbox One too but this is shameful.


Don’t you get it, OP? This is HOW they’re going to fix the game.

It’s a cheap tactic to lower the amount of current players, so they can stabilize their servers.

Having more than 200 players playing at once is too much for TC.


Suspended for 1 day and 5 hour(s) because of network connectivity issues…

Just got home from work a few hours ago and I was planning on playing for a few hours tomorrow as well on a nice little day off. Play a few games and server goes “offline” multiple times in-game. Others on the discord are fine. Go back into party with them for king of the hill and the party leader says he can’t start the match because one player has been suspended for x amount of time.

Saw someone else got the suspension lifted. I’m sure it can’t be done tonight so I’ll have to call it a night for G5 but if anyone with the ability to do so could patch this up for me by tomorrow afternoon that would be great! Thanks

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you can open a support ticket on the gears 5 website or reach out to TC Octus on twitter, The second might be your best bet for the quickest response



I have a hard time thinking that you got a 1 day suspension for a first network disconnect you got :slight_smile:

I suspect you get “disconnected” quite a bit, and this was just the last one, which pushed the ban to a day…

Listen to this, since Gears of war 5 has terrible servers, I continually get lagged out, and eventually booted (my internet setup is a masterpiece containing the latest and greatest). Never mind the fact that this leads to tier drops and ruins my stats, but now, just now, their ■■■ servers flake out and booted me, when I go to sign back in IVE BEEN BANNED. I never quit, there’s no point. But since these servers are such garbage, ive been kicked and booted enough times that I GOT THE BAN ANYWAY! Truly, what a shitshow. You’d think a Triple A dev team with major company backing would be able to lock down crossplay, get some servers that can handle minor traffic, and make a ranking system that didn’t make you depend on strangers. (Ranking system business unrelated, sorry)


Same thing happened to me. I’ve quit maybe 1 or 2 games since launch and I got a 5 day ban. RIP boost time and Grind Season achievement

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I’ve skimmed this post and all I can say is if the two year ban is legit, why make a new account? I would just move on to a different game at that point.

Anyways, it has to be a mistake because there is no way any team of developers would be so dumb to think this wouldn’t kill their player base.Quitters deserve to be punished, but when you go too far with the punishment they’ll likely just drop the game altogether.

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Damn you old enough to be my pops and with all that wisdom this is how you represent yourself for damn shame, Mister you sound like a whiner yourself, I actually did the smart thing and deleted this garbage and downloaded Metro Exodus, Last light and 2033, also went back to playing gears 4. I’m not ■■■■■■■■ about anything but it is wrong that they ban players for two ■■■■■■■ years, they payed for that game, They pretty much can’t play a $60 dollar game god forbid, If they were dumb enough to by the ultimate edition and they get that penalty. Now for a day is fine, even an hour sounds fair. but 2 years that is too much

It’s called tunnel vision, they take one point of view and call it the norm

Here we go again everyone wants quit penelties for quitters an clearly this doesn’t work either because lotsa non quitters are getting punished as well,I think TC may have tried to put in a quit penetly system,knowing it be dam near impossible for it to pick out quitters from non quitters correctly…I have seen this type of logic used for many problems, it’s to hard to punish the ones at fault,(I’m not suggesting this but i have seen this thinking used by companies elsewhere)so just punish everyone and be done with it.

Punish everyone? Sometimes I have a hard time understanding what’s going on in your mind or where you get these ideas from.

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Well just look at all the posters who say there getting banned for disconection.

Well, yes, but that’s no ground for swinging the hammer at everyone even when they’ve done nothing wrong. Right?