[Main] Glowie Lambents Confirmed!

Which is dumb.

Yes, far more people are on Twitter, yes far more people will see it on Twitter. But is it really out of the question to have an official announcement alongside the tweet on the… I don’t know… Gears of War Forums?


Exactly. RNG will skewer the results for players.

Ooo my wallet is ready if this is true :joy:

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Although TC have said the chances are the same across the types - I find it an absolute chore to open Multiple 3-Card Packs - the process of buying, waiting for the animations and opening for 3 cards that are normally disappointing is not one I like to go through :sweat_smile:

I much prefer the 2,000 Credit packs and will get a couple to see what the drop rates are / my luck.

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I doubt it, since no recent pack characters gets a BS character variant straight away.

There’s normally 4-6 months before a character gets the black steel treatment isn’t it? I think Skorge came out in October 2017 and the BS version was in Feb 2018? (the dates might be a bit off…)

If there are new packs in 2019 then there are chances it might happen then - so March / April time would be when we might see it. It’s hard to predict anyway what we will get and with only 3 characters getting the BS treatment it’s hard to say what will be next.

Yup i believe so and I think sometimes its longer/shorter depending what the character is I think. But I suppose they want the characters to have some sort of community exclusivity before making its way to esports side.

Can’t wait to get rid of my credits

Yeah I was just looking around at some of the past release dates during my lunch break. There have been some big gaps, but also some short ones too. Savage Kantus had a short gap too - the original came out in May 2017 and the BS version was out at the start of August 2017. It’ll be interesting to see what else gets the BS treatment. I’m predicting two more eSports Supporter Packs taking us up to early next year before they wind support for GOW4 down.

Don’t they have Esports events through 2019 though? If so, I’d like to think they will have BS characters until it’s over. Perhaps after the championship in Vegas they will stop and get ready for Gears 5?

Im just going by the current eSports schedule. According to the eSports pro circuit schedule there’s three more major tournaments. The first is San Diego on 28-30 September. The second is in Mexico in “autumn-winter 2018”, but no precise location or date has been confirmed yet; and a third in “winter 2019” in the US (again no details about precise dates or location).

Some people interpreted “winter 2019” as being late 2019 and that this would be a Gears 5 event. But to me that would make no sense given Gears 5 doesn’t even have a release date.

Thing is, the schedule specifically refers to these events as being “season 2”. Given that winter technically runs from late December to March, then “winter 2019” must refer to early 2019 instead - maybe Feb or March? It makes the most sense.

I suspect that TC will start to really wind down support for GOW4 by spring.

We tend to get new eSports packs at the start of a tournament cycle and is promoted up until the end of that particular major tournament - so shortly after a tournament has ended we get a new eSports pack for the next one. Supporter 10 was released to promote San Diego and we’ll get the special edition Supporter 10 pack with the San Diego weapon skins then. Supporter 11 will come out a few weeks later to promote the Mexico tournament; and then 12 will be released after this to promote the final tournament listed on the schedule. That’s my thinking anyway.

We might get another Greatest Hits pack released at the very end as a way of marking the end of the GOW4 eSports scene.

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You may be right with that

It makes total sense because Gears 5 will almost definitely come out in September / October - so the Winter 19 event will be referencing that first tournament for 5.

So as stated before I think eSports ends this year with two tournaments left and then TC will shift into Gears 5 the following year.

I see what you mean. It’s just the schedule specifically refers to these events as being “season 2”, and any tournaments for Gears 5 would surely start again at season 1 again.

I also would have thought it would be a bit premature to start scheduling events for Gears 5 at such an early stage. The current schedule has been up for a long time - long before the Gears 5 trailer came about.

i wish they did what smash did and do an early pros/content creator tourney the game play probably would be super polished but i feel it’d be enough to hype some people up

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I guess we will find out soon enough anyway :+1:

Until then I look forward to what TC can put out.

I’ve been disappointed recently with the quality of skins and especially the weapon skins which haven’t been very good imo.

An observation: they look like they represent the advancing stages of lambency. The Grenadiers being the earlier stage whereas the other is at the more advanced, pre-drudge state as evidenced with the charred skin and protruding growths.

That and they represent the Lambent Drones we saw in Gears 2 & 3, respectively.

Whats your thoughts on the swarm? Just curious… I feel they are simply like an evolved/matured version of lambent. I mean i feel they never died just made dormant like the locusts.

I still haven’t quite pieced that together as I’ve asked some of the same questions myself.

I’ve got a few running theories, one of which involves that some form of remnant imulsion still exists and that the Scions or someone else have managed to tap into it and create the Swarm while also negating the “assimilate-literally-everything-and-destroy-literally-everything-that-gets-in-the-way” side effect.

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