[Main] Glowie Lambents Confirmed!

They are alternate skins for the basic Locust from a VO standpoint. No new dialogue.


Disappointing but expected. Thanks for the answer.


While I would of liked some dialogue it is still a great addition and a surprising one at that as I never thought the glowies would ever return. None the less look forward to collectiong these characters. Will they be available in 2000 and 400 CR packs or will it be one or the other?

I think its likely to be 2,000 imo, it has 3 characters so at least two of them is going to be legendary tbh. Just got to wait and see from tomorrow’s whats up.

Ah I see. I was just going for a heads up and wanted to know if it would be both because recent posts towards new packs suggested a 2000 and 400 CR pack. None the less thanks for the info as I did not know there would be 3 characters.

The poster shows how many chars it is. Otherwise they wouldnt be there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps there will do another test run with the 400 / 2000 pack variant, who knows.

Ha so it does. For some reason I thought they were just thrown in for show and only really paid attention to the front glowie.

Even I am doing this right now lol but thanks for pointing it out to me.

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Last time the 400/2000 cr discussion was brought to light, a moderator remembered NEW packs were promised to offer both options.

Ahh, i personally wouldnt go for the 400 this time around, 400 seem to have poor drop rates while 2000 should give you at least an epic.

I’ll go for 400. It’s statistically better.

I tried it for both rise of raam and thrashball pack. Got lucky with rise of raam as I got skraak on my 8th pack

While trashball no characters after 35 packs.

You said it right. Lucky.

It’s odds, it’s rng.

Statistically, I hear that it’s no better or worse on average. Some players have done large scale openings of 400cr and 2000cr packs and found that the likelihood of a legendary card dropping is the same on a credit-spent basis. The scrap-per-credit-spent ratios were also more or less the same with very little difference.

Odds for 400 are a little better.

I was going to ask this 400 or 2000 credits I hope both. The last pack that was out I got both vold raam and sarrack in same pack on second pack opened.

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Can’t wait to waste my credits!:heart_eyes:



alright thanks for clarifying i appreciate it it’s still nice to see the lambent finally playable

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TC themselves have said the drop-rates are the same on 3 and 5 card packs it’s literally just preference and how lucky you feel

Could they have added some sound effect associated with emulsion when they speak to make the VO unique? (genuine question)