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[Main] Glowie Lambents Confirmed!

(NUBinbound) #528

i’m sure a majority will and i’m pretty sure TC intended for most players to make a choice on which character they wanted not to buy everything at once if anyone buys just one character i’m certain the drone will be most purchased as it’s the most unique which confuses me because they should have made that one the 1 day only skin

(Bleeding Pepper) #529

I think you’re missing the point. An “entitled” and “childish” fan is still a paying fan. It may be easy to ignore these kinds of complaints, but at the end of the day you still have unhappy fans who may be put off of your products in future.

Also on a slightly different note, I found many of TC’s decision making very poor. While I don’t expect them to always get it right, they can avoid these situations by getting it right in the first place. They’ve basically said something to the effect of “based on fan feedback, we have decided this!” which is mystifying to me. While RNG is a poor system, it is free. It feels like TC have taken our feedback (that RMG has no place for monetary purchases) out of context and have given us another bad system and are out of touch with the fan base.

(III EnVii III) #530

It’s never really affected me as to how many people will of won’t buy them.

I’ve never had any interest in regular packs, so this is a first for me.

(WarmCoast6521) #531

I already tell you right now that I will never do it, I will not let someone humiliate me in that way

(III EnVii III) #532

And they got what they paid for.

What I don’t agree with is that those same fans expect everything for free after getting so much already in comparison.

And excellent if they are put off - it will help drive change in TC.

But just because I didn’t get my way on a few skins isn’t going to end all my interest in future games.

Not really.

RNG isn’t free for eSports and it’s still horrible with credit purchases for other packs.

Not everyone has stacks of credits to carry on grt packing and there are SO MANY threads after every pack stating they dropped 50, 60K credits and some even 100,000+ credits and not getting a character they want.

Or missing one skin out of 14 and trying to get that via RNG can be a pain - even if it’s free with credits - those credits take an age to grind for some.

A direct card system is far better.

(WarmCoast6521) #533

In Tc they are ready and they know that if they follow this rhythm, people will stop playing, with how easy it is to listen to the community and do things well … Why do not they put this new system to sports and leave the otherpacks free?That way they would sell much more and people would not complain

(Duffman GB) #534

Chaps/Ladies I have a great solution…
Save your money and ire and Play Gears 3 instead or at the very least alongside.
It is superior in almost every way. (Check out my clips for proof :wink: )

Awesome 4 PLAYER campaign with glowies: Check.
Awesome “proper” dlc campaign, play as RAAM. Check.
Play the sublime Horde 2.0 with “legitimate” locusts enemies , including Glowies fighting Locust and you! More than a pathetic 4 Bosses. Check.
Play the sublime Beast mode. Check
Use Adam F, Prescott, Alicia , Jace etc in multiplayer all FREE*.
Mutators, arcade…and so much more. Let us be frank 4 and TC are not fit to lick Epics boots, I live in hope for 5 though.

*actually had to buy specific editions. Even with that 3 was far better value.

(Bleeding Pepper) #535

Fair enough if you think it’s a better system. For me personally neither is that great.

In the context of eSports packs, yes I would make sense to remove RNG - I have always felt strongly that RNG has no place where monetary purchases is concerned. A direct card purchase system (or bundle like the RTJ one) would be much better.

With other packs, RNG isn’t great but it’s free and relies on in game credits. My gripe was always the in game economy and/or drop rates meant that players could sink in many hours to get credits and not get what they want. If the credit payout was better and/or drop rates improved then it would be fairer in my opinion . Also there are other details like packs being available for short periods which creates a level of pressure.

Rise Of RAAM was in my opinion a good balanced approached. Not perfect cos even if you paid for the comic or early release mega pack it was still RNG, but it gave choice whether you wanted to pay and get it early or not. It seemed to sell okay, so goes to show that some fans will go for it. That’s the thing with fans - they love the franchise and will want these characters. People can throw words like “tantrums” or “entitled” and argue that TC don’t owe us anything, but ultimately unhappy fans are not a good thing.

Anyway as I’ve said, my concern is what this means for the future of Gears and whether this will become the “normal” system for Gears 5 and.more and more custom skins are sold purely for money? Alot of fans love having a collection of skins to switch around whenever they want and this approach will be expensive, or make it inaccessible for them due to the cost. You may argue that we shouldn’t care for cosmetics, but the fact is they still have a big appeal and many players like these things. It comes with the territory of being a fan.

(NUBinbound) #536

sofia is not in gears 3 adam fenix is only playable if you bought the epic/limited edition not free for anyone who didnt buy it

also i’ll say it one more time there were FIVE pre-order characters that you could ONLY get from pre-ordering from certain stores and only a few them became available near the end of gears 3’s life cycle so maybe if you bought the game 5 different times you could have all the characters
savage kantus,savage grenadier elite,cole train,commando dom,and mechanic baird were said pre-orders

thanks epic

(DarkChaoz95) #537

Imo I think this is what they should have done:

Money only - two paid variants for this.

  1. Buy Character weapon skins individually - The existing system and pricing is fine imo since it eliminates RNG.

  2. Gear Pack Version - for those that wants to spend money but buying it individually is too much, they can opt to buy a Gear Pack version (differs to credit option). this pack uses RNG but has a higher chance to find characters. While finding weapon skins will have the same chance as past premium packs. Furthermore there chances of finding duplicates will be slightly lower but not completely eliminated.

Price point for the pack will be much lower, perhaps 3-4.99?

Credit Option - two credit variants

  • both 400 and 2000 credit option of the Lambent Gear Pack. Both packs will have the same format and chance as previous premium packs.

Essentially, this caters 3 different types of people:

  • Those who are willing to splash the cash and can afford it to buy the garanteed skins individually.

  • Those who cannot afford spending too much money can spend it on the Gear Pack version.

  • Those that cant afford to spend money at all or refuse to spend it can opt for the credit variant.

(DLCarr17) #538

Well, what can I say? I was wrong. I was just making a guess there.

(Horde Legend) #539

Man, can this thread hit 1000+ posts by Sunday?!?!?! Now post on here if you bought the pack(s) so we can at least see how many were purchased (or at least get an idea how many were purchased)

(WarmCoast6521) #540

I hope for the good of everyone and the new gears that nobody does it xD

(Duffman GB) #541

Sorry I meant Alicia, not Sofia.

(Horde Legend) #542

People will buy it, that’s a fact. You may not come across them right away but you will see at least 1 person to have it

(WarmCoast6521) #543

Well then it’s no use complaining if the geniuses go and buy it.

(TotalMadMike) #544

The problem is that people (like myself) have a ton of credits to spend from grinding, (about 570.000 over here) and we have nothing exiting to spend it on…

Sure they will release ‘new’ packs available with credits the next couple of months, but that’s probably just more re-skins (just like the Lambent) It just blows that people have spent hours (even days) to grind credits for future packs, of which most of them are nothing special… Like Helmetless UIR, NCOG Marines, etc.

I get it that TC can’t keep releasing new characters for Gears 4, because they have to save new designs for Gears 5.

And on one hand, it’s definitely better to be able to buy individual characters, and weapon skins like it should be. But at least change the price to something like $7/€5,-

That way, a lot more people will consider spending some cash for skins they actually want…

Well, whatever… I hope they soon ban these lootboxes everywhere (Belgium is on the right way with that) otherwise, this garbage keeps on going. And will start all over again when Gears 5 gets released…

(Horde Legend) #545

I’m wondering what TC’s projections are for total sales for these packs. I bet it was high at first but after seeing how south the announcement went, it definitely got lower. I would be surprised if 500 people bought the pack(s)

(Major Schaefer) #546

I’d be surprised if you’re NOT surprised - this is Gears… people will complain 'til they’re blue in the face then buy them anyway!

(TotalMadMike) #547

They could be making them cash only at first to raise money for the Madden tournament victims, and release them later for credit purchasing (although I don’t know if it’s that good of an idea, due to Gears being a shooter)