[Main] Glowie Lambents Confirmed!

(III EnVii III) #507

And you’ve had all that in Gears 4.

Your just salty because every single pack isn’t free and you expect to get everything for free?

I’m calling for an improvement to the system and prices, just like everyone else.

You are not entitled to anything. Don’t like what TC are doing then don’t buy the skins.

(III EnVii III) #508

Why does someone feel the need to have EVERY $10 character?

Surely you just pick one or two and use them?

The problem I see here is people thinking they should be entitled to get everything.

You get a set of base skins to use and so many free ones via packs and streams and challenges.

Yet people are equally expecting to get everything above and beyond.

(III EnVii III) #509

But that’s the point.

If people want to buy them then it’s their money and their choice.

Same applies for everything in life tbh.

(NUBinbound) #510

this you dont have to have all 3 character skins and both weapon sets i’m personally going to buy the animated skin set, drone, and base grenadier because he looks better than the elite to me and if people think they look lame why the hell are they so up in arms about them being for money? if they’re so lame just pretend there’s nothing new this week

(III EnVii III) #511

Didn’t realise TC forced you to spend so much in life.

Honestly, posts like yours get no sympathy.

Everything you have listed is a luxury in life - can easily live without it all. Some people don’t even have electricity or running water. And here you are throwing a tantrum because you can’t get skins for free that don’t impact the game.

Priority people.

Sure, let’s have a discussion about the underhand tactics of TC or the fact they are overpriced or the fact that maybe their should be a credit a option.

But taking it to such an extreme is just silly.

(III EnVii III) #512

Exactly - if I had to chose between them, for me the Grenadier is the best skin.

The weapon skins I’m not fussed out about but I think the Imulsion one is the better of the two.

Personal preferences.

I’ll be trying the Sundered Weapon Skins with the characters as I think they might be the best combination.

Those that say they are lame or lazy - amazing news, your not forced to buy them!

(Duffman GB) #513

Hi mate
I get that, but like the reduction we got in the 4000 credits packs and the increase in actual credit payouts I do believe we can influence these sort of practices.
Also not aimed at you, but people saying you don’t need them, they do not do anything etc etc, well yes that is true but it is also totally disingenuous, obviously we want to play as certain characters, we are fans even fanatics.
TC are FULLY aware of this of course, that is why you get ltd timed edition packs.
Where does it end ? Does Gears 5 release with say 5 avatars and all else is bought with cash. I mean why would you need more than 5, actually why even more than 1 character? As some are saying, they are purely cosmetic.

(III EnVii III) #514

Hi Duffman

Never once disagreed with this.

I’ve supported voicing out agaisnt TCs practices. But there’s a way to do it and going over the top and acting entitled isn’t.

Voicing your opinion, offering solutions, simply stating why your not happy and then voting with out wallet is the best way.

Throwing around insults, coming across like TC should give you everything for free just adds to the community looking childish and why would TC take that seriously?

And TC have provided so many credit packs, so many craftable characters, so many weapon skins as well.

But you cannot expect every single pack to be given to you.

Content costs money to create - TC are a business - they aim is to make money.


Don’t get caught up in the hype.

Don’t get caught up in the paid content.

So much free content I don’t understand why people start getting angry over paid content if they don’t want to pay - then don’t buy them. It’s so simple.

TC don’t owe you anything outside of what you bought - the game itself.

(NUBinbound) #515

but i PLAYED their game they OWE me for that i want my black steel ronald mcdonald or i’m uninstalling

will settle for a black steel danny devito

(Bleeding Pepper) #516

I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this matter as we’ve been going round in circles repeatedly on this topic in multiple threads.

Yes, your money is your money and how you spend it is up to you.

However as I said it sets a precedence in how companies sell things to us. We’ve already seen a shift in the games industry in the last decade in terms of how they make extra money post-launch - DLC, custom skins etc. This didn’t use to happen. There was a time when it was just the base game at the fixed cost of £40-50 or so. Nowadays the total cost of everything totals much larger sums. I see this as a race to the bottom and it’s normalised how games and content is delivered, and for us as consumers it lowers the bar in terms of our expectations.

(III EnVii III) #517

Funny how these characters didn’t even exist until a couple of day ago and everyone officially expects to have them in their inventory by launch :joy:

(III EnVii III) #518

Again, we will be going round in circles because you don’t seem to understand you need to live in your own means and your own morals.

These skins do not affect the game you bought.

They didn’t exist when you bought the game.

Since it’s post content that doesn’t affect anything - TC can use any system they please and charge credits, scrap or real money.

Now I’m not defending their practices or prices however they have improved over the course of the game.

Getting rid of RNG is a positive move.

Next is offering more value for money per Skin and Wepaon Set.

But how many times do I have to say this - TC do want as much money as possible. They are business.

They are not working to put out content from the goodness of their hearts.

They have offered credit packs.

They have offered challenge rewards.

They have offered craftable cards.

They have offered skins via streams and even brought them back again.

Now this one pack is price per card and set - they are trying something else.

You don’t have to have them.

(NUBinbound) #519

most people dont get that TC want to make money like, who tf doesnt? they have families to feed too it’s not like they keep every penny some of it goes to microsoft i’m sure

i’m not a TC fanboy i’m just not biased towards either side i dont agree with the limited time but i also dont disagree with TC wanting to make money

(III EnVii III) #520

Exactly - they provide enough content for free.

They want to charge for a pack to get rid of RNG then that’s a good step.

Let’s voice out about the prices.

Let’s voice out that there should be a discounted rate for getting everything rather than individual.

Rather than everyone having a meltdown.

Or better still - boycott the packs until the game is fixed.

Look at all this anger for cosmetic skins and yet the game isn’t even consistent online.

(Bleeding Pepper) #522

Throwing around insults, coming across like TC should give you everything for free just adds to the community looking childish and why would TC take that seriously?

While I agree that posts should try to be as constructive as possible, I also don’t disagree with the notion that fans cannot vent their anger and frustrations at the situation. And TC should pay attention regardless purely because we are the consumer base - if they want to make money then they will need to consider the product they are offering, and the feedback from fans. I’m not suggesting that the customer is always right because they’re not, but the customer can walk away and refuse to buy any more of your products. As a business and on top of making money, you would be wise to keep fans onside.

(NUBinbound) #523

for all we know there might BE a bundle the skins arent out yet i think the drone should cost more than the others seeing as how he is the most detailed i think they should release a bundle for 30$ for anyone who’s interested
if they dont want to drop the price they need to make a bundle and make it look great in comparison

(III EnVii III) #524

Who is disagreeing with that?

Keep it constructive and it’s valuable.

Sound childish and entitled and TC will more than likely ignore it.

(III EnVii III) #525

I was expecting a bundle but don’t think there will be.

I guess they will see how many people buy the entire set Separately or if people are more selective with what they buy.

I think because it’s only 3 characters and 2 wepaon sets that I will collect them all to cycle through them when playing.

(NUBinbound) #526

i’ll wait until the end of their life cycle to buy them just in case they do a last minute bundle but i will obviously buy the 1 day only ones

(Duffman GB) #527

What will be an interesting statistic is how many of us from this actual thread will purchase 1 or more of the characters.

I’m undecided, I usually play as Myrrah, Kantus or Skorge anyway.