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[Main] Glowie Lambents Confirmed!

(lukebazz91) #467

Quite a few delusional ones as well

Does your tiny brain lack the ability to comprehend the situation? They are charging the same price for this lambent stuff as epic did for a massive weapon skin bundle in gears 3 or the price of most season passess which come with a large amount of content in comparison to the lambent stuff. You blathering on about it being better than RNG is ludicrous, RNG does not have to exist either, have some self respect and get on board with the good guys in stead of being a weak simp that takes a pegging with a smile.

(III EnVii III) #468

I don’t think TC will lower prices once they are released.

However - they have offered sales on the RTJ packs and did discount the eSports Packs slightly for multi-buys.

I can see them offering bundles of Characters/Weapons together for a discount after a couple months of selling first at full price or they might really be stubborn and stay with it for these characters.

(III EnVii III) #469

$5 is fair for 3 Characters and 2 Weapon Sets.

$5 Each and then it becomes overpriced again.

I don’t think Skins which don’t really do anything and when 2 are already clones of previous skins and the third is probably a clone of a Imago - the Weapon Skins also look “ok”.

I get people’s frustration and I’m glad that RNG is gone but these need to be better priced.

You can get whole games on the App Store for $0.99 - $4.99 so that means $5 should be acceptable.

(III EnVii III) #470

Tbh this console cycle is winding down and ready for the nextBox.

I don’t see anything massive coming out Beyond Gears 5.

This years E3 was weak in terms of games for 19/20.

PlayStation had the stronger showing but even then I’m interested in about 4 games and most of them are all 2019 too.

(III EnVii III) #471

Your tiny brain needs to learn to skim read more posts than jumping on the the bandwagon and before you start throwing around insults.

And I have already agreed it’s overpriced. Although 7-8 Years is a long time ago and things have changed. People cost a lot more to employ, costs have gone up and so on. However I still agree and have said it’s not value for money.

So what’s your problem here?

Content has to be delivered some how. I mentioned it was a big step to get rid of RNG for paid content.

What’s your alternative system? Care to put forward to some ideas instead of attacks?

Yes, the price sucks - and there should be a discounted option for purchasing everything in one go.

But this is TC - they are going to try do something something right while getting most of it wrong, at first. The hope is that next time it’s improved even more.

If your a “good guy” then you got a funny way of showing it - just coming in over here, being disrespectful and throwing around assumptions.

I have constantly voiced my opinion agaisnt TC about many things, including this situation but I cannot overlook all sides of the argument and the fact that this setup - regardless of how it was initially teased and being released - is better than before.

Communication needs to be better from TC and the other issues remain but constructive criticism will lead to improvements.

I hope you can comprehend what I am saying and take a look at my other replies before jumping to conclusions “good guy”.

(Anabolic Locust) #472

I’ll just wait until the packs are available for credits. TC are just getting really ■■■■■■■ greedy and it’s like Credits don’t even matter anymore.

(NUBinbound) #473

i dont think they will be available for credits at least they didnt mention anything about it in the what’s up they said these were limited edition skins maybe waaaay down the line but not anytime soon

(buscobuzzy) #474

After the streaming last night I got on Gears 4 for a bit on versus before I went to Gears 3 and not sure if it was coincidence or not but the players attendance was pretty low!

(Horde Legend) #475

What gets me is, why now? Perhaps if it was earlier in the life cycle then it wouldn’t be that big of a deal but with a game that has dwindling numbers because of other reasons, it’s kind of a last ditch effort for a cash grab (not really last ditch effort but still)

(lukebazz91) #476

You deserve disrespect, shilling for anti consumer practises and hiding behind “the costs of staff and things are more expensive” LIES, most of the staff there are and will be paid peanuts which is the sad truth of most video game companies. As for the cost of production i can guarantee a healthy profit was made but not to the level that a share holder or suit at the top wants. Check out EA and patrick Sutherland (i believe its him) he made millions abusing fans of different franchises and that profit went to him and other suits, the sharholders and the bank, not into workers pockets or into a game to increase the production cost. Its all a seady little lie to guilt trip people into paying more for less so someones kids can go to a better private school or they can have a bigger mansion.

As a fan of gears of war you should always be ready to hold TC and microsoft’s feet over the fire to stop any shady little practice from creeping in.

(Odahviing N7) #477

Well, that’s the start of the death for GoW 4. Nice playing this game. Now I will slowly walk off

(KatzeVomMond) #478

Agreed. The prices are just absolute delusional especially for the lazy weapon skins and boring reskins of the grenadier and grenadier elite. 5 bucks for the lambent drone + the full set of animated skins and 5 bucks for the two grenadiers and the other weapon skin set.

(buscobuzzy) #479

Last night’s stream was a complete joke I think Octus did a good job(to an extent)but can’t remember his co-host name(tells you how important he is) but was a complete wreck and talk about lying the whole time. See there is this thing called body language that talks! After rating the stream last night I can and sure many other players can see why the game runs like it does. I have no reason to believe Gears 5 will be any different especially after the stunt they pulled and the 2 years of excuses that have been used. Too bad a company like this had to get a great franchise! Do like Gears absolutely but not under TC/current game play.

(III EnVii III) #480

You clearly have anger issues over in game skins that affect nothing either in game or life in general.

You continue throwing around “disrespect” while thinking you are on the moral high ground.

At the end of the day, I don’t believe you can “abuse fans” with this kind of stuff - because the only one that can be abused is by you yourself if you feel that way but still buy this stuff. When TC pulls this BS - just don’t show support for it.

But other than that, instead of offering up nothing of noteworthy nor any compelling arguments or any kind of input - your negative self must be so depressing.

(DarkChaoz95) #481

Dana confirmed that they will be sticking by the paid option only in the dev stream.

(l Ar Ci l) #482

Yesterday was a sad a day for all of us, I’m beginning to wonder how all come down to this? :thinking:


How can you defend yourself when your new content costs more than the game as it is right now?

All the love for Gears just died with all this practices…

The only ones that get this for free are the streamers …

Well it was too good to be truth thanks TC

(Horde Legend) #483

Don’t forget the TC Fanboys. I bet will see a few of these because the little kids that play will use mommy and daddy’s credit cards to get them

(III EnVii III) #484

Which is poor parenting tbh - so I have no sympathy for them.

(Gears Kaios) #485

May i please ask what’s your deal? everytime someone writes something bad about the coalition you not only pretty much strip them of their opinions by merging them into this thread but you also make it so that the coalition never see’s it…you did the same thing with my ranking system post and now because of you not only will they not check my post but i also will not get my rightfully deserved diamond.

so may i please know why do you do this? are you being told to or do you just feel obligated to because you can? lol @III_EnVii_III

(Horde Legend) #486

No not at all