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[Main] Glowie Lambents Confirmed!

(mike yaworski) #447

Then add the tax that is charged as well and these skins become more expensive than Fortnite skins, lol. It’s crazy how expensive these characters are.

(sancris777) #448

Paying that much for skins for a game that barely anyone plays

(mike yaworski) #449

Yeah I’m hoping they reduce the prices. This reminds me of when the first packs released costed 4400 credits. Like lol…

(sancris777) #450

TC should just announce that skins will carry over to Gears 5 cause then i bet a lot of people will buy them

(iBaDD iNeWzZ) #451

I was on that credit grind as well my friend. It’s dissapointing

(Vanden255) #452

I just want to throw my voice in here and say that I think these characters are incredibly overpriced. They’d be overpriced at half the price, even.

(xSVRx BRO KRIMO) #453

OMG!! Tout les personnages épiques, rares ou autre… Cela devrait être offert en récompense d une prime, d un rang, d un succès,… Et non être payant, C est un stars wars ou quoi?!, F***k coalition.

(iBaDD iNeWzZ) #454

english please? thank you

(CowboySoldier11) #455

sucks They’re not gonna come out with a credit version but whatever, more credits for the later packs.Lambent characters and skins don’t look that great anyways. Now if they come out with onyx guard or karn being money only then oohhh boy👎 If you thought this lambent situation had the community upset…

(DL6 Cervantes) #456

Remember when you would pay full price for the game and the characters would be unlocked via challenges? Remember when you paid full price for a season pass and all the new characters came with the maps rather than rng or a pay wall? I will not support TC’s practice. I quit about 3 months in because I saw how they were doing things. If they bring this greedy mindset into Gears 5 I will not buy it. I doubt I will be alone. Out of my group of 11 Gears fans, only 2 still play the game occasionally. TC’s greedy practice and slow fixes absolutely killed our joy in the series. Shoot I still played Gears 3 right up into 2014 until I switched to the Xbone. I hated that Halo did it and somehow TC took that set up and made it even worse.

(DarkChaoz95) #457

Indeed, hell im pretty sure even without the gear pack and credit system people will still complain unlocking characters is to damn hard. Realistically you can never please the community.

In all honesty why are they testing this on a legacy character, why not just do it like on a luchador pack or something.

(PorkbumTheBrave) #458

Im so disappointed that we can’t buy these with credits. And the fact they have worded it on the whats up like that’s what we wanted. NO ITS NOT. We want both options. Either let us get the character we want with real money or let us get rng packs with credits. I real hope this ■■■■■ isn’t in gears 5. This is the first time ive complained about the packs like this. I just don’t understand the thought processes you guys have over there. Really disappointed in you guys.

(StRexPowerColt) #459

Fix the game I payed money for. I am not going to buy the next game if this one doesn’t work, why would I. Why would you?

(NUBinbound) #460

i think 10$ per character is fine since that’s the cost of a mega pack i dont get why the drone is 13$ and the 1 day only one is 10$ though kinda weird but i much prefer buying them this way than i do buying mega packs for example maybe TC is just experimenting and wont do this again but i unno

(StRexPowerColt) #461

Litterally just give people an option to buy a specific item up front (permanent, no limited time carp, this isn’t Free To Play Moba Carp), and give them the option to use credits on RNG for a limited time on it, problem solved. No way to complain they can’t get it.

(DarkChaoz95) #462

If you dont want to buy it then thats fine. I’m going to buy it either way for the campaign.

Gears 5 is essentially the make it or break it moment for TC, it is THE game to prove they can make a smooth reliable Gears Game and show the franchise is in safe hands.

Just consider Gears 4 as a stepping stone to something greater. Its better to make lots of mistakes now than do it later in their second game. No excuses this time round.

Its better to make mistakes and learn from it than faking perfection.

(NUBinbound) #463

you dont have to buy gears 5 if you dont want to just get game pass for 10$ and try it out if you like it buy the game personally i’m buying gears 5 season pass and all since i’m not looking forward to anything else

(DarkChaoz95) #464

Dont really need game pass tbh because the only games I literally play for a whole year is just Gears on Xbox and Destiny 2 on pc.

Essentially I will only play Gears, Crackdown, Halo and Destiny

Nothing else interest me tbh. Regardless if Gears 5 is good or bad, Im still getting it.

(RelaxedHoffman) #465

I wouldn’t mind paying for a single BS character, but no way am I paying for non esports content. Just my opinion.

(NUBinbound) #466

it was more towards anyone who’s talking about not buying gears 5 and same i’m buying resident evil 2 gears tactics and gears 5 not interested in fallout 76 or BF V atm and thats just because i dont find BF to be fun