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[Main] Glowie Lambents Confirmed!

(OneButtNugget) #427

yeah, no problem.

(LadyWinterstorm) #428

This is not GOW F2P charging Real money only for characters is just… There isn’t really a word to describe it. The money doesn’t even go anywhere, You don’t add new Maps it just the same as it has been since the last map dropped almost a year ago…

(iBaDD iNeWzZ) #429

maybe they got a wheel full of prices and everyone at TC takes turns spinning.?

(OneButtNugget) #430

it also doesn’t make sense on why the grenadiers are epic, and the drone is legendary.

(iBaDD iNeWzZ) #431

the wheel theory is looking promising

(OneShotOneRAGE) #432

Haha you know me i usually just play as the same character usually EL-P or BS Del or BS classic Baird because I’d feel dirty playing as those spongy female characters :joy:

In terms of there being an extremely rare character in gears 5 i highly doubt it although then again if you asked me if I’d have the most rarest character in the game last year I’d of probably started laughing so you never know…

P.s cheers for reminding me to do that too! :wink::joy:

(OneShotOneRAGE) #433

What do you expect nowadays? Nearly if not every game does it because it’s just how games are nowadays unfortunately

(OneShotOneRAGE) #434

Because the drone looks drastically better than the grenadier?

(OneButtNugget) #435

Good point.

(iBaDD iNeWzZ) #436

TC intentionally aiedm at your wallets with this one. it being the first of the month and al😆l

(NUBinbound) #437

i’m fine with them being a real money purchase after all this is what the majority were asking for wasnt it? to pay for what we want? they’re not griffin prices with 2 of the 3 being only 10$ and one being 13$

this is literally what people asked for-the ability to buy what you want-

(DarkChaoz95) #438

Yes, but not at the cost of having no credit option.

(iBaDD iNeWzZ) #439

yeah we did ask for this, and i never said i wont buy a skin, im really disappointed on TCs approach. what i felt might of worked was credit purchable packs RNG , and after weekend event place purchable individual skins for money. we all see after every pack people missed something come on these forums and cry. thats where the purchable money skins come in.

(xxxGAUNTLETxxx) #440

$5 all around is reasonable. Even though I learned my lesson and won’t ever buy s**t again on this game, I can see a five spot being fair, but Hell look what were dealing with. “DON’T BLAME CANADA BLAME YOURSELF”. LOL

(iBaDD iNeWzZ) #441

agreed $5 is fair.

(xxxGAUNTLETxxx) #442

Honestly I didn’t even know they were charging untill I seen it blow up on Twitter with all the EU gear heads i follow. I figured tomorrow was gonna be fun trying to see how many credits it was going to take me to get a Glowie. Oh well. TC are pros at throwing salt on the wound, I give them that.

(DarkChaoz95) #443

Some people cant even afford that, perhaps some people actually have other priorities and have no choice but to avoid buying their favorite character.

(NUBinbound) #444

even if there was a credit option people would still complain i’m 100% positive people complained about the big rig dizzy packs and those had all 3 options 400-2000-10$ it’d go along the lines of “this is ■■■■ RNG why cant you just make it easier to get characters instead of us having to use x amount of credits or giving you money”

a credit option would have helped but it wouldnt have done anything people will take any route they can to have a complaint

(Destro WOD) #445

I don’t know how to feel about this really.

I have been saying the rewards should be purchasable seperatly (choose what you want) since the launch of GOW4

But man the price is outrageous. Its a character SKIN !!! I can have full fledge characters on fighting games for less than that, with there own move sets and balancing and such…

And im pretty sure the price on the website is in US$ so that even pump it up from 13$ to probably 15/16$ for us in Canada. 16$ FOR A CHARACTER SKIN!! WOW

At that price i can have most indy games, most games released on 360 in full physical format.

And im just saying this for one character. Want them all, that will be almost the price of a freaking brand new game.

Let me check, a couple skins for a 2 years old game or Shadow of the Tomb Raider? Well choice is simple.

Only way i could see myself spend on this is MAYBE, and i say MAYBE, in GOW5 if they lock behind a pay wall a character i really want to play and he is available in the first month or 2 of the release. So ill pay for him and know ill use him for 2 years so that would be worth it. But there would need to be no season pass or other additional stuff to pay outside the game.

ANYWAY… at this point of GOW4, where i still play but ocasionally as the game is 2 years old i don’t care as much for the skins anymore, i don’t think i would even pay real money for a brand new character like Helena Stroud or whatever.

One thing for sure, those glowies will be easy to spot on the battlefield, so nice easy kills… lol

(iBaDD iNeWzZ) #446

Hmm. Maybe TC can donate to those less fortunate, and everyone’s a winner!!!