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[Main] Glowie Lambents Confirmed!

(OneShotOneRAGE) #387

Really? I Can’t believe you’ve actually just said that TBH… :joy:

(III EnVii III) #388

After reading his post I think I need to Relax Mxte :rofl:

Life is so cruel and so unfair.

First Lambent at $13 each and now someone who has disowned and abandoned his Blood Moon Imago.

World is doomed.

(Relax Mxte) #389

I only be him sometimes, normally during Special Events just so some people can see him maybe for the first time. Never be him in Ranked

(III EnVii III) #390

Ahhh, how the other half live eh :+1:

(OneShotOneRAGE) #391

Envi this might be your chance to get the character you’ve always wanted! :wink: I love the character as you’ve probably already figured although even if i didn’t I’d feel bad if i didn’t use him you know? Because someone else could have the character like you for example :joy:

(OneShotOneRAGE) #392

You’re absolutely crazy my friend… That’s my only explanation :joy:

(III EnVii III) #393

Exactly - he’s so rare it would be a waste not to use him!

And it’s by far the most striking character too.

Would look amazing on my pixel perfect OLED - it would highlight the claw marks so intensely in 4K HDR !!!

I wish TC would do another charity raffle for him!

(Relax Mxte) #394

I remember Dana said on stream once you can give it away and trade it for another character. For a really long time I was thinking about it but I’ve decided to keep him just to have him there. Still love my Black Steel Drone though.

(III EnVii III) #395

I think the BS Swarm are the most lazy skins.

I do have one and that’s the Sniper because that was my first favourite character in 4 for Swarm but would have loved a Spectre Sniper with the Black Steel Detailing for ultimate contrast.

On a regular Swarm character - it’s too subtle and discreet imo.

(WrinklyHornet34) #396

If it is to be released and only purchased with money and without a challenge does that mean I can buy certain blacksteel characters instead of getting the usual RNG or is it going to be the only one. If not then you can keep it.

(III EnVii III) #397

TC have said tht individual purchases won’t extend to eSports or any other packs yet and it’s something that’s only for the Lambent characters and weapon skins.

(xValtiel) #398

That character is trash. Now if you really wanna show off a truly rare character for the true “Elites” then Helmetless E-Day Gear is the way to go. A real character of characters.

(Relax Mxte) #399

Oh I hate the Swarm too. On about the Locust Drone. Also I think I’ve played you a few times now Envi. Was on KOTH the other day on Reclaimed and once in Guardian when 4x XP was out.

(OneShotOneRAGE) #400

That’s what i love most about him I’ve had him since February and i haven’t came up against another BMSI and that’s why i created the thread like last week if i recall correctly because i was generally curious…

(III EnVii III) #401

Ah ok - I do want the Beast Rider which is similar to the Drone.

And yeah, we’ve played 3 times agaisnt each other :+1:

(WrinklyHornet34) #402

Not trying to bash on TC or anything but they can keep it. I would rather play and obtain packs (not big on that either because of RNG) instead of paying such an amount for a character. Each is to their own I know but would rather a CR option.

(III EnVii III) #403

I’ve never seen one other then yours too - not sure how many are in the EU but wouldn’t be surprised if it was less than 10 - or even less than 5.

Plus I’m sure people even said in the thread it was their first time seeing it anyway.

(III EnVii III) #404

Fair enough - they have said they will continue to bring out credit packs anyway so save up those coins :+1:

(Relax Mxte) #405

I have the Beast Rider too. I use him from time to time. I just don’t use the Imago just because I feel everyone just targets me when I use. I remember when there was three people surrounding one guy, he runs past the three people in front of him just to kill me who’s no where near him lol.

Might not be because of the character but I don’t wanna risk it.

(OneShotOneRAGE) #406

Well if me and you haven’t seen one other than mine then that’s clearly saying something isn’t it? I really wanna know an exact number but i guess I’ll never know for certain how many exist in the EU.
Yeah i was surprised by how many people had said they’d never seen it before i got a dude the other day when we were playing who killed me and started staring at my dead body on the floor… :joy: