[Main] Glowie Lambents Confirmed!

yay another locust variant er I mean yay lambent.

imo tai clayton and kim are my top cog picks and myrrah skorge and raam for swarm. 5 per pack would mean more work and less money in the long run i think after they made packs give guaranteed characters that’s why they chose to go to 3 characters per pack so they can put out more packs with less work PER pack and more people are willing to spend money on packs where they have a better chance to get the specific item THEY want

if TC is already making the characters more bland as the packs go on that should further solidify that they wont do 5 per pack again because that’s more work for them and more resources to use

We didn’t get any new voice for Sraak. We’re not getting any new voices for the Lambent. Probably will rehash the new savage locust voices at best.

Was Lambent grenadier elite even was in Gears 2? I thought it was just grenadiers?

I believe it was just the grenadier

I’m not sure if this is actually three different characters but we’ll see.
Kinda looking forwards to them, whether they’ll all be Legendaries and hopefully good Scrap value.

It’s kinda of had some hype for these with teases from TC and so I would imagine at least 3 characters.

ew what is up with their heads? i don’t remember them looking like that

i’d say 2 legendary’s with the more normal grenadier (left) being epic

I see where TC’s priorities are let’s do more packs instead of fixing the game play, I guess thinking about it better off not doing a fix update because each one gets worse!


I’d say 2 Epics and 1 Legendary.

you do realise content packs are done by an entirely different team right? You really want Character Artists to actually dive into programming and fix the game?

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Yes I do but you don’t think some resources are used by TC to help with this? Like most companies their budgets are divided up, I would use those funds for fixes, don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of new stuff but priorities first.

the bulk of the manpower is focused on Gears 5, I believe the game at this stage of the lifecycle is managed by only small handful of devs, the Live Team.

Now if its only a handful of devs, rather than the whole studio, do you really want them to risk creating further problems by attempting to fix it themselves which in turn will pull resources away from Gears 5 or just leave the game as it is and just hope Gears 5 is way better.

You make a good point but my issue is what show of faith have they done or said to make us believe 5 will be any better, after players spending the money that they have over the past 2 years to support the game.

We won’t know until we have more news on Gears 5. The reason why they’re not saying anything now because if they reveal Gears 5 will have X solved, or Y feature but ends up it doesn’t. This will cause mass anger amongst the community because of that reveal. They need to be 100% sure if certain things are fixed/coming to Gears 5.

Just think of Gears 4 as a learning curve, this is their first proper Gears Game, they tested the waters on what works and what doesnt and I believe they definitely learnt alot.

For example they openly admitted that doing 2 maps per month for a year was too ambitious.

Let’s hope so because if not the franchise’s reign will be over.

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Distract them with “Bread and Circuses”.

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Aha, it’s so funny to hear a dev say 2 maps is too much :joy:

Lambert Locust black steel coming soon.

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