[Main] Glowie Lambents Confirmed!

(diablo vs24) #327

Part of the issue is they communicated poorly. They have done either a credit or earn option for every other pack/character/weapon with exception of the black steel ones, which, rightly or wrongly, led to expectations of a similar format.

With these, there were hints, rumor, etc, that the “glowies” were being added, which got people excited. Then it was basically confirmed for this weekend, which added to the anticipation. With the announcement that it’s real money only (and probably overpriced) the excitement turned to disappointment.

If they had just said from the beginning that the lambent were coming as a cash only option, there would likely have been less “outrage”. They were upfront when it came to the Rise of Raam, and with the supporter packs; and while there were some complaints, most people didn’t take issue.

(Goodacre) #328

if they want people to feel better about buying these then they should make them usable in Gears 5

(III EnVii III) #329

“Outrage” over in game skins?

I think if you feel that way about a game you should re-evaluate your life and take a break from Gears if that’s what decides whether you are happy or outraged.

(WarmCoast6521) #330

The solution is very easy, put the new payment packages as they are now and leave also packs with credits, but no, TC seems to want to make us stop playing the game

(III EnVii III) #331

The point is people would still complain about RNG - so they got rid of that completely for this set of Characters and Skins.

(diablo vs24) #332

Rockstar made a bunch of money off of their Shark Cards. They supplemented the free content, in part, with those.

(JBOND88) #333

Why do that? Im already foreseeing a pay wall for Gears 5 because apparently they are too lazy to find another option outside of RNG. That was there words. Unlockable challenges? No. Credits? Naw. Dollar bills yall. Future of Gears.

(Horde Legend) #334

I am sure you are a “die hard true veteran gears fan” because you’re going to pay for some skins which is a joke because your only dressing up your Ken and barbie dolls in a video game to make yourself feel good since you’ll be one of maybe 100 people that will have the skins just like those select few who have the blood image

(III EnVii III) #335

I wasn’t even referring to myself.

To clarify if you didn’t understand - I specifically said that the RAAM packs where mentioned to be free.

Those that buy them anyway must be big fans or skins collectors who care so much they would pay money knowing it would be free.

But thanks for the personal attack / insults anyway - always cringey reading salty posts :-1:

(WarmCoast6521) #336

But still the packs would be free, leaving only the payment option is the worst they can do.

(Goodacre) #337

ok then that means Gears 5 is free-to-play, or do they just want to out EA, EA?

(RayzilIa) #338

I really can’t believe anybody is defending TC on this. Lol

(OneShotOneRAGE) #339

Blood moon swarm imago is still the rarest

(JBOND88) #340

So put out Single Player DLC. Or a second season of maps. Paying per character is ridiculous. Or hell, screw it, good old map packs; 15 bucks for a couple skins, couple maps and whatever else. 10-15 per character? Get the hell outta here with that nonsense.

(diablo vs24) #341

The reason I put it in quotes is that people are upset, but from a colloquial nature of the use of the word, it’s a bit strong as a descriptor.

(III EnVii III) #342

No one is defending TC here.

People read what they want to read and jump to conclusions and clearly can’t see the whole picture.

It’s just full on rage because they didn’t get what they want.


(III EnVii III) #343

That’s probably the only character I actually want that I can’t get.

Maybe I should do what everyone is doing here and start telling TC they better let me have it because I bought the game and season pass.

Or else they are money grabbing and agaisnt their fans.

(III EnVii III) #344

I didn’t realise you were forced to buy these skins.

(JBOND88) #345

Join us. Give into the rage.

(xValtiel) #346

Thank you for sharing