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[Main] Glowie Lambents Confirmed!

(III EnVii III) #1

Can’t wait to see them in game!

Looks like there will be 3 variants.

Hopefully they have their own weapon skins too!

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(TotalMadMike) #2

Can’t wait!!

(Horde Legend) #3


(aMz Leg Hair) #4


(DarkChaoz95) #5

Well all their announcements are on twitter first :stuck_out_tongue:

(NUBinbound) #6

question is will they have unique voices? if not that’ll kinda ruin them if they just talk like normal locust/swarm

still getting them all though :stuck_out_tongue:

(Duffman GB) #7

Excellent. I wonder how many of my 110’000 credits they will take, probably happy with just one variation.

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #8

Just saw the tweet, Awesome stuff!

(Horde Legend) #9

Probably 108,000 of them

(III EnVii III) #10

I highly doubt this because voice work has been a big let down.

I would love to see the Lambent have something unique but for Gears 5 at least, I’m hoping for much better as it really adds to MP when characters come out with perfectly timed one liners or just comment on what’s happening!

Would be nice to have weapon specific lines for pickup and kills!

(NUBinbound) #11

i hope we get a COG pack next need some new horde characters to play lol and probs right about the VA

(III EnVii III) #12

I hope eSports Packs go back to 5 Characters - then theirs a lot more chance at seeing more variety and different designs and with guaranteed charatcers per pack - I find it’s a lot easier to get them too.

(NUBinbound) #13

this late i dont think they’ll go back to 5 per pack unless it’s for the greatest hit packs they seem pretty set on the 3 per pack due to it presumably giving a better chance to get chars which is fine you just have to hope greatest hits #2 has some chars you dont have i’m pretty sure the esport packs are coming to an end and that 12 packs in total will be what they have and they’ll just rotate them per week

cant expect every character to get a black steel variant it’s just not likely

(Demon Azure) #14

It looks great!!

(Duffman GB) #15

Agree with you again friend, not for the first time :wink:
We need a big improvement on in 5.
Gears 3 is superior to 4 by a large margin.
Fair play to TC on actual character models mind you, credit where it is due on that front.

(DarkChaoz95) #16

technically doesnt the lambent characters have no voice at all?

(III EnVii III) #17

I’m sure they could spew some kind of words!


(III EnVii III) #18

The latest characters have been too bland and plain so 5 should have been easier for TC.

The previous characters were a lot more detailed with more lighting work.

(OneButtNugget) #19


(KonTroL RaNgeR) #20

Guess is drone, sniper and elite drone glowies